Aisha North: Manuscript of Survival – Part 75

By Aisha North

For many, the next few weeks will certainly go down in the books as amongst the most challenging weeks they will ever encounter. And this is not all. In addition to the personal level of discomfort, the whole planet will suffer from the onslaughts of some very, very intense outbursts of energy, not only from the sun, but also from places deeper into space. We are sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but as you have all gotten used to by now, when we talk about these intense periods of upgrading it is indeed unavoidable. They are also indispensable, as without these intense bursts of cascading energies being hurled into your planet from all around you, mankind would not be able to shake off the shackles of the old ways of living.


You are by nature a complacent creature, best served by staying in the same rut, even if this rut eventually leeds you to a certain extinction. Let us explain what we mean by this, because it may sound very disrespectful on your behalf, when we in fact do not imply anything disrespectful by this at all. You see, mankind has been blinded in so many ways, and everything inside of you seeks to stay unchanged, both in the physical aspect, but also in the mental, and even if there are those around you actively seeking change, so many others prepare to stay silent and unmoving, even when they are crushed under the heavy burden of beeing a citizen of an unfree world, like you all are at the moment.


There are exeptions of course, as some of you have already freed yourselves from this yoke and hitched your wagon to the new timeline.


This is not the story about you, but about all of those still clinging to the old, so afraid of letting go, as they cannot see any salvation except by staying under the command of their old rulers. Remember, a human brain has a very hard time seeing a totally new way of doing things, as they have been well groomed to accept the solutions already put into place. These solutions have been well marketed as the only ones that can save humanity, and now that all of them are finally crumbling, panic will strike deep into the hearts of so many.


This is not something new, but it is something that will magnify in this upcoming period, and rightly so, as now this falling down process will escalate in earnest. People will try to seek a solution to this, and the solutions many will seek, will entail giving away even more of their freedom into the hands of those who have placed themselves on top of the hierarchy, and they will certainly be blowing their horns about it! They will state ever more loudly that society is heading for certain destruction if not total power is given over to these ”well meaning” leaders, and they will try to convince all that they are the only ones capable of reining in this panicked horse and stopping it from running over the precipice.


The medicine they will prescribe, will entail more control in every field. You can already see how elected politicians in some European countries are being overruled by technocrats residing in Brussels. In other words, people´s basic democratic rights have already been set aside in order to safeguard the investments the conglomerates of banks have made, and the ”safety measures” meeted out by these technocrats is not to save these same citizens from ruin. No, they have been put into place to uphold the rotten system that has enabled this financial burnout all by themselves.


In addition, the freedom of speech is violated again and again, and the current legislation being discussed in the USA is a good example of this. From our perspective, it is very interesting to see how commercial interests are being held far above the right of human beings to communicate freely via their electronic media, and this is only a precursor of what is coming. Remember the truth is starting to seep out, mainly through these electronic channels, and under the guise of safeguarding the right of a few large conglomerates, the powers that be are trying to quell these words of freedom from contaminating even more than they already have.


Again, you are the majority, but up until now, it is the minority who has been holding the reins. And they are not about to let go of them yet, rather they are more than ever insistent on tightening them further. For those of you already breathing the fresh air of freedom, it will be like watching a well known drama being played out, and it will be a fascinating affair. You will watch in awe as the old tries every trick they have in their book to hold back the inevitable tide, and you will watch in joy as they fail utterly to do so. Many will stay on their side, and in their fright try to shore up the walls of their master´s crumbling castle. But too many will eventually wake up from their slumber and join the groups already banging on the walls to make them fall ever quicker.


It will be a sight to see dear ones, as a large proportion of mankind will be severed once and for all from these yokes of fear and oppression. In other words, the discomfort you all can bear witness to, and as we said be prepared for an escalation in the next few days and weeks, this will certainly be a small price to pay to ensure the liberation of so many of your fellow men.


Note: You can also read this and the rest of The manuscript of survival on my new blog

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