Pleiadians: We Are With You; Know You Are Looked After

Pleiadians via Greg Giles

Initiatory groups first came to Earth many eons ago. Their goal was to implement a better ecological surface world for all life forms. Many other worlds soon joined in this effort, and today millions of distinct life forms call Earth their home. The intelligent species known as humans also grew from this cooperative experiment. Today, Earth is a joint cooperation of many different worlds for many different reasons, not the least of which is a cultural experimentation center. Refining and reorganizing leadership and cultural standards is a common practice here, and soon Earth and humanity will experience a sudden exchange of all governance and leadership roles. Substituting fair and honest leadership for the current oligarchic system is our intention, and these proceedings are already underway and will kick into high gear in the coming days and months. New energies are being sent to the planet to help facilitate these changes, as energy is the catalyst for change in this universe. You will see for yourself just what these energies are capable of very soon. Enjoy this period in your collective journey, as the excitement and wonder you will experience is quite rare as far as the development of a world is concerned. The sudden and far reaching metamorphosis you will experience is usually substituted for a slower and less noticeable changeover lasting many years. It was decided that humanity and her host planet would undergo a faster changeover due to pressing issues concerning suffering environmental standards and the plans of a negative faction in your world who planned to further implement their diabolical schemes to enslave the human race. This will not be permitted, and we are seeing to it that this negative faction and all their arms are removed from power and rehabilitated. Earth will be allowed to prosper and thrive without this negative interference now and forever into your future. Be assured the extraterrestrial presence in your world that will soon escalate greatly is a sign to you all that you are loved and greatly cared for by your space families. No harm will come to you, and all of you will be looked after and all possible safety measures will be implemented. We love you, and want nothing less than the best your universe has to offer you, which is a remarkably great deal. You will soon witness the love the Creator has for you all, and your lives are suddenly to become something more resembling a beautiful dream than a life of servitude and struggle. You have earned this, all of you. Prepare yourselves for this gift from the Creator. We will be implementing the changes very soon. Until then, please show each other the respect you all deserve. You have been through lifetimes of hardship and struggle together, and together you will open the door into your new world. Your success has been a team effort. Enjoy your gifts, enjoy each other. Love each other as you are dearly loved by us.
We are your family from the stars.As channeled through Greg Giles

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