Pleiadian High Consuls: Love and Sexuality

Dear Hearts, we are at a time in your evolution where you have to see and create not just from the physical understanding of how you perceive,
yet perception is the contradiction of your creation. Who do you love? how do you love? Why do you love? Where do you love? When do you love?
Does your love have limits of illusions of separation from your manifested creation or are you creating in harmony with all of Humanities collective consciousness?

The alarm has been rang, the higher realms are awaiting your union with you beautiful children of light.
All of you are angels from the higher realms manifested into physicality.
Open your eyes, feel the new rhythm of your collective hearts for humanity is dancing a sacred dance out of illusion.
You are not separate from your experiences thus your opportunity in the now moment with the collective conscious.

It is up to you in which reality to choose as the source of your creation. Should you choose from the root chakra,
where majority of your experience will be in the misbehaviors of the human sexuality? this is why pornography no longer serves humanity for its all expression of the root chakra,
your survival animal instinct. You as a species have evolve past that.

The new light that is expanding upon the inner surface of the earth is and can be experience in the full if you are creating from your higher chakras,
for these chakras are gate ways to higher frequency dimensions of light and love.
We understand humanity has created a lustful behavior for the human sexuality,
and after eons of not being educated on the beauty and understanding of the Truth in the human sexuality has created a society that is unaware of the true nature of the its sexuality and what it’s capable of.

Yes! the greatest transmutation of love energy is through the exchanging of sexual energy, but do you see how you’ve abused the very essence in which was created for liberation?
Humanity has to look at the way human sexuality is perform now and ask does it serve to educate your up coming generations of how the human sexuality should be experienced in the ways it’s display and is this the higher expression of love through sex to one another?

Until the human being learns to create from their higher energy centers its the only way harmony and balance will be brought in the full understanding of love and sexual energy transmutation.
This will allow humanity to put into action the greatest power of creation “instant manifestation” by channeling their sexual energy for a higher creation. This does not mean you should have less of sexual pleasures, we encourage you to express and experience as often as possible.
We’re simply suggesting you should create these experiences with respect and dignity of the human body also pleasurable for the soul,
transmute the energy to a higher frequency, a higher thought, higher experience.
Each experience should be in aw and gaze at with beauty and perfection such as you admire at dawn in a breath taken Sun rise.

The gates/energy portals are now wide open, it is your use of them that will create your next reality experience of the human experience in the oneness of all that is.
A new day is upon us all for we ourselves of the higher frequency are also learning.
Like we’ve mention through previous channels, the universe is infinite, there is always more to learn and experience and our compass that guides us on these adventures is Unconditional Love from Creator Source.

We are the Pleiadian High Consuls, welcoming you into your new reality with Love and Truth. Take our words and process it through the heart.
Things are speeding up faster than you can imagine and also remember to detach from the concepts of times and dates for our reunion could be sooner than expected, open your hearts and love like your life depends on it because it does.

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