Melchizedek: to Stay in Equilibrium, State Your Intention to Anchor and Embody Your Divine Presence on Earth

Melchizedek via Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

January 10, 2012

Beloved Ones,

I wish to have discourse on the coming attractions, so to speak. At this time, many of you are experiencing the intense energies in the manifesting of the extremes of energy flux, with feeling uplifted in higher energies and all the positiveness and joyfulness that this can bring, and then at other times, often during the same day, you feel depleted of your energy and just need to rest and often cannot keep your eyes open in the early evening.

These are the energetic downloads that you are receiving and if you are experiencing these symptoms, it means that you are One who is able to take in more Light of the higher vibration and assimilate it. Your physical body is adapting to these at a slower rate and this is why you feel the need to spend long hours sleeping.

During high energy influx days, it is more important than ever to stay well hydrated and focused on raising and keeping your frequency levels at the highest you are capable of in each moment.

Memorize key words that you know can uplift your consciousness to higher levels and if you are not up to decreeing and affirming longer versions of your daily practice, then try to repeat these key words in multiples of seven or twelve times. These are tools that can bring you quickly back on track when your energy level is falling. Also, we remind you to call upon your Angels, guides and teachers and ASK daily for their support and the upliftment of your energies. They stand ready to help you regain your balance and equilibrium.

You have each asked for an acceleration of your forward movement, Dear Ones, and this is what you knew you would have to deal with. Those of you who follow the messages from this Scribe are Ones who are firmly on the path to Ascension and indeed, there is a portal that is available whenever you come to this place of Light on the internet.

As this website was being created, the Scribe intended and asked that each One who came to read our messages be blessed with whatever they are needing the most at that very moment and this is happening. Allow yourselves to absorb the energies that are infused with the words that come forth through this Scribe, for they are the energies of the higher realms.

We hold each of you in our hearts and each of you are well known to us. We have traveled far in our journeys together, Beloved Ones, and now you are in the midst of the very purpose of your sojourn here on Earth. The Light that you emanate in your part of the World is helping to act as a catalyst to those around you.

You may or may not realize this as you go about your daily lives but it is so. Honor yourselves as we honor you for the roles that you play. We understand that being catalysts for change is not always an easy role to play and that you are often met with resistance, for it is not easy for some of the Awakening Ones to give up the comfortable illusions they have been living with their entire lives.

Still, their resistance is futile for the winds of change are blowing more powerfully throughout the entire atmosphere of your Planet. This change is being accomplished by the higher vibration of Love. The power of Love is Divine in its essence and awakens within each heart the longing to return to Source, to home.

This year of 2012 will see far reaching and momentous changes within all aspects of Human life and the best way to stay in equilibrium as these changes take place is to daily align with Source and state your intention to anchor and embody your Divine Presence on Earth. This will create the pathway for the greater Light that you are to begin the process.

Love and support each other and all of your awakening Loved Ones. You are all in this together and need to exercise loving kindness, patience, and discernment in your encounters. Know that you have a team of Light Family working with you and that you are never alone. Have faith that this is so, Dear Ones.

I AM Melchizedek

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