You Must Use Discernment When Reading About Ascension

Beings From Beyond and Before time via Karen Doonan

Beloved brothers and sisters we come to communicate with YOU at this time to reassure YOU that all is perfect. The unfolding of the new will continue and many will now move into the next phase of the awakening of human consciousness. We note that many are now awaking at ever deeper levels and this is set to continue. As the energies that flood across the planet sweep away and dissolve the old dense energies many will be able to look upon the planet with fresh eyes.

It is vital that during this deeper awakening in human consciousness that YOU process ALL information via the heart. Soon it will be impossible for YOU to work from mind centred life experience and we wish to prepare ALL to move to the heart. For in the heart YOU will find the map of TRUTH, the reason that YOU have incarnated at this time on this planet and the road out of illusion. Many cling on to the concept of “thinking” with the mind and we guide ALL to detach from this. The mind was used by illusion to control and contain and many of the old “programmes” are still running within YOUr very BEing.

We note that many humans are trying to “think” their way through the ascension process and this will lead to further and further frustration as they look for “clues” that can only be found within, for each human BEing arrived on this planet seeded with their own keys. These keys are not to be found in books or in writings for they are the keys that YOU seeded within the human life experience in order for YOU to awaken. Only YOU know where these keys are and only YOU can recognise them when YOU find them. Do you understand our words dear ones? Do you understand our analogy?

Many humans placed these keys in the form of other humans and we guide that many keys will now move into place to unlock the next level of consciousness for the human race. Illusion used the power of words to contain and suppress and encouraged the handing over of the self in order to receive these words and we guide ALL to detach from this way of BEing. We watch as the children of the earth are bundled off to schools which then spend years containing and suppressing who they are. We guide for ALL to be aware of this and aware of the suppression of the self. How can YOU be who YOU came here to BE if YOU are not allowed a voice? We guide ALL to detach from this way of BEing and listen for all around YOU have a voice, do you hear them?

The power of sound is immense and more will come to the fore in relation to human health and sound. This information was used against YOU by illusion who sought to dampen YOUr hearing and YOUr health through the use of sound. We guide strongly for those who can hear to hold the space for those who struggle to hear. Sound is a key for many and this will blossom in due course.

We wish to guide on the information disseminated in the form of Ascension and all that it entails and we guide strongly for ALL to be discerning in what is digested. As the old energies give way to the new energies this does not mean that illusion will dissolve completely. Such is the structure of the universe that those who are not awake and those who will never awaken hold on to the remnants of illusion and can still project illusion around them. This is part of the process and one that ALL should be aware of. Aeons of illusion and its teaching will not be wiped out overnight and we guide ALL to be aware of this. Illusion WILL teach from within ascension for it is deeply entrenched in parts of the human psyche.

We guide ALL to process our words from the heart and to listen for the resonance. This human life journey is not one path dear ones and this was a teaching of illusion to foster the notion of “same”. We have guided many times on “same” and the TRUTH that it cannot exist. Many humans band together in numbers and work to build their TRUTH only to findthat this model no longer is supported under the new. Each one of YOU is unique and individual, YOU are all aspects of ONE, therefore it cannot be that each of YOU has the same thoughts and feelings as the next human. This was a teaching from within illusion in order to contain and control and we guide ALL to detach from this.

Many humans are finding that the sensation of feeling “lost” is uppermost in their BEing at this time and we guide ALL to simply allow it to go. The old energies rooted dear ones, whilst that may sound fine it was an attempt to suppress and contain, for while YOU root or are rooted YOU are unable to move freely. We have guided that the universe is not as the human race are able to view it in TRUTH and we note that many are now wrestling with the concept of multidimensional. Can you see dear ones that if YOU are rooted in this dimension YOU are contained and suppressed? Do YOU see how the natural state of the human BEing is a multi dimensional BEing and the rooting has to be undone?

Many are not able to process the feelings that arise from this process and are clinging on to that which seems “familiar”, dear ones this will ensure the process takes longer as the rooting has to be undone. YOU cannot step fully into the power that YOU are if you are rooted to one dimension. Many are now able to hear the guidance of the realms around them and able to move into the faith and trust needed to uproot and to BE. To BE is the natural state of a human BEing dear ones but we acknowledge the teachings of illusion are strong around this.

Many are still falling to roles and responsibilities blindly and we guide ALL to be aware of this. How can YOU create the dream dear ones if YOU are trapped in a teaching of illusion that states that dream is not accessible? Do you understand our analogy dear ones? For many are clinging on to the roles that we assigned to them under the teachings of illusion and the old energies. YOU ARE FREE dear ones yet we cannot embrace that freedom for YOU. We can guide and we can support but we cannot make YOU dissolve that which was placed around YOUr ankles and wrists by illusion.

We note that many still rush from one moment to another believing that nothing has changed and we guide ALL to FEEL. Whilst the outside world looks similar it is vastly different but this can only be FELT. We guide once more around the teachings of illusion with regard to ascension and how this has drawn many from TRUTH. To expect a different world overnight is to fall into illusion for YOU dream the dream that creates that world. Until the human race can move their vibration high enough for the majority to dream the dream of the new then the old will dissolve at a slower pace. Do you understand our words dear ones?

We do not create the new for YOU that is down to YOU as a collective race, do you understand our words? Much is written about new worlds and new ways of BEing that require the intervention of another race and we guide ALL to detach from this. YOU have the power dear ones, for it is YOUr dream that has created the world YOU live in. Illusion taught YOU how to dream the dream of a nightmare and now we guide YOU how to dissolve it but it was dreamed by YOU. This is a vital concept that many will trigger and many will struggle with for many are disconnected to the responsibility that ALL share. We do not stand in judgement of the human race for that is not our role. We merely highlight that anything that has happened across the planet was not “done to YOU” it was dreamed by YOU. The dreams were tempered with the teachings of illusion and we guide ALL to have compassion and pour love through their very BEing.

It is not possible to be aware of illusion when YOU are asleep and for aeons the human race has slept soundly. Do you understand our analogy dear ones? Do you see how

illusion took YOUr dreamtime and used it to control and contain? Do you understand the importance of discerning the information that YOU anchor into YOUr BEing? Do you understand the need to allow the old to dissolve?

If YOU try to create the new dream without stepping out of the old energies then YOU will recreate what has gone before. Remember dear ones that dreaming is powerful for YOU simply cannot create without the dream preceding the creation. We guide ALL to be aware of behaviours and of reactions that come from illusion and where they are found weed them out for they are deep within and may seep into the dream YOU dream.

We are the beings from beyond and before time and we watch as many now awaken to the new and can FEEL the new. The power within each one of YOU is immense yet many have barely scratched the surface. As the new unfolds we guide that more will be revealed, the human race is now marching home and we welcome each one of YOU. We have waited aeons to communicate once more with YOU.

The speed of the unfolding of the new is increasing dear ones and we guide ALL to be aware of this. It is vital that the human energy system is kept clear and protected as times of major energy fluxes across the planet. For those who are on a different level of awareness will be able to access the next level. We wish to guide on levels and we guide that there is no hierarchy there are merely levels of awakening. As YOU move through the layers of illusion YOU unveil deeper and deeper levels of TRUTH to YOU. This is not a race dear ones and illusion has taught at length around hierarchy and the need to reach the top of the ascension tree, we guide ALL to detach from this. There is no hierarchy and there is no top of the tree. Ascension as a process is ongoing and is not limited nor contained, this is a concept that will continue to be wrestled with by many as they move through the layers but one that many will absorb.

Illusion has taught of the date in the “future” that all aspire to yet has left out the details beyond this. We guide ALL to be aware of the illusion of time. Whilst YOU strive for an event in the “future” YOU are not fully present in the now. We guide that many will fall back into illusion when the dates pass and that which they have been taught does not happen. This is the teaching of illusion under the guise of love dear ones and we guide ALL to be aware of and process with the heart.

No one has gone in human form where the human race venture yet many stand to proclaim that they have the one way to reach there. We guide ALL to detach from this teaching. How can a race who has not awakened to its full potential have those within that race who have the knowledge? Do you understand the need to be in control and can YOU see how this is borne out of the illusion of “same”?

What is known about the human race and what is known about the ascension process will unfold in due course but it is not “same “ dear ones for that is illusion. Many will be amazed by how the process unfolds and many will fall into the lower energies of disappointment when they realise that much of what was foretold was merely another teaching to keep them contained and suppressed. There are NO rules dear ones, any that are taught on the planet are for containment of self. We cannot guide strongly enough to step out of that which YOU think YOU know to make way for that which YOU know. This is not a learning process so much as a remembering process dear ones. Each one of YOU came here to remember yet many stand and wait for all to be handed to them. How can the universe promise YOU the utopia that YOU await when YOU have had no input into the dream or the creation of said utopia?

Many are now moving into the space that allows them to find self and we guide that this is the start of the reclamation of the power that is YOU. YOU are not here to follow dear ones, YOU are here to experience and to create. Do not defer to those around YOU for they are not YOU and they do not have the memories that YOU have. Do you understand our analogy dear ones?

We are the BEings from beyond and before time and we come to support all at this time. We guide but we cannot do the work for YOU dear ones. Take the reigns of the human life experience back and begin to dream for to dream is to create. We will guide more in due course, this is an amazing process dear ones; do not be afraid of it, for YOU have awakened for a reason. ALL ARE ONE.

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