Message From the Andromeda Galaxy: Your Light Quotient

Andromeda Galaxy via Ute 

We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all Souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dearest Ones,

We are here today to transmit this important message to humanity. All should know the significance of this extremely special time.  You are all blessed beyond measure in your very soul. Never before have you been able to do such a big step forward in your evolutionary pathway. We would like to make you aware of this fact!

Therefore it is of uttermost importance that you consciously and diligently use this time and take advantage of it. Now you are able to grow significantly, using the wings of the current flow of incoming blessed divine energies which are supporting and carrying your planet into it’s new position in the higher dimensions. If you are able to flow with this current, you will receive a great push towards your own higher vibrational growth and accomplishment of a more advanced light body. This includes the development of the higher mind and the heart.

Please understand that ascension is not just an event in your thinking mind, as many believe, but in the first place an energetic process which will catapult your present frequency of body, mind and emotion into a higher level of intelligence, wisdom and heart-opening.
The higher your vibration, the higher your divine intelligence and the capacity to love.

In this process it is however necessary to understand your mind which operates on many levels, not just on the conceptual level, but gradually develops and exists on levels up to the most high and subtle form, which is ultimately called the mind of God. Higher mind is never disturbed or is missing tranquility or is wandering constantly around. Higher Mind is carrying wisdom and is able to use free awareness and is not interfered by lower emotions.

Therefore it is of advantage to exercise the higher mind as it utilizes the higher qualities of the human being. The higher mind transcends your everyday understanding of life. It is not linear and black-and-white thinking, it is rather circular and able to perceive realities on different levels simultaneously without interference of the lower personality. Of course you can exercise these higher capabilities with your will. But it is ultimately always the increase of your level of frequency required as a basis for the development of your higher human qualities.

How would you do this, to begin with? As we recommended, what you need to do is to rise your light quotient. And this can happen when you rise your feeling capacity for energy! If you do, if you are able to feel energy, to feel frequency, it is because you are consciously transmuting the density of your lower emotions into free feeling, which in turn allows you to receive more light into your system.

We cannot enough emphasize, that the ascension process is based on the rising of your level of frequency or your light quotient. Without it there is no true growth. All is energy, all is frequency. If you are not able to feel frequency it is because you have not dealt yet with your emotions, you have not cleared them yet, you have not dared yet to feel them exactly as they are. If you haven’t done it yet, it means, that all these emotional energies, which you have not allowed yourself to feel, are like deep blockages in  a streaming river. They are like accumulated pieces of debris piling up, while the water is streaming around them. But these blockages reduce greatly your capacity to feel. Energy can only be felt.

Therefore you have work to do, dear ones! You cannot avoid it, you have to surrender to this process and allow yourselves to be purified. To do this, you first must be willing to feel, and even if your emotions are very painful. But know that even emotional pain is ultimately a form of energy, and that you are not it. You are merely the observer. You can look at it as something which has been stored in your system and which can be released now forever, just by allowing yourself to accept and fully feel it

There is no other way, but know that the incoming energies are your great helpers, as they are pressing now on all your unresolved blockages, which can make feel you uneasy, nervous, upset or just very uncontent with yourself.

All these feelings must be accepted fully, exactly as they are. They are not to be avoided by any means. Take your time, dear ones, and do this most important and courageous work! Feel what you have accumulated in your system, stored in your energy field. And as you feel it all, one by one, a growing clarity and lightness will emerge in your being, freeing your body and  heart more and more and awakening your capacity to freely feel more and more everything, now even the more subtle and finer frequencies of light, and last not least: true Happiness!

Dear ones, there have been Millions before you, who have been going through these processes already. They have been courageous at a time where most of you were still deeply unaware of these necessary procedures of purification. They went already through great pain, and they did it, not only for themselves, but for all humanity, for all their brothers and sisters. As they worked so deep and thorough, they have made the way much easier for you now. While they, as single individuals,  needed often years to deal with certain very painful issues, you all can now go through your purification processes  in a few days or weeks already, if you are working seriously and if you do not let yourself off the hook!

The incoming new energies help you greatly with this process so that it is now not difficult anymore for you. It has been difficult before, but it is not anymore. What many others have done already long before you, you can now do too! The path has been paved for you, dear ones, and you can now almost comfortably walk that path with much less pain, or at least an enormous shortening of the process.

We have encouraged you to walk that path of purification so that you will be able to rise your light quotient, together with many others. This is the great human awakening that has arrived!

We are always with you, ready to support and help you. All what is needed, is your willingness and the desire of your heart to be free of your old baggage, which is only an unnecessary burden now. Have trust and faith in the process, in which you all are involved, by default! The process is happening anyway and your agreement and surrender to it makes it a blessed one.  Because if you collaborate, all will happen with much less pain and you will even experience happiness in the midst of difficulties, knowing that they are only very temporary and the sure indication, that you are about to be free of them.

Freedom from old baggage entails a natural increase of your vibration and permits higher light to enter your body and mind. This new freedom allows you to feel more, to start to feel frequencies and soon light itself, which is a higher vibration.
Think positiv and exercise positive feelings, whatever you do, because positive actions are rising your energy field as well.

You see, it is all up to you, your sensitivity for your own energy field and of that around you is your own responsibility. Be patient with yourself and give yourself all the time you need. But do not delay and do not doubt. Follow your path of freeing yourself from old burdens steadily and with confidence. When you think that you made a mistake, don’t dwell on it, but  continue with faith on your path.

Remember, these are the most blessed times, humanity has experienced since Millenniums. Take advantage of it. Use this unique tailwind which makes your process so much easier than it would have been at other times. Go quickly through a process that took others years.

We bless and support you and embrace you with all our love!
We already can see you free of all your suffering and radiant in the New Light and the Love of the Divine!

We are the  Light Beings of the Andromeda Galaxy!

Message received by Ute 

Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2011
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions about sharing it, please contact me. Thank you.

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  1. human existance is the physical manifistation of life’s energy longing to express itself in LOVE, FAITH and HOPE

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