The High Council of Orion: Assume Your Role as Powerful Creators

The High Council of Orion via Karen Doonan

Dear ones we come to guide and support as the energies of the lunar eclipse begin to amplify that which is unfolding across the planet earth. For many of YOU now are able to view the human life experience through the veils of illusion. These veils are dissolving, YOU are dissolving for YOU cannot be defined. Where there is definition in YOUr human life experience then pour love and compassion through it for definition is suppression and containment. Allow YOUrself to BE that which YOU are.

We wish to guide on the unfolding of the energies and the way in which to move through them whilst being in balance, for many are far from balance, such is the depth of illusion teachings across the planet. Balance is needed for the unfolding of the new, for whilst YOU are out of balance YOU are susceptible to the illusion teachings. Where YOU find frustration within YOU find illusion, go within dear ones and root out that which no longer serves. The energies of the new will help YOU, work WITH them and do not hold fast against them for YOU in essence prolong the dissolving that is necessary to illuminate the way forward for YOU.

Never forget that at ALL times YOU create this human life experience, focus on that which YOU WISH to experience and realise that illusion teaches YOU to focus on the negative. There is NO negative there just IS, in this equation is both positive and negative, know that when faced with a negative there is always a positive, for one cannot exist without the other, balance is achieved by anchoring IS. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do you understand how taking a stance in one direction on anything pulls you out of balance and tries to make YOU anchor duality? Duality cannot be anchored for it is not TRUTH and the path of the enlightened human BEing on planet earth is TRUTH.

We once more draw attention to the fact that not all humans are in the path of enlightenment, it is not appropriate to make the decision for another what path they are on, it cannot be worked out by either party if the path they take is one of enlightenment or one of illusion, that information is not available to YOU in the human for YOU take on this planet. Many will try to convince YOU that they know YOUr souls path and we guide for YOU to allow this information to sit within YOUr energy system. YOU are in control of YOUr life experience no one else, to that end NO ONE knows the soul path other than YOU, for it cannot BE. Do you understand our guidance dear ones? Do you see how YOU in essence give away the power that IS to another if YOU believe they have access to something that is YOUrs alone?

For the ways of the old energies were containment and suppression, a lifetime of moving through the darker, denser energies is tiring and many are now FEELing that tiredness move within them. We guide for ALL to move through the unfolding of the new energies with love and compassion for SELF, for many of YOU have gone through lifetimes of trauma and pain and the time for rest and recovery is NOW dear ones. Step out of the illusion of time and pressure and BE for the recovery of SELF is vital for the next step unfolding.

The human race now moves to a period intense creation, for all of YOU dream the dream that is the human life experience, we cannot underscore the need for the reality of this to be anchored, YOU DREAM THE DREAM, let no others tell YOU how to dream nor what to dream, for that is YOUrs dear ones, allow this to sit within YOUr BEing. YOU have full control of this dream, for YOU are the creators and we are walking with YOU in each step that YOU take in the new energies. For many of YOU the dissolving of the old is painful, so attached to the outcomes and the illusion teachings that YOU cannot see that which is before YOU. For illusion comes gift wrapped dear ones and we ask YOU to look beyond the wrapping to see TRUTH. TRUTH is not found in the misfortune of others on YOUr world, for that is illusion wrapped in the guise of knowledge and love. To love IS, it has nobounds and it has no definition. Whilst YOU take sides on the war that never was and never can BE you dance with the illusion of duality. There just IS dear ones and that will be anchored by many of YOU over the coming weeks and months as the veils lift and TRUTH is seen in its splendour.

There are many amongst YOU who will tell YOU that the new is not here, so focused on the nightmare they cannot FEEL the new and the new is FELT dear ones, move to the heart and FEEL the difference even if YOUr human eyes have not adjusted to the new energies. For the eyes and ears are easily swayed by the smoke and mirrors of illusion. Seek from the heart and not the mind, for the mind is fooled by the eyes and ears. KNOW that the new is here, FEEL it and embrace it.

For every step out of the old is step into the new, allow the old to dissolve for it serves no one, do not hang on where it tries to teach that it is TRUTH, allow it to go, for the old will dissolve and all that is left will be TRUTH. Where YOU have people who are now moving out of YOUr human life experience allow them to go with love and blessings for YOU cannot know their path nor they YOUrs, for much is agreed at soul level and YOU have no access to this is human form. Know that if they were a part of the human life experience then they have played the role they came here to play, nothing is gained by holding anything but love and compassion within YOUr heart, for ALL ARE ONE.

Know that if a job is now dissolving it was never TRUTH, for many are now taking up the places that were always to be theirs on the uncovering of the new. Know that anything that is not TRUTH will now begin to break down and dissolve before YOUr very eyes. TRUTH will show YOU it was never to be, illusion will try to teach YOU that it defined YOU. That is not TRUTH, YOU are not the job YOU do anymore than YOU are the clothes YOU wear, for all is smoke and mirrors yet illusion will teach that YOU are.

For the new to unfold the old has to dissolve yet many are holding onto the teachings of the old and this has to be shown to be the illusion that it is. Can you see our words? Do you understand how to allow all to go is to be balanced and centred? For you cannot see what is in front of YOU if YOU use the teachings of illusion to filter YOUr human life experience. That is what happens in the human life experience, for the teachings provide filters that allow illusion to appear as TRUTH. Move to the heart and allow all to be shown to YOU. Where YOU find drama YOU find illusion for it moves in the lower energies of emotions that are denser and more intense. For all intense drama is fuelled by the illusion teachings. Where YOU rage war with another both are in illusion, for there is no wrong and no right there just IS. The filters each human applies will show the intensity of the illusion being played out.

We ask that YOU begin to anchor the new energies, where YOU are faced with trauma we ask YOU pour love through it and YOU detach from the illusion teachings that show YOU to continue the trauma by sharing it with other humans. This is the deepest of the illusion teachings, where humans believe they are showing compassion by pouring lower density emotions into a situation that just IS. KNOW that when a soul departs the body that soul is reunited with all the information not afforded them in the physical. They can clearly see the role they played and how it played out. Pain and trauma does not move from the physical to the etheric with them, they leave it all behind. Illusion teaches they do not, illusion teaches that someone must pay and that all is despair. We ask that YOU step back from this and see TRUTH, the soul has played the role it contracted to play, the lesson is there to be learned and the emotions there to be experienced and LET GO OF. The act of anchoring deep despair is the illusion teaching of remembering. Always the remembering is tinged with the lower density emotions of despair, anger and angst. Whilst they are anchored deeply there is no room for the repair and the healing of said emotions, the vibrational field

of the human concerned is lowered and will continue to stay low until love is poured through and healing has begun. Illusion will teach YOU to store pain in YOUr heart and YOUr body, TRUTH will show YOU the lesson and how to move through it.

We guide in depth about the storing of emotion due the unfolding of soul contracts across the planet earth. We guide ALL to detach from what will be played out across the planet in the coming days. We do not guide to invoke fear for that is not our role, we guide for YOU to be aware of that which is dissolving. Such is the depth of illusion teachings that many souls have contracts to show clearly the illusion and all it teaches, these contracts will be honoured. Free will states that at any time during a human life experience that human may alter the contract agreed on incarnation, these contracts are changed when the human has gone through a transformation or has learned a lesson and has agreed the lesson not be repeated, all of this is done at a high level with the soul. Free will also states that the human can also carry out the contract that was agreed on even if the lesson learned do not wish to be repeated. We guide this to make YOU aware dear ones that the reason for many of the deaths on the planet earth with the unfolding of the new energies is to do with these contracts. Much has changed and shifted across the universe, humans have free will, souls have free will. No one dies on planet earth without the souls decision being one to transcend to energy no matter what the circumstances of the death.

This is a TRUTH that is not seen by many humans due to the teachings of illusion that do not allow the subject of death to be seen for what it is in TRUTH. It is a movement from physical to energy. That is all that it is. There are no co-incidences, no freak accidents, all is under the control of the human soul who has incarnated. Many are not able to understand our words so deep in the illusion of grief and loss that our words will be filtered through illusion teachings. Know that no one is ever lost, the physical merely transcends back to the energy that IS and always will BE. The energy that YOU ARE and always WILL BE. For none die, the physical merely perishes.

So many illusion teachings around something that is natural that stops so many from reaching into the heart. Many are here to show the human race how to move through this. Know that where YOU have undergone trauma and grief and allowed it to go, to move on, to heal, that YOU are the beacon in the dark for many who cannot see the way forward. Know as the energies heighten across the planet another soul group leaves on their journey forward into the energy that they are. Please allow the illusion of death to dissolve across the planet earth for it is not TRUTH.

We are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and support ALL as the new energies are now anchoring into the human race. All can and will change if YOU allow it to change for we have guided free will and that is what YOU are granted on incarnation. That works in all ways dear ones, for YOU have free will to stay within illusion or to walk out of it. The choice is always there, for there is never not a choice, for all exists at once dear ones, for all just IS. Do you understand our words and our guidance? The control of the human life experience was always with YOU, illusion persuaded YOU to hand it over time and time again, detach and become the observer to realise how it did this and then allow it to dissolve. For the new will set YOU free if that is YOUr choice. We are with YOU as YOU begin to create that which YOU want to experience. We are with YOU as the brothers and sisters that we ARE, for ALL ARE ONE.

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