Andromedans: Connect With Gaia as She Shifts Into Higher Realms

Andromedans via Ute

We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Dearest earth humans,

We have a very important message for you at this special and outstanding time in your experience of your earth’s evolution and ascension process.
Today we can confirm that Gaia is indeed on her way to the fourth dimension, and this is happening to her very body!

Wondrous things are occurring on your world, but many of you are not aware of it. If so,  you are holding firmly onto your 3dimensional perception.

But in reality Gaia is now shifting and moving – slowly though – into her new freedom. She is on her way to fulfill ancient prophecies now, and heaven has given Her all the Blessings to experience this most joyful event, which also many of you are experiencing now in their own bodies.

Dear Ones, we recommend that you from now on avoid as much as you can the cities where harmful and toxic radiation is preventing your direct experience of higher  dimensional realities because of its very low frequencies, which can distort your ability to receive harmonious and Divine vibrations, and which are often mixed with messages with the intention to prevent your consciousness to awaken in light.

Seek as often as you can the undisturbed environment of Nature, to restore your energy system, and feel the actuality of your Mother Earth’s shifting.

We also recommend that you – if possible – stay on 11.11.11 in a natural environment, in a calm and secluded place, to take the greatest advantage of the magnificent and powerful waves of energy and light which are being activated on your planet on this day. We are sure that each one of you has chosen already such a place where you love to retreat, and find or restore your inner peace, disturbed by the hectic rush of your daily life.

To connect with a pure environment on your planet, allows you to connect easier with Gaia’s Spirit, and while you connect with Her Spirit, you also will be able to connect with her shifting density.

Your Mother Earth knows each single one of you, but most have never noticed this, or have not connected themselves with Her or even built a relationship with Her. Dearest ones, in these times of great changes, it is important that you do this now! Your ascension occurs in union with Her, so how could you ascend if not closely connected with Her Spirit and Her body.
The evolutionary process is not only about the awakening of your consciousness, but also about a fundamental change of your physicality, which is one with your Earth Mother.

If you can overcome your doubt that you can communicate with Her, by firmly assuming the truth of it, by calling Her and expecting Her answer, – She WILL answer back to you! Connect with Her in your heart, connect with Her by allowing your body to be grounded deeply into Her. And She will respond and has many ways to do this. So let yourself be surprised as She knows what your heart loves! She is waiting so very much for each single one of you to make this connection!

Now you might be wondering why we, the Light Beings from your sister Galaxy, Andromeda, would remind you of these important things.

You must know that we maintain a very close relationship with Gaia, and therefore we see what She needs: the connection with Her humanity which She desires to be fully activated by your communion with Her. So that you can be  aware about Her movements, and thereby move together with Her. Not knowing Her movements and not being in synchronicity with them, is to a certain degree an impediment in the freely progressing ascension process, in which She, in Her unconditional love for you all, desires you to participate to the fullest.

Furthermore, if you unite with Her, you will help to push for the shift in a more comprehensive way, whereby She is able to take from the beginning more members of the human family directly with Her, which allows to set free more and powerful energy, necessary for the ascension process.

If you cannot spend time in Nature, then wherever you are, you can still connect with Her, by grounding yourself and uniting with Her in your heart. But this requires that you have already developed your spiritual sensitivity. Whereas being in Her Nature you have enormous help from the Nature Spirits, to develop this sensitivity and your communion with Gaia.

When you are in Her beautiful Nature, always speak to Her and expect Her response, always assume that She Is Alive and Loves you, more than you can imagine!

This is the time now, where you all must work together, as one great Unity in consciousness, in love and in the greater reception of Divine Light into the Body of Humanity. We are certainly assisting you all in this process of awakening and the enfolding of your heart into the Greatness of Divinity.

Be Blessed, Beloveds! We shower from our Realms of Light eternal Love and Divine Light upon you and your Earth Mother!

Be at Peace, and Be Joy.
We Are the Beings of Light, from the Andromeda Galaxy.

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