White House Xmas UFO Card Not a Hoax: 2012 UFO Disclosure Begins

white house ufo cardMichael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

22 December 2011


Two days ago I reported on a South Dakota woman who received an Xmas card from the White House that included an image of a UFO in sky above the White House (see first video below).

The story created a bit of a buzz on the Internet and that led to false reports of the card being a hoax. This Examiner article, in particular, loudly announced that the card was not real based on an out-of-context reading of one line on the card recipient’s Youtube channel. The card is no hoax.

In fact, two more copies of the card with the possible alien craft seen on it have surfaced. I received today the following email from Mr Sunny Azriel of New Mexico, along with images of the card and the UFO:
“A few days ago I, too, received a holiday greeting card from the Obama family. To be frank, I didn’t notice anything strange about it until I saw your post THEN I looked at the card I had received, and, OMG, there’s the UFO!!!!! The Yiddish word ‘Farklempt’ (overwhelmed) comes to mind :o ) However, it seems to me that the UFO in the card I received is farther away from the White House than the one you posted below and I’d love your take on this.”

Meanwhile the recipient of the card that started all of this, Ms Dawn Brown-Eyes of Pine Ridge, South Dakota has uploaded a video onto YouTube comparing her copy of the card to copies without the UFO, where astonishingly it looks as if the possible alien craft has been airbrushed out.

It has also now been confirmed that, contrary to erroneous reports, this particular card design has been sent out to thousands of households.

So what’s the significance of all of this? It appears that the White House is under enormous pressure over the issue of UFO disclosure. While we might debate the extent of knowledge and involvement the White House has with aliens, one thing is certain: The US government is aware that aliens are, at the very least, monitoring our civilization. The White House is also certain that some craft that have been both photographed and tracked by radar both within Earth’s atmosphere and in space are those belonging to an extraterrestrial civilization.

The White House fears, beyond anything else, the prospect of alien visitation being revealed by a party other than themselves. Debate now rages within government agencies as to the best method of letting the world know that “we are not alone”. Most agree buildings and economies won’t collapse with the news and churches won’t be left empty.

So now it is a case of simply not wanting to upset the apple-cart. A soft disclosure process has begun. This Xmas card is part of that. Other initiatives include and will be noticed by readers in coming months (or are already being noticed):

1. Continued statements by NASA about the real possibility of alien probes within our solar system monitoring us

2. Saturating children’s cartoons and programs with references to aliens and UFOs, not the usual Hollywood stuff but rather dialogue designed to attune young minds to the reality of sharing our universe with other-worldly beings.

True the US government has chosen the easiest, least brave option, but be in no doubt, disclosure has begun, albeit slowly.

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