Pleiadian Light: The Ascension Expansion

The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield

There is an expectation of expansion on many levels of the total human unit as a result of the ascension process. You entertain dreams of what skills you will acquire as Novus Humanus, skills that you feel will be miraculous compared with the present limited perceptions and interactions you have with your everyday world.

All of the expansions of the ascended human are present in incipient forms right now. You still are and will be, for a future beyond your projections, a temporal world reality. You will be dealing with time, in one way or another, for some time to come. Therefore, your ascension gifts will be unfolding incrementally over an extended period. And these increments may be different for each individual. They will, however, be sufficiently synchronized for you, as a world culture, to feel the changes that are resonating simultaneously through your whole species.

What about time? You are already feeling that time is more fluid than the rigid, unshakable measuring concept that has controlled your lives. It is actually malleable and can be consciously controlled. Many of you have experienced situations in which you are rushed to complete a project that has a deadline. Unconscious portions of your total self affect your personal temporal flow and you “make the time” to meet your deadline. You feel good that you got your work done on time, but most of you don’t realize (yet) that often you are not acting with greater speed; you are slowing your personal time to fit the work into it.

This is one of the ascension expansions that presently surface when your motivation spikes, and it will gradually become more common as you continue to ascend. Amazingly, in this example, your personal time still fits very neatly into the commonly accepted flow of time. In the future, this use of your consciousness will gracefully expand the patterns of the warp and weft of time. These weavings will make the malleable nature of time observable and available for use within the secure boundaries of its fabric.

Similar thought- or mind-centered skills surround your interactions with your world of material objects. Psychokinesis is the expanded version of your current ordinary manipulation of physical surroundings. The anomalous few who carry this psychic skill now can, with the use of thought intent and projected energies, move objects at a distance. They can, in some cases, direct physical reality to create effects that others must manually construct, but they do it entirely with projected energy and intention.

The latent or incipient level of this skill, which you presently carry, is in operation all the time, albeit at unconscious levels. In fact, for you to observe this natural energy contribution, you must actively do something to block it. We will give you an example.

A familiar drama from your everyday life would be the jelly-side-down dropping of a bread slice. Now, you don’t currently have the ability to stop the fall of the bread in mid air and return it to the table. However, you do have a natural energy integration with your physical world that can allow you to influence the fall of the bread sufficiently for you to arrange a jelly-side-up landing.

[Whether or not the bread is free of contaminants for consumption is another question, and its correction would involve another whole subset of psychic skills. We will give you a clue. The hidden elements of these skills can be found in your children’s “kiss it up to God” gesture or their play/myth, the 30-second grace period, before contamination takes hold. Most children on your world have variations of this and other personal magic.]

In the falling-bread drama, your natural integrated energy could be gently encouraged, in the split second of the fall, to favor a jelly-up landing – unless you “freak” and sever your natural connection. Accepting the fall and expecting the most desirable outcome on non- or barely conscious levels is something that people, whom you consider successful at life, do on a regular basis.

At this particular time in your ascension process there is another way to recognize your natural integrated influence on the material world around you. If you are among those who are experiencing some neurological rewiring and brain integration, you may find, when the energy activity is high, that you are becoming a bumbling, clumsy person, knocking over things, tripping over things, and causing a cascade of tumbling objects when you reach out to pick up just one. This is what happens when the subtle integrated-energy effect on your surrounding world is temporarily disconnected. Ordinarily this energy integration smoothly assists your physical interactions with the material world.

[Disclaimer: In your multidimensional reality there are many possible causes for these phenomena. We are focusing on ascension aspects at this time.]

After considering your incipient psychokinetic skills, it is natural to move to another prime focus for your expanded future: your hands. Your hands are tools with transcendent capabilities. They are one of the features of your present development that represent your high level of human evolution.

The articulate human hand is a miracle of engineering. The evolution of human hands was guided by the Creative Force of the Universe to deal skillfully with the material plane of Earth reality. When ET founders were working on Earth, at the dawn of the current world’s cultural history, they easily channeled their creative energies through humanoid hands to build material constructions and manipulate the terrain to start the flow of civilization on Earth. You have within your mythology tales of great stones being lifted and moved, directed by energy flowing through the hands.

At the present time, consciously directed energy through the hands is most often connected to healing endeavors. The expression of your world’s impulse for growth and expansion, with the concomitant purging of dross energies, has made the choice of disease a valid means for progress. The negative energies that must be cleared play out their drama through the disease process. Therefore, the focus on the development of transformative energies, directed through the hands for healing, would naturally be an imperative.

The incoming ascension energies will be igniting your hands and increasing their skill levels to include the manipulation of physical matter. As we have said, these abilities are already yours. They are being carried in recessive positions, awaiting awakening. If you observe yourselves and pay attention to what is changing, you will find you can produce effects with just a touch or from a distance with your hands. You will feel that something miraculous happened. The area in which you will most likely observe these effects initially will be in pain relief and healing. This is where the personal need is greatest right now.

We would like to point out a confusion that is creating conflict for you. Many of you are trying to figure out what is going on in this maelstrom that is called the ascension of the species. With regard to the symptoms you are experiencing, you want to know if you have a “real” disease or “just” an ascension symptom. This includes accidents and injuries. The need for this definition is part of your deep dependence on polarity concepts. “Is it real or not?”

Your soul level of consciousness, as an example, may perceive the need to purge a great deal of poisonous self-hatred energy fed to you as a child by thoughtless or cruel adults. It doesn’t matter if you vomit because you picked up a virus or if the subtle energy built up to the point that it made you nauseous. You have the choice of many ways to produce the necessary symptoms. It is important that the symptoms act to release the energy. It’s all real!

In any case, you should treat yourself with whatever palliatives are appropriate. Be kind to yourself. The symptoms can also provide you with the opportunity to ask, “How is this illness or pain serving me?” You may receive some insight that will bring the patterns of your drama to the surface of your consciousness.

Returning to the expanded levels of psychic energies directed through your hands, there are those, at this time, who are particularly talented in playing musical instruments or sculpting and painting or preparing food. We are naming just a few of your probable future abilities, but any skilled use of the hands to a marked degree above the average could be from accessing expanded energies for specific purposes.

Your senses of perception (seeing, hearing, smelling, etc.) are undergoing changes that will expand their ranges. The ascension energies are altering your neurological connections. As these alterations are being made, many of you will have unusual experiences. Your hearing may become hyperacute, from time to time, or you might smell scents (pleasant or unpleasant) that are not really in your environment. You might see flashes of people’s auras or bright light areas when you are actually in the dark. These transient “illusions” are indications of rewiring underway.

You could encourage both your visual expansion and hand energies by looking at your hands in a dark or dimly lit room. Against the dark background, you may begin to see emanations from your hands. Give yourself the directive for your hands to “turn on.” In the dimness you will see hazy light/energy extending from your fingers or surrounding your whole hand.

When your rewiring is stabilized, you will see more colors in your spectrum, hear a wider range of sounds, and have the olfactory skills that only animals have now. There are many more expansions that we are not addressing at this time. Some of these are subtle changes in reality perceptions, values, and attitudes. And the evolutionary (or mutational) leaps in DNA programming will play out in some startling ways that are not yet at probability levels.

[Note: The expanded sensitivities will also play a role in your ability to interact and communicate with greater facility when you have open contact with ETs.]

What is the value of knowing that these skills are present on latent levels now? Simply being consciously aware of the existence of these abilities opens an energy portal for them to emerge. Observing the surfacing of these expansions, no matter how subtle, validates them and allows you to encourage their growth. The ascension of the species is not wholly bestowed on you. It is a co-created process. It helps to have a vision of its possibility/probability and then to consciously encourage its expression and your transformation. Stay open and alert. Watch yourself grow.

We sign off, reminding you of the assistance and support that surrounds you. We wish you Peace. And peace is a pregnant state of interdimensional consciousness through which all and everything may be created.

© Hannah Beaconsfield 2011

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