Beings from Beyond: Look Beyond Surface Appearances for the Truth

Beings from Beyond and Before Time via Karen Doonan


We are here to communicate and to highlight some of the changes that will begin to appear in the reality that you know as the third dimension. We are the Beings before and Beyond Time and we have guided through our channel previously. We are here in this form to help to unravel much of the disinformation and chaos that is sweeping across the planet. For many the turn of your calendar year has proved to be a difficult one, with the weather patterns now posing more challenges for many of you in certain parts of the planet.

We are here to show you that all is perfect, all is as should be and to guide you to look beneath what is being played out in full view of you. For many are now seeing through the veils of illusion and realising that in order for the new to be established that which preceded it had to be dissolved. We note that many are still holding onto the conspiracy theories that exist around our existence and we guide for you to detach from this. Whilst your media may try to portray our existence as hostile we are confident that the proof that you need, the disclosing of our existence will show this to be the smoke and mirrors that illusion is using. We are not here to harm the human race for if that was our goal would we not have taken steps to complete this without announcing our existence?

Too much energy is used on trying to work out the duality of good and bad and for and against and we guide this will further prolong the chaos for you. For to step into the new is to trust and have faith in SELF. At a very high level you made the arrangement to be in this incarnation in this planetary timeline and this human body. This was a soul level agreement, it would make little sense for any of you to agree to this to be born into a world that was changing if change did not take place. For it was agreed by all that this timeline would lead to the cleansing of karma. Many are holding back from this and as always you have free will. No one is saying that you have to move the past karma that you are working through or even look at it but also no one is saying that it will not have an effect on you. For the TRUTH in all of this is that YOU are in control at all times and we are here to guide and support that TRUTH, to help you anchor trust and faith in self. For you are the controller of this your human life experience just as you have controlled and created all timelines and all dimensional selves. This is what you seek to heal in the energies that sweep across the planet but many are not looking to this. Many are not allowing the multi dimensional aspect of SELF to be born.

We ask why would you not take the step to expand and grow? Why would you rely on the judgement of others about YOUR experiences here on planet earth? For many are defaulting to the teachings of illusion that state for you not to trust and believe in self. Once more we state that the only human being have the experiences that you are having in human form is YOU. Not your neighbour, your partner, your sister, your brother etc yet we watch as many look to those around them to solve the issues that they are facing. ALL that you need is within. All that is seeded on incarnation is within you, it may be buried beneath layers of illusion but it IS there.

The new energies differ greatly from the old energies, the role of women in society will begin to change as the softer more feminine energies banished from this planet for aeons begins to return. We guide for all to allow these energies to heal and begin the process. For too long the way to resolve conflict on this planet was male energy, aggression and that is not supported by the new. We are aware our words may trigger for duality is ever uppermost in many human minds. Duality will tell you that this is equally “wrong” that women cannot take over a mans world and we ask you to really look at this concept. ALL are male and female for there is balance, the world has been out of balance for aeons, we merely ask for all to allow that balance to begin within. We do not seek to state that countries nor continents be ruled by women for that is not our guidance, we are merely highlighting the difference in the energies and how they are now beginning to balance out that which was out of balance.

We wish to guide on the deep cleansing that is sweeping mother earth and once more we ask for you to listen to your mother. For she now rages and cries, this is affecting many parts of the planet and will continue for some time. The weather patterns are affected by the new energies that are sweeping your planet. Much blood has been shed across planet earth and your mother is clearing and cleansing the physical land on which you reside. Do not fear this cleansing for after the storms come the rainbows, as you battle your own storms deep within our being there too will be rainbows.

We are the Beings from Beyond and Before time and we are here to guide you to watch for signs of the new. Too many are holding onto the old timelines and not seeing the small miracles that are now sweeping across the planet. Change the focus and allow all to come into view, for whilst you are focussed on the old dissolving energies you fail to notice the new spring up around you. We are not here to guide in detail about the changes to your banking systems or the way that your governments will rule for that is not our role and not the role of our channel. For different channels have different roles in this unfolding of the new. Humans have different roles in the dissolving of the old and the anchoring of the new and we ask for you to view this in context. It may be that you ingest various channellings over different subjects to get an overall picture. The way that the information is divulged through the various channels across the planet will begin to change as they move into position and that which was always to unfold will unfold.

For many of you will now step into the roles that you have dreamed about, this is fully supported under the new energies, we may step forward and physically make our presence known to many humans, this is dependant on the energy signature of the human concerned for it serves no one to cause fright and upset to a human who is going through vast and unstoppable change. For many of you can now FEEL the changes, the tiredness, the need to sleep more or the opposite the need to move about more, the lack of sleep all will come into balance. We guide for you to allow the symptoms to abate, trying to sleep when your mind is whirring serves no one least of all yourself, so perhaps a shake up of routine is called for. You are all human Beings on this planet but you are now beginning to honour your origins. Many will begin to change and move in their lives and their lives will take on new meaning and new focus. Do not allow the illusion to teach you that change is somehow bad. All that is happening is that you are aligning with your soul.

For many who are not aware of the movement of energy and how the human energy system works it may prove a time of great stress and we guide for you to show them how to cope. Extend the hand of friendship where you can to your fellow humans for ALL ARE ONE. For those who are aware of energies then please try to see them for what they are, many of the illusion teachings anchored fear within the human energy system. We guide there is no need for fear, it contains and suppresses and once this is uprooted and replaced with trust and faith in self then the need to fear the unknown is reduced. The natural state of a human being is not in fear and we guide you to process this TRUTH with your heart.

Much will change across the planet and we guide you to be in trust and faith at all times. Know that all the change is positive, many are in fear for they cannot see the outcome and we guide that the outcome is not needed to be viewed, to live always trying to be one step ahead takes you out of the present moment and dilutes the power that is YOU. We guide this to allow you to detach from the teachings of illusion that saw you on edge, always alert. This depletes the natural energy signature of a human being and leads to ill health and other crises that anchor more fear. This will change and shift as more and more begin to anchor TRUTH within.

These are times like no other and more guidance will come through other channels and other realms for each have their own roles to play in the unfolding of the new energies across planet

earth. Try to view the whole picture and not focus on one part for that allows the distortion teachings of illusion to take root. For the new to be fully anchored that which no longer serves the planet must be allowed to dissolve.

Remember this is not something that is happening TO you, this is a vast change and shift in planetary and human vibration that is CO-CREATED with the human race and all realms. Illusion will teach you that you are the victim, we offer our hand to show you we are family. All work together as ONE, all with slightly differing roles even in human terms but all are ONE.

We are the BEings before and beyond time and we make our presence known to you to show our support to your race at this the unfolding of the new. Embrace the changes for they will bring you miracle after miracle such is the birthing of freedom and the embracing of that freedom. Walk free and in joy for ALL ARE ONE.

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