Treasure Hunters Declare Their Find and Offer to Return It

Posted by Steve Beckow

It takes incredible chutzpah and integrity to find a fabulous treasure belonging to a government which surely must be known for treating many people in an arbitrary fashion and yet expose themselves by honestly declaring their find and either offering to return it or asking to be made the owners of it.

Two gentlemen, Jean-Pierre van den Berk and Udo Pelkowski, acting on behalf of the discoverers of the Filipino treasure, have honestly and straightforwardly approached the U.S. Government and J.P. Morgan, an organization that must lie at the heart of darkness, and openly declared their find and intentions.

I’m not sure I have ever heard of anything so extraordinary. Indiana Jones would never have proceeded in this way. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction.

No matter how the whole adventure works out, the people associated with this find have to be congratulated for conducting themselves about as honorably as anyone could possibly expect.

So here is one of three letters the group sent to American officials, in this case, President Obama. and their appeal to us to get their message out in the face of the suspicious lack of response from American officials.

As with the case of David Wilcock and Ben Fulford, it’s our hope that giving publicity to this matter will increase the safety of the people concerned.

To Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States of America,

Dear Sir, we, Jean-Pierre van den Berk and Udo Pelkowski, expatriates staying in the Philippines, have been requested by “The DISCOVERERS” of a box from the Treasury of The United States of America, to contact you.

Concerning : BOX No. G00033900 A
Serial No. G00034000 A
SEC CODE No. 3475-66
P.D. No. 86-36

“The DISCOVERERS” have mentioned that this box is 1 of 12 boxes contained in a MASTERBOX.

The Certificates in this box are part of a deposit of 4.2 BILLION DOLLAR in GOLD BULLION(*) (3.197 METRIC TONS) by John P. Morgan to the Treasury of The United States of America.
This deposit has been made to Fort Knox, Kentucky the Official Gold Depository of America.

The box contains :

General Order
Global Immunity
Bank Memorandum
Treasury Memorandum
General Bond
Gold Bullion Memorandum
Inventory List
$ 100.000 in Gold Certificates (2 Bundles) G 00033900 A Series & G 00034000 A Series

These Certificates have been issued January 12, 1942 in Washington D.C. United States of America, signed by William A. Julian, Treasurer of The United States and Henry Morgenthau Jr., Secretary of Treasury by order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of The United States of America.

Internet researches gave us details regarding the fact that this box was deemed “LOST” here in The Philippines during W.W. II. Parts of this Total Deposit(*) have already been discovered earlier.

The people that have made the discovery are willing to return it to its rightful owner(s).
“The DISCOVERERS” want to remain anonymous due to the “LARGE VALUE” of their FINDING.

We therefor send this “NOTICE” to you Mr. President, for you are the current Head of State mentioned on the “FINDING”. We also inform the Treasurer of The United States Anna Escobedo Cabral and James Dimon Chairman of the Board of JPMorgan Chase & Co, for you all represent the offices mentioned on the certificates.

Can we request for an email address where we can send you pictures of this “FINDING”.

In case no “CLAIM” is made, “The DISCOVERERS” would like to “CLAIM” ownership.

For one of the Certificates mentions “BEAR[ER]-VALUE”.

Mr. President, we trust and believe in your good office to bring this matter to a positive and clear fruition.

“The DISCOVERERS” ask for a “QUICK” response, because of the “CLAIM”.

May GOD bless your actions and give you the POWER.

Sincerely yours,

Jean-Pierre van den Berk
Udo Pelkowski

You can contact us at: +63 32 341 57 19, +63 32 236 04 98

About Gold Certificates

In April 2009 the US President, Secretary of the Treasury and the Head of Morgan & Chase were informed by us about a finding of Gold Certificates issued by the Treasury under the order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt to J.P. Morgan as part of a total deposit of 3197 Metric Tons in Gold Bullion (to Fort Knox, Kentucky, Illinois) worth 4.2 Billion U.S. Dollars (in 1942).

Gold Certificates bear value of $100.000, Series 1934.

Fax & Internet communication was undertaken, including follow-ups by phone…



Further research gave us awareness, that far more Questions remain unanswered.

  1. This Deposit partly funded “THE LIBERTY BOND” which was part of “THE EXPERT PLAN”.
  2. “THE GOLD BAN” started in 1932
  3. Of the Gold Certificates valued $100.000 only 42.000 pieces were printed in 1934.
  4. 4.2 Billion Dollars (in Gold) has been used to start financing the “Japanese War”
  5. “The LIBERTY BOND” valued at 25 BILLION DOLLARS in Gold under the “EXPERT PLAN” was set up August 8, 1934 (signed by the Federal Government of the U.S.A.,Great Britain, Belgium, France, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, (NAZI)Germany and several BANKS), 6 days earlier “HITLER” took full POWER as DICTATOR / “FUEHRER” and took Control over the “WEHRMACHT”, TO “FUND THE WAR EFFORTS”
  6. They (the SIGNATORIES) gave themselves “GLOBAL IMMUNITY” to be “free from all criminal offenses and by duly covered by complete immunity, documented for safety all parties concerned.”
  7. Total revenue of the U.S.A. In 1934 was 759 Million Dollars in (200 Million Citizens) In 2007 total revenue of the U.S.A. Was 5.6 Trillion Dollars in (300 Million Citizens)

Links to Pictures of Certificates & Orders were presented in our communications.

Further Discoveries were made, for more information please contact us.

We don’t trust the “MAINSTREAM”, but we’d like to share all information & thoughts WITHOUT FINANCIAL EXPECTATIONS NOR CLAIMS.

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  1. Godspeed my friends – we are ready to help any way we can.


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