Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival Part 71 – Letting Go

10 January 2012

The prospect of a brand new tomorrow is for some of you very daunting, and we do understand why, as the changes they pertain can be such a challenge to overcome. Not in the physical sense, more in the mental sense, and as such there will be a mighty fight with your ego for those of you still insufficiently detached from that. This will sound simple for many, but let us just repeat that for the ego, change on the plane we are referring to enatils certain death.


You see, the ego has been set up to maintain status quo at all costs, and when it senses something so fundamental as the changes you are just starting to enter, it goes into crisis mode and will fight back in any way it can.


Hence, the many voices of doubt, insecurity and fear that so many are starting to hear ever clearer these days. This is not meant as any sort of criticism of those still under the spell of this little voice inside, far from it, only a reminder that if you count yourself amongst those we have just described, consider yourself to be a part of a large number of human beings struggling mightily at the moment to let go of these inhibitions. For many, the battle has lasted seemingly forever, and it is indeed important that you do not give up the fight now, as you are about to enter the last part of it. You see, the time for liberation has come, not only from this internal inhibition, but also from all outside influences, and because the ego senses this, it is literally doing everything it can to quell the first taste of freedom you have already tasted.


We give you these words to help you see that even if you feel unable to cast off these vestiges of control, you are not fighting a lost cause. You are immensely powerful , but all of these voices of discontent have made it very difficult for you to sense this power. We hope you will stay the course, and realize that you have all the prerequisites you need to rid yourself of this little voice trying it´s best to hold you back.


As we have already said on so many occasions, the only one that can stop you from attaining the final goal of ascension is you, and as long as you don´t give in to that insistent voice of ”un-reason” that is harping on and on about your unworthiness, you will be set free from your self-imposed obstacles if you understand just how small this hindrance is. Remember, it does not hold any power over you unless you let it, and the sooner you realize this and give yourself the credit you so thoroughly deserve, the sooner your load will lighten ever so much, and you will continue on this journey with a spring in your step and the most beautiful song in your heart.

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