The Arcturian Group, December 12, 2011

By Marilyn Raffaele, December 12th 2011

Greetings again dear ones of the earth in these times of so much upheaval and change.

All is proceeding according to plan; light is pouring into your dear planet and many are now beginning to feel this and accept change into their consciousness although they are not yet aware of what they are experiencing.

Much is unraveling of the old paradigm although you cannot yet see it.  We see this coming to a head very shortly and you are being called upon to make a choice.  Do you wish to stay in what is familiar,  no matter how discordant, or do you choose receptivity to something different  although  as of yet you do not know what that is?  Those who live in fear usually choose whatever they already know or are being told  by others, not realizing that they have the power within to choose for themselves . This is fine, as all are free to  proceed according to their free will choice.  However, those of you who  know that there  are higher and better ways than what has been the norm up to this point, are  choosing to be open to  new ways of seeing, being, and doing.


There will be  much discussion  leading up to  your political elections, as  information is going to be presented for you to examine.  Nothing is being hidden at this point and those who try to hide anything in order to win, will be surprised by revelations  that reveal their true self to you.  We encourage you  to send light to all candidates and to remember the divinity within each of them.  Without  personal or media influenced decisions you will then be guided to the candidate that holds the most light.  Choose the candidate holding the most spiritual intent, (not organized religious beliefs which can color every decision).  You may not even personally like any of them,  but you will be guided if your intention is clear impersonal love, to the one who most closely represents the highest and best for all.

We  would wish you to spend more time in nature; in the calm and peace of silence.  It is important for you to have time to yourselves without the constant yammering of cell phones, electronic devices, and  general noise which prevents you from hearing the still small voice within.  This too is a decision only you can make.  Do you choose to be on your phone or texting at all times, or do you choose to be focused and centered, using these tools only as necessary?

Re-examine your concepts of what a spiritually evolved individual is. You are not going to  become one who looks like the old paintings of saints seen in churches, looking outside of themselves to a god up in the clouds.  You will be who you are-YOU-alive, hip, radiating love–in the world but not of it.

You need rest and calm in order to integrate the higher frequencies of light  coming into your physical, emotional, and mental bodies at this time.  All  who have chosen  the light, are releasing everything  old and finished.  This is  bringing to the surface any unfinished issues (from all lifetimes). Do not get involved in reactivating these issues, just let them go in whatever way is appropriate.

If there are words needing to be said to another, say them with love, if words are not necessary then simply make a conscious decision to allow any and all energy associated with the experience release. Old past life  energy will often present as a new crisis to be examined.  This is the time not to panic, but to say to yourselves; “What am I believing about this?  In the light of truth, do I need to carry this any longer in my energy field?”.  There are times when it gives  pleasure to hold on to resentment or anger; a satisfaction in feeling better than another or in being a poor victim.  However, any emotions manifesting a belief of duality are of the old 3D energy and cannot accompany you into the higher frequencies of Light.

The process of release and integration takes energy that you would normally have to live your daily lives so those of you who are experiencing feeling tired, flu like, or just have little energy, take advantage of this to rest more, relax, and evaluate your priorities.  Ask yourselves what is important to keep in your life and what is not, for now is the time to let go of anything finished that you may still be giving energy to.

Many of you will find that  there are traditions and practices within your families or groups that no longer resonate with you.  Be not afraid to gently remove yourself.  Ascension is a moving to a new level of resonance, therefore it is perfectly understandable  that in your journey many things will begin no longer resonate.  If they did, you would not be moving beyond them.  Some become very unhappy when they discover  that much that has been a large part of their lives up to this point, no longer seems important.

This may include friends, entertainments, foods, traditions, pharmaceuticals, and activities that were a large part of daily life.  Do not try to reactivate these things, but understand that they were perfect as they were at the time you were of their energy,  but you are no longer in that same place.  Never be afraid to let go of what seems finished, for this may open up  a change in your consciousness, a whole new way of seeing and being with regard to these same activities. This then  becomes a reclaiming of the power you previously  gave to these things, and you understand them in their rightful function and may then experience them in new and higher ways. You see, nothing real can ever be lost, only manifested in higher and better forms.

You are moving into an energy of unconditional love.  Businesses will function as a flow of love (service or product) and gratitude (payment), and bartering will make a comeback.  As the consciousness of one is realized by more and more, it will manifest in  every daily activity.

Be not afraid dear ones, you can never be other than one with the Divine.  Ocean waves  appear separate from each other, and yet they are all actually one with the ocean and  each other.  So in the same way  are you seemingly separate, yet one with the whole.  Take this image in to your quiet time  and work with it; contemplating what the Whole is.  Practice living each day out from your highest awareness of truth and it  will then unfold and grow.  This is ascension.

We are in love, the Arcturian Group

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