Cosmic Awareness: On the Andromeda Council and Their Actions

Rayelan: Okay, I’ve got one more question here about the Andromedan counsel.  Do you know the Andromedan counsel?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness is aware of the Andromedan counsel.

Rayelan: Now I don’t know anything about the Andromedans. I’m a Sirian. Are they the good guys or are they the bad guys?

Cosmic Awareness: That the Andromedans are part of that which is the Galactic Federation.  However, there is seen by this Awareness a group that is using Andromedans as a means to convey certain information that is not in alignment with the Galactic Federation. Therefore, one must be very careful indeed in simply accepting the Andromedan counsel information, or for that matter, any group that presents itself singularly instead of the combined counsel of the Galactic Federation beings.

That this particular communication is seen to have elements of disinformation contained within, of certain beings who would detract from that which is the true Galactic Federation purpose and intent. One must always question information coming from any source, even as this Awareness has so often said to Its members, this source, this Awareness itself.  One must always take the information presented and ask questions, dig deeper, be open to other sources confirming what was heard or perceived. When other sources come together to confirm and when one has achieved that inner enlightenment and awareness that is the “aha” moment, then information that is presented, even if it is presented by those who would misinform, can be valid and used accordingly.

That the Andromedan counsel does provide certain information based on the truth that can be useful, as but the hook here is to hook one with the truth and then remove that truth slowly, putting in the lies instead, wrapping the individual in a web of lies and deceit, but that those who have fallen think it is still the truth. It is for this reason this Awareness would warn one and all against blindly, simply accepting the information provided by the Andromedan counsel or any other counsel or being, and that they must always ask questions. Is this clear?

Rayelan: Yes it is. Now I have more questions about the Andromedan counsel. A human representative for the Andromedan counsel says that they, the Andromedans, destroyed underground bases in the United States and an undersea base in the Gulf of Aden. Is this true?

Cosmic Awareness: It is true that there was a destruction of certain underground facilities. What this Awareness does not see as completely accurate or true is that it was only the Andromedans who did this. This is part of the misinformation where certain truth is taken, presented and hooked into but the lie being that it was the Andromedans who did this. They were part of the Galactic Federation effort in this matter.  That those who claim to be the Andromedan counsel are not the Galactic Federation Andromedans but rather others who are misleading, misdirecting. This Awareness would even say they are in truth part of the Orion/Reptilian faction using the Andromedans and their good name to elicit a belief that they are the ones in charge so that this can be used at a later date and misdirected. Is this clear?”

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