David Wilcock Interview with Kerry Cassidy – Audio File

David Wilcock Interview with Kerry Cassidy – Audio File

2011 DECEMBER 14

December 14, 2011

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot interviewed David Wilcock on American Freedom Radio. The interview is two hours long and ends with an amazing statement by David directed at the Cabal that it is time to step aside, that extra-terrestials will no longer tolerate their attempts to start a new war in the Middle East or WWIII.

He reports the drones in Iran and other places were hacked and stopped by the Galactics. The drones were a top secret operation of the military to instigate WWIII. The galactics have stated that NO war is allowed to start in the middle east, and that hostilities are to stop, and that the galactics are not here to invade or take over the planet. They are here to make sure we are kept safe from the Cabal and those who do not have our best interests at heart from enslaving us more than we have been.

David is very emotional, as he is clearly fearing for his life. He sends his love to everyone. As lightworkers it is very important that we use all of our skills to protect him at this time in his life.

Listen to the radio show MP3 here

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