High Council of Orion: Ascension is an Individualized Process

The High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan


Dear ones we are here with you at this time as many of you are now beginning to FEEL and to see the changes that are happening within your societies. We are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and to support you as you are now beginning to anchor more and more light and to release that which no longer serves.

As the energies begin once more to increase we ask that you reach out to those around you for many are walking in darkness. Unable to understand what is happening to the planet for they are walking in illusion. We are here to guide those who have awakened to a level that they can now FEEL and we ask you not to underestimate the energetic fluctuations to your planet. For all are affected by these energies and many more changes will now begin to unfold and to allow for more shifts in consciousness.

There is much talk about ascension and once more we guide that ascension is a personal process that is done by each individual human across the planet. The speed and the depth of the ascension is down to that individual. It will soon become apparent across the world that many are now not going to awaken and that many who are awakened will awaken no further. This is not a judgement for we are not here to judge this is guided so that you are now able to understand that not all humans are on the path that you are on and not all humans have made the soul decision to become fully enlightened beings at this time.

We guide in relation to this further so that you are more able to digest what we mean and that you do not make assumptions about their intentions in this human life time. For too many humans assume that they know the path of others and this is just not possible. Many presume that their friends and families are following the same path as they have incarnated into the same family and circle of friends and we ask that you step back from this teaching. For in embracing this teaching you are walking in shadow. The soul incarnates for many reasons and the reasons for incarnating in this timeline and in this dimension at this time could be many. Many who are in your human life experience chose this to help you to awaken further, their purpose is to take you to the awakening stage and then step back. This is causing confusion for many humans who are in the process of attempting to awaken all of those humans in their immediate circle.

Whilst we fully appreciate and understand why you would seek to do this it should be detached from, for while you concentrate on the life of another you abdicate the responsibility that you have for your own human life experience. The old energies caused many to grow much frustration within their energy system and the new energies do not support this way of being. For many who are now trying to live their lives through the lives of others are now finding this is almost impossible and that events are occurring to move their awareness back to self. SELF dear ones is the only way to move through the new energies.

Many across the planet are now frustrated as things have not unfolded to their timeline and we guide once more for clarity that we cannot work within your timeframe for it was created for the containment of the human race, you are the only planet that works within these constraints and are now being moved out of this. We ask you to look at the need that has grown within you for timescales and then we ask you to look at the history of your planet. Many are now in the illusion of instant and we guide this is working against you, for whilst you expect the new to instantly unfold you walk in illusion.

It is not possible to give accurate timeline information due to the distortion that is in operation across the planet. The idea of instant was created to foster frustration and to lower the energy signature of all humans on the planet. Many are now able to step out of

timelines and are now working with the natural flow of energy and are in harmony with mother earth. Please remember dear ones that for all the talk of starseeds and the fact that the human race IS seeded from the stars your home planet for this incarnation in human form is planet earth.

The need to synchronise with your host planet is paramount and yet still many humans are not doing this. To understand the planet that you are alive on is to be at ONE with the planet that you are alive on and we guide for you to look at this TRUTH and to process it with the heart. How can you know what is best for the planet if you have not asked the planet how it feels? Assumptions are bred from thinking that the human race knows all the answers and once more we guide there is more to reveal.

This human life experience is a journey for all of you, for never before in the history of the human race has there been an energy change such as the one that is sweeping the planet yet many humans are assuming that nothing has changed and that all is not as it was promised. We ask who promised and we ask why you assume that the changes will be as you state they will be? For mother earth is your mother, the host planet and the changes that happen within and upon mother earth will directly affect the energy signature of all humans who reside on planet earth. This should be noted and worked with, for ascension is not the nirvana that was promised in the form it was promised. The promise always created from the minds of those who interpreted the information that came through them with an energy signature that was steeped in old energies. We guide that many are now able to see the distortion that is in operation across the planet and are now working with this. The distortion is in energy and that energy is now beginning to move into balance. This is affecting many of the human race and has affected their ability to keep to routine. Routine is not a natural state of being for in routine you take yourself out of the natural rhythm of the planet and of your human body. Many are moving to the mind for ascension and not paying attention to the vehicle that hosts them in this incarnation. That is the human body, to be in harmony is to be at ONE also with the rhythm of the body that you reside within.

Each and every individual human has a responsibility for their growth and expansion and this must be anchored, for while you wait for others to do the work of growth and expansion for you then you are working within old energies and this will begin to break down and dissolve. The new earth is here dear ones but you may need fresh eyes and a detachment from the tunnel vision that is predominant across planet earth.

The whole concept of growth and expansion is one that is not understood fully on the planet earth and is leading many to turn on one another, it cannot be underlined more emphatically that YOU are in control of YOUr human life experience at all times. No one can make you think anything that you do not allow your self to think. This is a TRUTH that is overlooked and many are now walking in the shadows of SELF trying to figure out logically something that needs processing within the heart. For the new energies are now being anchored and are growing a new way of BEing for all on planet earth, however if you do not embrace the new and see it as a chance for growth and expansion then that is your choice, ALL humans have FREE WILL at ALL times.

Many do not see that not making a decision to take control of their thoughts and feelings is a decision. For whilst you allow yourself to be at the mercy of the old energies you are embracing them. Many beings, many races can step forward to guide and support but the only change that will happen is when you allow it to happen. For humans are now beginning to dream and that is changing slowly the outlook across the planet. It should be

noted the dreaming is important for in dreaming you anchor your reality. What do you dream? How often do you dream this? Do you allow the old to control your dreams or do you allow the new to show the ascension process and the road to SELF? For all is down to each individual human, there will be no mass movement of thought and feelings unless the human race embrace this.

Illusion taught you to fear yourselves and that is something that many are not detaching from, you cannot fight fear with fear for it only strengthens that fear. Many are not able to embrace LOVE for they are not allowing themselves to FEEL, we guide for you to look at this and see which teaching is distorting your reality. For the LOVE that IS permeates the whole universe. Whilst you see good and bad you fail to understand that the judgement of either comes from the thoughts that you allow yourself to process. Changing the thought patterns of an entire race will not happen overnight and not without the participation of that race. Do you see our guidance? Do you see how much support the new energies give to you?

We are here to guide in relation to the subject of disclosure and the fact that mass disclosure at this moment in time would cause more suffering and more fear than is at present on the planet. We ask why it need be so important for all to reveal themselves at a time when most on the planet are struggling with the smallest of changes to the way that the world is run at present? The need for instant change seems to be driven by the need to understand logically something that is not processed by the brain but the heart.

There are those alive on planet earth who have embraced the new energies and are now reaching out and supporting those around them but they are aware that space holding and allowing those around them to see what is in plain view is the only way. Many of your “healers” on planet earth will begin to move into much frustration if they do not realise that all healing is done from the person who is in pain or is suffering. We have handed back the reigns of your life experience, we have showed you the ways to work with the energies but still many walk in the fear of SELF.

If you walk in fear of your emotions then how do you embrace new dear ones? For if you are afraid of SELF then those around you will feed into this fear. We guide in relation to the need for many humans to be surrounded by those who feel and who think the same. This is not taking responsibility for SELF, many may claim to feel and think as you do but each human walks their own path, it can be no other way for each human is unique in the way that they process information and allow themselves to experience this human life. There are no two experiences the same on the planet and we guide for you to see this and anchor this. For many are turning to family and friends for help in these times of apparent chaos not realising that the opinions of the family and friends are just that, only YOU live the life that you are experiencing in the way that you are experiencing it.

All the information that you need for this your human life experience is seeded within and we ask that you detach from the chaos that is trying to take hold and to go within. For the way to TRUTH is within, it is not from reading the news or interacting with the media, again we show you that the media is a reflection, if you anchor a reflection that does not resonate with you then you will not be able to anchor harmony and peace. We ask that you look at the trust issues that you are feeding with your thoughts. Why do you not trust SELF? For if you cannot TRUST SELF then how can you build a new world and build a new way of BEing?

We are the High Council of Orion and we are here to guide and support and to show you TRUTH, whether you are able to see or hear this TRUTH is down to you dear ones for we cannot make you think something you are unable to think due to the conditioning that prevails within your energy system. All of the changes across the planet are now beginning to come into focus for many. If you cannot see any change then perhaps the eyes that you use to see your world are out of date? Out of focus? For TRUTH was always hidden in plain view and nothing is kept from you, it is the eyes and ears of the human race that was distorted to hide that which is in front of you. The choice dear ones at all times rests with you, if you want to expand and grow then you must detach from the teachings that hid that which is in front of you, for there can surely be no other way. If you are able to move out of the comfort zone that you built around you for defence and embrace the human race that is your family then you will be able to see with fresh eyes that which is hidden. Once more we guide that nothing is hidden from the human race, it is in plain view, we ask what filters you are applying to the information which is in front of you. Once the layers of illusion are moved through then it becomes as if you are born anew. We ask are you ready to be born?

We are here to support at all times, if you wish to communicate with us we will answer your questions for all humans are able to interact with their star families if that is what is wanted. Once more we ask which filters you are placing on your eyes and ears. We are here, we walk amongst you and we are open to communication and to interaction with you. You need only ask and we will respond. Do not allow the teachings of illusion to persuade you that you cannot interact with that which is around you for this is illusion in its deepest form. Many look to the skies and ask when we will arrive but we have never left dear ones.

The changes will increase and the new will anchor more and more deeply within the earth. If you struggle then please anchor into the planet for your mother knows best dear ones, that which you seek is within. We step back now to allow you to absorb our words and we guide that all is in plain view. ALL ARE ONE.

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