The White Hats: Obamas Are Delivered a Blow, Bush Senior’s Cabal is Next


By the White Hats

Obama continues to travel giving speeches planning for his next election.  He still has not consented and allowed any of the payments to patriotic Americans, which will get this country and the world economies back on track.

The Obamas on Wednesday, November 9th, 2011, were hand delivered the document below by high level government officials.   It contains an IRS Report regarding the misappropriated funds.   We want all readers to specifically note that per investigation and the document below, a large amount of funds were transferred to the Royal Bank of Canada into an account of Michelle Obama.   In addition to the information the White Hats have previously reported and this document, we can further confirm that since November 9th, The Obamas have already illegally moved funds again out of these accounts.

We anticipate that Geithner will simply bury this legally filed report in a drawer.  What will Obama and Michelle say when the account history of these funds is distributed to the White House staff, Congress, world leaders, our global readers and delivered into other legal authorities?  The filing of this report alone to the IRS, if properly addressed, should sink him.

While we are musing over The Obamas, let us further entertain what the Bush family will think when someone begins to push to destroy the George H.W. Bush legacy over his own ill-gotten funds.  These funds exceed 350 Billion Dollars deposited in various banks throughout the world, and the history of these funds is being prepared for distribution to legal authorities and for reporting to the world.

Senior’s state of mind may not let him fully understand, but now that his wife Barbara and son Jeb are taking over, how will they react to the fact that the Bush family legacy is destroyed as they suffer and pay for the actions of the father?   How will they feel when the Bush name is removed from public places, airports, etc?

More to come…

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  1. I looked at the attached document and it’s pretty obvious this is an amateurish hoax. Even though Steve Bekow claims Obama is a closet light worker who is just waiting to pleasantly surprise us all in his role as our savior, I think Obama is a tool and stooge of the old world order. But articles like this post don’t just don’t pass the credibility test.

    • Phoenix,

      I agree anyone could have made it, but this is not the first document they have posted. In fact if they didn’t have over 30 posts on this subject stretching back over the past year or more, I would have discounted it, but my intuition tells me these guys are to be watched and given the benefit of the doubt until they are either dis-proven or their intentions manifest.

      Be Well


  2. Thanks, will have to do some more reading on their site. Kind of tired of the news today. Between the up and down of the stock market, EU news getting worse, and the political impotence in the US, I need a break. Honestly I just wish the whole house of cards would collapse already so we can get it over with. We all know it’s inevitable. This waiting for the other shoe to drop is getting really old! A bright spot this week…I watched the “Thrive” movie online. Very inspiring if you have a chance to watch it.

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