Galactic Federation: Your Long Hard Road is Coming to an End

Galactic Federation via Greg Giles, Dec. 21, 2011

In our time, we have seen so many events transpire in your world. Many have been of death and destruction, sorrow and sadness, but today we see far different events manifesting throughout your planet.

We see so many people of so many different races and ethnic backgrounds, ages, and from far distant lands, coming together in common cause for the right to live in a world free of tyranny, corruption, and of moral decay. We see you have taken to your streets in defiance of a system broken so and far beyond repair. We see this, and we are so proud of you all. What a difference you are all making, and if you can only see what we see we know so many more of you would look forward to the days ahead and know that your struggles are nearing an end.

You are now in the last quarter-mile home stretch. Soon, all of your third dimensional struggles of separation will be a thing of the past. Soon, all you have ever wished for, dreamed about, and worked for will be yours. There will be no denying this. You have earned all that you are about to receive.

You have all embarked on a long, long journey that began for many of you thousands of years ago in your time. Even before your first foray into the physical, it was understood by you that one day in your very far future you would emerge from all you would come to know as your one reality, to bask in the morning light of new reality. That day is now at hand. After all these many long years, do you now see just how far you have come? Do you now see how hard you have worked to reach this blessed point in your journey?

You never traveled alone while you traveled many paths that lead you to where you are today. You all have many dear friends who have incarnated with you every step of the way. You all interchanged your roles you have played to assist each other to learn the lessons necessary to one day unlock the door to the higher realms. Without each other’s assistance in this way, you would not be standing where you are today. Your accomplishment is a team effort. You all owe each other such gratitude for the service you have done for each other. Pay each other back by acknowledging these acts of love and treat each other with kindness during these, your last days of duality.

Your long hard road is coming to an end. We await just up ahead. Some of you will be joining us earlier than others to act as Wayshowers for those soon to follow in their path. This has always been the way new paths have been blazed throughout your history, but always remember, ascension is available to all that so choose. You are the creator of your reality now. Choose your palette of colors, choose your theme, and move your brushes in any direction you so wish and fulfill every dream your heart has ever desired.

Like rivers flowing from distant lands, so too has your journey taken you far and through many different worlds. Beginning with one world you may always call home, you began to acquire wisdom and knowledge and soon began to travel far and wide throughout time and throughout space. Today, you find yourself living amongst many others who have journeyed here from many foreign lands. You all have come here to do your part to help lift this planet out of the darkness and into the light of her new day. Different skills were required for this great transformation, and thus the call went out throughout this and even other universes to gather just the right experts in many different fields to get this job done.

Your friends, your neighbors, your so called ‘enemies’ and strangers alike all have come to this planet just as you have, bringing with them knowledge from their home worlds in an offering of universal cooperation. When you see another from a foreign land that your government or media wishes you to believe is your foe, try to look beyond this fabrication and see into the soul of your neighbor who, like you, is a visitor here, a dignitary from a world who has chosen representatives to come here to serve in our joint mission to repossess this beautiful and once free planet away from those who see no problem destroying every last square mile of her once pristine beauty.

See your neighbors from different cities and different countries as your partners in this grand endeavor. You are all part of the same team. You all have one goal. You all have journeyed here from faraway places. After your work here is done, you will all cherish these golden memories forever and ever, and some of you will even join together again in celebrations commemorating this achievement you have all accomplished here, together as one.

We are your Family of Light from the Stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles

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