New UFO Documentary to be Released by Hollywood on Government Cover-Up

POTUS Briefing: Eyes Only — UFO Documentary Coming

POTUS Briefing — Eyes Only, being produced by Gordon Novel, is a total disclosure and demonstration of an evidentiary chain to be put before the President of the United States (POTUS) regarding UFOs, exo-biological life forms, commerce with these life forms, UFO Technology, and the inherent impact of such upon our world, including new energy technologies.

by Sterling D. AllanPure Energy Systems New, Nov. 20, 2011–_UFO_Documentary_Coming/

Yesterday John Hutchison sent a pdf document out by email and posted it online as well, called Potus Briefing: Eyes Only, a pending Hollywood feature film about the government’s cover-up of extraterrestrials, billed as ‘The most important story ever told’. [Link]

The documentary project is being headed by the colorful Gordon Novel, who I met a few years ago during the Dan Burisch saga. Other notable names listed in the project include Jim Marrs, Richard M. Dolan, Steven Greer, Harold Puthoff, Bruce Maccabee, Stanton Friedman.

The pdf pitches the film as follows:

POTUS Briefing — Eyes Only™ is a total disclosure and demonstration of an evidentiary chain that will be put before the President of the United States (POTUS) regarding UFOs, exo-biological life forms, commerce with these life forms, UFO Technology, and the inherent impact of such upon our world. The production also will propose solutions to the seemingly intractable challenges of this new reality.

Here is their Mission Statement:

Our intention is nothing less than to save the world, in the entirety of that statement, free of cliché. It is this project‘s goal to disclose the reality of the extraterrestrial relationship with our species and to reveal the embargo of Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARV) / Solar Warden technology. This technology must be released for commercial use in order to provide limitless and clean power for the world’s utility and transport systems. We can do that by proving it exists. We can disclose how it was reverse engineered, or replicated, from crashed UFOs and we can demonstrate with HD-3D motion graphic animation how the ARV’s electrical fields function, as well as carefully examining the impact of the responsible release of such technology.

I phoned Novel today to get an update on this project and ask him what he thought about its being publicly posted by Hutchison. He seemed a bit put off by that, but didn’t seem inclined to try to get Hutchison to take it down, so I guess the “cat is out of the bag”.

That “Classification – Umbra Red” was probably what spurred a really bizarre dream I had early this morning. In the dream, I was being prepared for a briefing with the President of the United States. We were in a large hanger in the entry to what I presume would be Air Force One. There were around 100 soldiers standing in formation by the plane. But the questions the officers with me at the entry to the craft were asking were ridiculous. They wanted me to sign an NDA, and the procedures were silly.

In the dream, I was wondering to myself how much it would be costing the American taxpayers to have all those soldiers there and this briefing; when they asked me for $23 dollars. I laughed, looking out at the excess of expenditures, and wondered what they would do if I didn’t have $23 in cash on me, which I did happen to have. When they finally disclosed to me their “confidential information”, it was something I already knew, which is widely known in the alternative/awake community. They just wanted a reason to be able to control me.

That dream did spook me a bit. I thought maybe it was a caution about not confronting the huge bureaucracy of the outwardly backward, and black-op corrupted and super powerful, U.S. Government. Hence my call to Novel to check before linking to the PDF. I had sent an email and left a voice message with Steven Greer to get his input, but so far I’ve not heard back from him.

Novel mentioned the documentary back in January 17, 2010 when he was on the Coast to Coast AM radio show (Back Engineering ET Craft) with George Knapp. The description of that show reads, in part:

George Knapp spoke with controversial operative Gordon Novel about his plans to replicate an ET spacecraft– the so-called Alien Reproduction Vehicle (ARV) that the US government is alleged to have back-engineered from discs that crash landed in 1947. According to Novel, he expropriated the government’s ARV data to yield his own pending patent to construct a working Replication ARV Machine (RAM), which makes use of antigravity technology that could also be used to solve the energy crisis.

Their biography page reads, in part:

Gordon Novel is a controversial industrialist, a much noted intelligence-oriented legal investigator, an electrodynamics scientist and a film producer. He has been involved in historical investigations in the JFK assassination, had roles as the reputed Alpha and Omega figure in the Watergate scandals, the sensational failed US Government criminal cases against automaker John Delorean, and the Chief Investigator for former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark’s Waco massacre Federal civil case of the Branch Davidians by the ATF and FBI.

He is currently the Chairman and CEO of the RAM Gravionics Group, involved in a major science research and development program to control gravity, inertia and time phenomena for the production of free energy and very rapid air-space transport technology. His accomplishments of note were the development of the official Louisiana Pavillion at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair and the 1984 New Orleans Exposition.

Here’s the Table of Contents of the 81-page pdf document:

  • Executive Summary – 3
  • RAM Gravonics Science Team – 5
  • Development – 18
  • Creative – 21
  • Producers / Directors Unit / Development Team – 36
  • Marketing Potential – 43


  • Appendix I: Socio-Economical Effects of the Introduction of Gravitational Control, Paulo
    Vicente, ©2001 – 49
  • Appendix II: Time for a Change – Jim Marrs and Richard M. Dolan ©2008 – 59
  • Appendix III: POTUS Briefing: Eyes Only, by Jim Marrs and Richard M. Dolan © 2009 – 68

Maybe Hutchison thought the project was growing mold and wanted to spur some action.

Novel said that he has a couple of sources of funding pending for the movie and reverse engineering projects. One is an inheritance from his very rich dad, who recently passed away, leaving between $12 and $300 million; presently tied up. He plans on filing suit to obtain those funds so he can self-fund the projects.

Novel himself had a brush with death last year, having a heart attack and double bypass surgery; but he said he is “back to good health.” As for attempts on his life, he said, “I’m not afraid to use bullets.”

The other potential source of funding would come from a $30 million private placement memorandum via an entity in London looking to take Gravionic G Ltd public. He said $20 million would go toward the reverse engineering project via a lab in CERN; and $10 million would go toward the movie.

Once the money is secured, Novel expects that completion of the production of the film will take about six months.

According to Novel, it turns out that the $2 trillion “Solar Warden” (Google it) black-budget project, home to several 600-foot UFO-like craft, is located right here in Utah, out in the remote desert, 20 miles away from any road, no fence around it, only accessible by vertical take-off and landing craft, with a camouflaged entrance, concealing a huge underground base.

By exposing these things, he wants the black budget projects, which have been funded by the U.S. taxpayer (and by drug operations and other criminal operations worldwide, including bank scams), to be made available to the lay people of the world, to help solve our energy and transportation problems.

The appeal would be made to the U.S. President to do the right thing.

While I applaud the idea of the film and its content; for me, there are many disconnects in his plan, including thinking that the U.S. President — who is a mere puppet for the corrupt powers that be — would do the right thing in this regard (e.g. disclosure). Barak Obama is no JFK, who was killed trying to bring certain pieces of information to the public and making certain changes to the banking system of the country (e.g. getting back to the gold standard). [Google] If anything, Obama is a Trojan Horse, Benedict Arnold — a convinced communist who is using the office to upend the freedoms vouchsafed by the Constitution. According to Andrew D. Basiago and Greg Hunter, who appeared on Coast to Coast onNovember 10, Obama not only knows about these black-op projects but has been one of its participants.

After writing the above story, then finally listening to the rest of Novel’s interview with Knapp on Coast to Coast, I must say that while some of Novel’s intentions seem to be in line with most of us, some of his modus operandi and the company he keeps and the people he considers the good guys is a bit creepy. He told Knapp that the CIA is one of the best organizations around. In my assessment, the CIA is about as filthy as the KGB. They were behind 911, the underwear bomber, and other false flag operations. I don’t see anything good about them whatsoever.

Email Bombs to Coast to Coast

Speaking of Coast to Coast, let me remind you that tomorrow and Thursday we’re doing two email bombs. Rather than have you all sporadically send emails to Coast to Coast (and Infowars) at your own leisure, urging them to wake up to the coming flood of free energy technology developments and opportunities, and to have guests on (such as myself) to talk about these developments; we have chosen a couple of dates and times for everyone to send them emails at the same time, so they “get the message” loud and clear.

1) Monday, November 21, 9:11 am Mountain (15:11 GMT).

2) Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 24, 9:11 am Mountain (15:11 GMT).

Even if only 5-10 of you did that, I would think that any email screener would take notice, don’t you? What if 100 of you did it! We typically get 1000 – 5000 readers on a story we publish, so I wouldn’t say that is unlikely.

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This story is continued at BeforeItsNews.

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