Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy: Direct Action is Commencing

Dratzo! We return on this eve of your numerous global holidays! Your reality continues its upward path into the 5th dimension. This progress can be charted by the ever-rising base resonance of Mother Earth. Gaia is going through a series of swift birth pangs which parallel a similar change happening throughout our galaxy. The galactic core is rapidly increasing the amount of zero-point energy that she is flinging out to every farthest corner, and the amount of Light is reaching a point where many 3-D realms are being compelled to change into 5-D ones. This sacred scenario is another cosmic sign that the dark ones on your world do not have much time left to enjoy their dominion, and it is imperative that they accede to the realities of the situation according to their highest freewill choice. As you know, your solar system is preparing for the switch to a monopolar state, which explains the Sun’s rather peculiar behavior and the much-heightened activity on the planets in your solar system. We have observed these dramatic changes in detail and know just how little time is left until the birth of your new reality!

The nature of the situation you find yourselves in demands that your ‘current events’ must get sorted out at a much quicker pace, which means that we need to take a firmer role in your affairs. Up till now we have looked upon this as something that your various Light groups were truly capable of handling. We listened closely as our Earth allies described the series of stages needed before disclosure was formally announced. However, we now firmly state that these stages need to be fused into a shorter timeframe and those actions securing each state must be more rapidly done. To this end we have reworked these stages and presented a more succinct alternative to our Earth allies. We expect the result of these meetings to condense the timeframe originally given to us and to bring forward the disclosure broadcast. For our part we have increased the number of liaison teams in order to achieve these swifter goals and have put the dark cabal on notice that the time for its dismissal has arrived.

The dark cabal has used every means it can think of to delay what is truly unstoppable. Over the last decade, our personnel have come to know much about these immoral scalawags as we watched them cook up endless schemes to keep our Earth allies from their goals. We understand what Heaven has been doing over the past five years and we now intend to bring this stage of your swiftly declining world to an end. Heaven desires that the monies and the various projects associated with them now go into effect. New governance is required to do this and the series of steps needed to accomplish this have been clearly known to all concerned. We call in earnest for our Earth allies to finish the job. The present power structure is in reality a den of thieves held up by a house of cards, and this house is now so fractured that only force of habit maintains it. All it needs is a deft push to bring it whooshing to the floor, and this we intend to do if your “white knights” cannot quickly do so.

In our opinion, first contact has been delayed for at least a decade. It is therefore our plan to set in motion the means to begin those steps we alluded to above. Over the past month, Heaven began a series of special blessings to ensure that our sacred mission be carried out as first planned. Your body guardians are moving you to a point where the dark can no longer prevent your return to full consciousness, and these transformations have ignited a great longing in you to be free from the shackles of limited consciousness. You yearn to become a fully integrated and wise Being, and remaining in your present state of ignorance and restriction is no longer an option for you. This can be clearly seen in the way you are reacting to the various forms of repression being used by many of your governments to squash your desire for freedom. These moves are wholly counterproductive! We intend to arrive on the scene in the very near future and put an end to their futile imbecility!

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We bless you, dear Hearts! We come with a message of hope and truth! Currently, we are involved with the Agarthans and our secret sacred societies in completing those projects that secure your deliveries. Further, we are watching the final legal barriers divest the US Corporation of any remaining claims to the American Government. Thus the way is being cleared for the forces representing the true “De Jure” governance to take back what was so callously stolen over 150 years ago. The dark cabal has lost its command of the American nation and occupies the seat of power only for as long as it takes to finish these final legal issues. Once done, we expect the agendas agreed to by the divine coalition to be commenced. Our purpose is to oversee these vital activities and assure ourselves that the deliveries, promised to you for so long, roll out as planned.

Meanwhile, our family in space has put into place the essential maneuvers that will allow those actions described above to occur. The goal of all these activities is to give you your freedom and your rights as sovereign citizens of this wonderful blue-green orb. In addition we are doing many things to keep you on your sacred path to full consciousness. We cannot overemphasize the importance of your return to your natural state. In this state of Beingness, you are truly amazing and powerful guardians of the Light. You become one with us and reunite with your Inner Earth family to create a truly vital addition to the Galactic Federation of Light. Much is to happen in our immediate future as this galaxy completes its long transition back to the Light. Many events are required and our mission is to assure Heaven that all this unfolds as the divine plan so directs!

Our present task is to prepare each one of you for your consciousness transformation and begin an education project concerning who you really are, spiritually and emotionally. The dark has relied on your constant frustrations and fears to control you and we need to show you how to change these patterns and in so doing, pave the way for your new reality. We are determined to guide you step by step into new realizations about yourselves and your capabilities. When you maintain an unbroken positive attitude and use this to visualize a goal in great detail, miracles happen; when you do this as a group, change occurs. It is hard for the uninitiated to understand how this works, and it takes time and a committed willingness to succeed. Nonetheless, your potential is in fact unlimited! The next step is to test these truths and show yourselves how powerful you truly are!

Today, we went over some of the events that are changing your reality. We reviewed what has been done, and what still remains to be accomplished. Your Ascended Masters and their allies are extremely close to some breakthroughs which will signal that your victory is ready to happen! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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  1. Oh this message is so TRUE. For several months now, when I sit on the sofa reading at night, I can feel the earth ‘.s vibration raising. It feels like continual small sustained earth quakes, but go on so long it is obviously a vibration. Sometimes it feels so strong, it actually feels like my sofa cushions are moving.
    I was drawn many years ago to the place where I live and it was obviously because it is a place of a strong energy presence because besides what is going on in the earth directly below this place, I only feel complete peace when I am in this home on this ground.
    Anyway, last night I was sitting reading a book from the St. Germain Series and the vibrations were soooooo strong, it was reasonating through my body at a rate that was close to being unbearable for me. I immediately felt so week, I had to close my book and lay down. I had several vivid dreams throughout the night and I awoke this morning feeling so weak, I felt it was going to just be one of those days that will keep me sleeping most of the day as my body was adjusting to the energy changes and the left side of my brain just had a tremendous headache, but just the left side only.
    So, I fed my animals and laid back down. After falling off to sleep for a very short while, the most AMAZING thing happened. As I was waking up, a voice in my head said “the double helix has been completed”. What????? They are words I have heard before, but I could not tell you right off the top of my head what a DOUBLE HELIX is, not even a guess. But I can say that immediately, my headache started to disappear and I felt lighter. What I thought was going to be a wasted day of recovering from energy shifts, suddenly changed. I was awake, alert and feeling GREAT and HAPPY!
    I immediately went to my computer and looked up “Double Helix”…….it blew me away!!!!! It has to do with DNA!!!!!! WOW, when this article said that things were speeding up towards 5D, it was right on the money!!!!! I was acutally told this morning and experienced the addition of the DNA strands that we will gain through 5D! I can’t say I am ALL KNOWING at this point, although I do feel a bit different. But what I can say is that the DNA that was removed from us eons ago to keep us in the dark about who we are, has begun to be restored to us and I would guess it will activate when the proper vibration is reached or by an inpouring of light.
    It is so IMPERATIVE that Disclosure happens NOW as I would venture to say that 95% of the people would have NO CLUE at all as to what is happening to them and will run off to the doctor looking for answers, which of course will not be something that can be diagnosed. These poor souls will just accept the poisons being pushed on them in an effort to feel better from something that can never be diagnosed by modern medicine.
    5D is so close now, we can reach out and touch it! People have to be awakened before they convince themselves that there is something severly wrong with them physically or mentally. And when I say mentally, as this change is happening to me and my crystalline cells are increasing, I have to say there are times of severe depression and although it only lasts for a short period of time, it could be enough to convince some people that they are developing a serious problem. They have to be told what is happening to them! All true needs to be told no later than the beginning of 2012! If the Governments does not do it, it will have to be up to the Galactics to force the issue, there is NO TIME to waste!

  2. Lately I’ve been struggling with overwhelming feelings of anger and irritability. I just have ZERO tolerance for traffic, delays, waiting in lines, etc. It is driving me CRAZY! I don’t want to be angry anymore. I am so tired of life in 3D, and I am drowning in feelings of ‘just wanting this sh*tshow to be over with’. I was sitting in traffic the other day thinking “Life in 3D is such a waste of energy and human potential”. Can we please stop with the endless ‘meetings’ and ‘planning’? I choose DIRECT ACTION NOW with my free will. Galatics, space family, white knights, earth allies…are you listening?

    Today Congress is debating a bill that would allow for the first time in our nation’s history American citizens to be detained and imprisoned without due process or habeus corpus. In other words you, your family, your friends, ANYONE, can be arrested and shipped off to a prison camp all because someone higher up in the pyramid doesn’t like the color of your eyes, your political or social views, or the fact that you read this website. That means all you OWS protestors, get ready for a one way trip to Guantanamo Bay or a FEMA ‘camp’. And more than likely our corrupt, cabal-owned politicians will pass this abdominable piece of legislation AND our Wall Street stooge of a president, Obama, will sign it into law.

    The time for talking, meeting, planning is over…it’s time for ACTION.


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