SaLuSa: An Explanation of What is to Come

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey


There is around the world a sense of foreboding as it is becoming obvious from outer appearances that all is not well. Man has taken this civilization as far as it can go, and faces the slippery slope to oblivion. However, all of this was foreseen, and you have not just been left as you would say “to stew in your own juice” Karma requires that you experience the results from the seeds that you have sown over millennia of time. Yet the Creator has no desire to see you suffer needlessly, and has given you the way out through Ascension. Those of you who are already of the Light need little if any guidance to follow that through, and are moving your consciousness to higher levels that will lift you out of duality. Your awareness is such that you are already on the path that is taking you all of the way up to and through the end times, onto the next stages of evolution.

You may ask what of those who are still slumbering or deny the truth, who also have the same opportunities as anyone else. We would say that very soon events will cause the media to take note of what is happening on Earth. There will slowly arise an understanding that the changes are going to be widespread, and not only that but will be the means whereby your civilization will take a giant step forward. They will discover that the answers are manifesting all around you, and that informed people are coming forward to lead you onwards. So Dear Ones, every soul will equally have that chance to change their lives and set their sights higher, if they wish. There is never going to be pressure put upon them, but every help is there for them if they commence to seek the truth.

We of course will also be instrumental in ensuring the necessary facts are told, so that there is no mistake where any of you are concerned when you seek the true purpose of life. For a start it will clearly help if there is recognition of the Source of All That Is. It matters little what you call it, but it will help give a base from which to work that will explain everything around you. Seeing the connection of all life should also make our coming easier for people to accept. We are not alien to you, or strangers but very much like you in many respects. We have the same aspirations to create love and peace, and have the love of beauty and all that is in harmony and balance. In us you will see yourselves, and understand what Ascension can do for you. It was always intended that we should become One again, and we are here to ensure it is a success.

When things get a bit scary do not allow yourselves to go into a fear mode, and keep in your focus on what you know to be the changes that will lift you up. We shall be like the Knights in White Armour that will appear into view when needed, and take you under our wings. We know exactly what is required, and are at the ready once we can openly show ourselves. Our time approaches quite quickly, and we await the signal that will allow us to enter your lives for the betterment of all souls. We are not here to fight a war, unless you see the dark and Light as opponents to control the end times. Our ways are positive but we would never resort to violence, but will defend ourselves in ways that do not result in the loss of life. We have often demonstrated it when faced with hostility from your military.

There is so much that we wish to draw your attention to, that will show that you have been visited by us for thousands of years. In all fairness, some accounts would not have been understood without knowledge of the Space Age. However, today you have the advantage of living in the Space Age. Even so there are problems to overcome, and one that holds you back concerns space travel. Understand that we are not confined to travel in such a way that our nearness to you can only be measured in Light years. Advanced civilizations such as ours use inter-dimensional travel involving wormholes as you call them. We can literally jump distance by taking a short cut, and can if necessary travel faster than light. There are rules of conduct that have to be observed, and what you would call Policemen of the Universe such as the Ashtar Command that keep order. These technologies will however be yours to use once you have shown that you can handle the responsibility.

The life you are about to enter is far removed from what you are used to now. It will have purpose and able to fulfil your deepest desires, and give opportunities to explore the billions of different planets throughout the Universe. Life abounds everywhere, and you will also move between dimensions. Words cannot do justice to what lies ahead for you, but be assured that you will never be disappointed, and it is but a stones throw away.

Coming back to Earth, we can say that the cleansing is beginning to take place, and will increase in intensity. At the same time weather patterns are changing as conditions become more temperate. The extremes that are normal to Earth will not be experienced in the higher levels that you are moving to, and that applies to life in general. Life will be pleasing and move in a harmonious way that will put an end to stressful experiences. Life will be pleasant, and friends will be but a thought away and respond to it. As you can imagine, you have everything coming to you that will make life a complete joy, so forget the hardships and sorrow that you have endured upon Earth. They will soon be but a distant memory to be replaced by more exciting and pleasant ones.

The vibrations on Earth are yet again rising with the expectation of the festivities that many are now preparing for. It is an energy that will remain and continue to grow as the grids around Earth become more powerful. There is no let up of the incoming energies, that continue to be beamed to you from many sources. The plan for your release from duality cannot fail, and our presence should remove any lasting doubts you may have.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish we could impress upon you how fortunate you are to be on Earth, at such a wonderful time. Not every soul was able to be present, but those that are receive our everlasting love.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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