Integrating Light Codes & Preparing for the Further 2011 Gateways & Activations

The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray via Jill Renee Feeler

Greetings and blessings. We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray sharing wisdom and perspectives on the very unique time phase you are experiencing. Our energetic translator is one of us, choosing to serve her role from within the bodysuit at these magical cycles of time on your planet.

Since the 11.11.11 portal activation, many of you have been on a roller coaster of energetic fluctuations, our partner included.  When you are ushering new energetic frequencies onto the Earth planes, materializing more of your home frequencies into your Earthly home, this process is unstable for a period of time.  This is not unusual.  Many of you can recall other surges of higher light around other key gateway activations (Dec. 22, 2010, Mar. 9, 2011. June 21, 2011, Oct, 28, 2011, to name a few).  In each of these instances many of you can recall feeling unprecedented levels of light and love in your energy fields followed for many of you by some often surprising dips in vibration.

You are anchoring these higher energies.  This is a process of embracing new highs, allowing the subsequent dips if they come about and following the flows when the waves crest up again and then you find yourselves at a higher steady state as a result.  This unstable part is natural to the integration of higher light frequencies into your physical realities.

As you have these dips we offer the following approaches, which our partner has come to appreciate as her own protocol 1) trust they are temporary, 2) allow them to be 3) avoid analysis and not entertain how and why type questions which give the dip more momentum than is necessary, 4) allow the universe to show you all the Love and Joy around you, assisting you out of the dip like a loving and capable outstretched hand when the flow is there to support it, 5) experience your Self by interacting as much as possible with others of similar or higher energetic resonance.

Additionally, 6) allow these dips to show you further areas for clearing.  Very much like a brighter light in a room ready for re-decorating, you can more clearly see what in your energy fields is no longer resonant with your higher levels of light.  These amplified lower frequencies you feel make the remnant programs more clearly visible, asking to be faced, ready to be released from your energy fields, like a caged bird ready to be set free.  The lows are an opportunity.  Facing and then detaching from these remnant programs is a valuable part of the process, helping you make more energetic space for the love and light that you Are, at your Divine Core.

A whole new You awaits with each phase of this process.  11.11.11 remains a gateway for each of you to further embody more and more of our God frequencies.  You asked for this gateway.  You helped design it.  And this is a Divine time for that integration, as the Design plans have another series of energetic surges of higher light on deck within a partial solar eclipse coupled with the New Moon on Nov. 25, a total lunar eclipse on Dec. 10, the December solstice on Dec. 22 along with the numerous spiritual celebrations in these last weeks of the calendar year among all of your major world religions.

Go with the flows being orchestrated for you by your Higher Self.  Embrace the moments in which the Universe is seemingly making love to You.  Also, alow the clearing that will continue to be offered.

Dips may not come to pass for you with these surges — please remember that everyone’s process is unique and highly dependent on the amount of alignment already obtained, or not, between your human experience and your Soul’s blueprint being offered.  Tension and pressure will persist in any areas where further alignment is being offered, and perhaps resisted.

You set this up.  It is your Higher Self and your dedicated spiritual support team assisting you in this alignment process, helping you experience the journey you volunteered for.  For all of you as volunteers, this includes the clearing of embodied programs and the simultaneous integration of your God frequencies to the best of your ability, restoring the natural Sovereignty to the human race and to the planetary record of Gaia.

Small task?  No.  This is The Great Shift, consequential enough to have a noticeable ripple effect throughout the Cosmos.  That is why You are here.  The Masters.  The Specialists.  Your Starseed families chose You as a representative, as an ambassador for your starseed lineage(s).  Others are embodied representatives of Councils, Federations, Oversee-ers and many, many other key roles you know from the Higher Realms.

The Ground Crew is present and You are a key player in the carrying out of these Design Plans.  We know this because You are In the bodysuit.

Can you feel it, how this resonates with-In your Soul, like a memory from Home, an activation of recall and recognition for your purpose and value as an infinite Soul who volunteered to assist in this Great Shift, by your participating, by your embodying your home frequencies within your carefully chosen human bodysuit?  Remember?  Re-member.

Welcome.  We are so glad you are present.  Now…it’s time to be You.

With love and infinite blessings,
The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray shared through Jill Renee Feeler

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