Aisha North: Manuscript of Survival – Part 73

By Aisha North


For centuries, mankind have found it impossible to think that they are without some kind of ”neighbours”, whether they are of the spiritual kind or they are of the more prosaic kind. In other words, mankind have felt connected to something deep down inside, but the spiritual realm has been designed as place where mankind can continue their powerplay. In other words, you have made up rules as to how you can be able to access this spiritual world, often described as ”paradise”. All of these rules, whether they touch upon the subject of certain kinds of behavior, what to eat or what not to eat, how to dress or how to wear your hair, are rules only made up in the human mind. Much of your religious scriptures contains so many of these rules, and they are always given out as divine rules, in other words, the ”god-person” defined in these same scriptures are made into a judge of human character and behavior, and all of those falling short of complying by these rules are henceforth condemned as ”outsiders” and unworthy of sharing the joys of paradise with those described as ”perfect” and ”unsullied”. Your little human egos have desperately clinged to these rules, and so much of your energy and indeed spirit has been wasted in a futile effort of acting and living according to these so-called god-instilled rules. Never for a second have so many even taken the time to consider who is behind all of this, and to tell themselves that if there is such a thing as a higher spirit, why does it have to instill fear into you in order for you to behave in the ”right” way?

Now, mankind has finally entered an age where many of you have already cast away these old and man-made myths, and you have started to see the truth, namely that you yourselves are indeed perfect in every way, that you are God manifest, and that your actions are not to be judged by any higher being and then for you to be sentenced accordingly. You see ever more clearly that you have come into a human body in order to learn things that in your own realm would be impossible, as just the fact that you are ensconced inside a living, breathing physical vehicle gives you endless opportunities to experience so many seemingly inhibitions caused by these physial boundaries. Therefore, being a human being is akin to the most extreme kind of schooling, and nothing you can do and will do is considered as ”wrong” in the higher realms. This is not a condonement of all ruthless and cruel behaviour, just a reminder that you are here to learn in any way you can, and therefore you have given yourselves many different tasks during your sojourn here on this planet. As you are well aware of by now, most of you are regular visitors, in other words you keep coming back for another lesson, and they vary according to your intention with each and every lifespan you fulfill in this realm. Sometimes you are the victim, sometimes you are the perpetrator, but every time you have a specific task in mind as you reenter a new physical body, complete with the whole set up of relatives, connections and possibilites of outcome throughout this lifespan.

This may sound at odds witht the fact that this planet is now going trough a shift, and that it has in effect been separated into two so distinct compartments, but it is anything but. Remember, this whole planet was set up as a learning facility to be used by all of those eager to learn things that their current environment could not offer, but they were under strict regulations as to how to behave whilst spending time as a human being. These rules were simple, and they included a total respect of the free will of each and every individual on this planet, but the whole system was corrupted by beings unwilling to comply with these rules. They set up this planet as their own little playground instead, and as such the whole balance of darkness and light was disturbed in favour of the darkest of the dark. But now the time is out for these tricksters, and time has come for the light to once again penetrate the fog of mismanagement and indoctrination that have been cloaking this beautiful place for far too long. In other words, separating the world of the tricksters and setting up a new and more wholesome environment for those of you ready to let go of the unbalanced way of living under their twisted set of rules.

We have discussed this earlier, but it bears repeating as so much of the struggles many of you are currently going through, harkens back to these imposed rules of ”good” and ”bad” behaviour, and your ingrained perception that you are just not good enough and therefore not worthy of ascending together with the rest. As we have so often repeated, a human mind can be capable of creating an endless barrage of inhibiting and limiting thought patterns, and it takes dedication to break through this seemingly indestructible barrier. Many of you have managed to do so already, and you can testify to the fact that it is by no means an easy task, but oh my how much easier it is to breathe once you have transcended these self-imposed regulations and finally seen your inherent powers in all of their glory.

We hope and think that so many of you are literally on the brink of making that same discovery, and once you make that literal leap of faith, you can never ever return to the abyss of self-doubt. Remember, this thick layer of inhibiting thinking is something that has been put upon you for generations, by those intent on keeping mankind down by breaking off their access to their own powers. We must say it really makes our hearts sign to see how they are failing in this on an ever grander scale. Remember, the more your ego cries out in protest against your choices, the more desperate it is. Therefore, the closer you are to attain this goal of self-release, the harder your ego will fight to keep you away from this door to your freedom. The ego was created by these dark seekers in order to hold you back, but as you pry away ego´s fingers one by one from your soul, it´s last screams of fury might be taken as shouts of victory. Do not make the mistake of falling into the trap of believing that, as this will only make you give up when in fact you have victory literally within your grasp. This insistent inner voice, no bigger than a gnat, is trying to make you feel smaller, but the truth is the other way around. A gnat might sound terrifying when it is howering inside your ear, but just like a gnat the ego can be easily swatted away once you see through it´s feeble little show of strength. We wish you all the best of luck in this, and we are more than certain that you will be very successfull in your own ”pest control”, as you have gathered so much momentum during these last few bouts of energy downloads. For now, the impossible has truly been made possible for all of those brave enough to start to listen to their hearts instead of that ever present voice of the dying ego. Prick up your ears dear ones, time to let the voice of truth touch your soul and hear the beautiful song you harbor in your heart.

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