Saul: The Wonders are Flowing Towards You as Promised

Saul via John Smallman

December 7, 2011

These are stressful time as you wait for your expectations about becoming fully-conscious beings to be fulfilled.  It seems that you have been holding the Light for a very long time and that your faith in God’s promise is being severely tested.  “When are we going to awaken?”

Dates have been suggested, they have passed, and still you wait.  It is very unsettling for you as you cope with the stresses of daily life in the illusion.  Keep on holding the Light – you have a saying, “The darkest hour is just before dawn,” and this is, metaphorically speaking, where you are – and all will be amazingly well.  You will awaken and your faith will be most abundantly vindicated.

The wonders, the ecstasy for which you are all hoping, which you all truly know and believe will happen, are flowing towards you as promised because they are promised by God, whose Will is your happiness.  Since that is the case, why would you doubt?

Since all are always eternally One with God, all know, deep within themselves, that this is to happen, and that is why more and more of you are becoming aware and remembering that life is not just what you experience in the illusion, but is something far greater and of infinite value that is about to burst upon your awareness in astounding clarity.  Reality, in all Its magnificence and glory, the shining Light of God’s divine Presence, is where you are to awaken and know yourselves once more as you truly are, essential and brilliant aspects of the Oneness that is God.

This you all know, but for eons you have chosen instead to believe in the illusion, and in its pain and suffering.  You have stubbornly clung to that belief to prove to yourselves that you are individual, independent beings entitled to the freedom and happiness with which you can provide yourselves, even, if necessary – and frequently it does seem necessary – by crushing and destroying others because unfortunately there are not enough of life’s essentials to go round.  “Survival of the fittest” is a phrase that is often used to justify the harshness of this strange place that you have convinced yourselves is reality.

Now your awareness of this harshness, this unjustifiable disparity between “the haves” and “the have-nots,” has intensified to such an extent that you are finally choosing to accept it no longer.  The tipping-point has been reached, you are turning towards love and away from fear, and this is undermining the very foundations upon which you built the illusion in the first place.

Major cracks are appearing in many seemingly unconnected places as the whole edifice starts to crumble in preparation for your mass awakening.  First you had to make the choice to release your support for it, and once that decision was made, you effectively opened your hearts to allow the massive energy field of divine Love to assist you and sweep you forwards on your way to that momentous event.

Keep holding the Light, intend to dissolve your fears and doubts by allowing God’s Love to embrace the wondrous being that each one of you most assuredly is, and in doing so intend to feel the warmth, the certainty, the Reality of the divine energy field that surrounds you.

This will give you the confidence and the determination to keep moving forwards through the chaos of the crumbling illusion, and it will show you the Light of millions of others also forging ahead towards the stunning moment when you are to awaken.  Uncontained joy and wonder await your arrival, so rejoice in the knowledge that all is divinely taken care of.

With so very much love, Saul.

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