Archangel Gabriel: The Empowerment of Love

Archangel Gabriel via Marlene Sweltishoff

November 3, 2011

Beloved Ones,

I would like to have discourse with you on the quality of Love called empowerment. This quality brings out the higher inner qualities of another Being by the act of encouragement and support, by reminding them that they are strong and powerful in their own right and that there is more to them than they can remember in the current moment. This quality is most appreciated by those who have felt beaten by life’s challenges and mysteries and when another empowers them by reminding them of their Divinity and their innate goodness and wisdom, a flow of positive, healing and uplifting energy begins to flow within them.

This quality is a very effective and powerful way to bring healing to trying situations in times of the opposing forces that are in play within individuals. By a few well chosen words of loving inspiration, a smile and gentle touch, one can lift the heart and spirit of another at a time when they are finding the way before them difficult and confusing. Words of loving kindness can make a heart that has been sorely tried take flight on wings of happiness and confidence. The quality called empowerment has a way of going forward to work its magic upon all Beings as they are each touched by its magical power.

A Being can also empower themselves through times of great challenge and growth by believing in their higher attributes and reinforcing this belief through affirmations in a persistent and consistent manner. This then builds a bridge to the higher attributes of the individual and more empowering moments of grace and synchronicity begin to take root within them and the Universe responds to these repeated words by bringing forth an abundant and never ending flow of what they were dwelling upon. Such is the power of uplifting and inspirational thought patterns and practiced long enough and often enough brings to the practitioner all they have ever dreamt was possible.

There is also a great deal of empowering energy that flows into a Being from their Higher Self. In fact, the Higher Self is constantly empowering their Human counterpart to walk a path of clarity and purpose so that the unfolding of the Divine Plan for the One manifesting on Earth is fulfilled in Divine timing. There is always a Plan in place for each Soul who walks the Earth in a Human body. By listening to the voice within, much progress will take place within the growth and experience of the individual. As the empowerment and Love energy flows from on high, a feeling of the rightness of One’s life is known and experienced as fulfillment. This is known as being in the flow.

On an even higher level, the Cosmic energies that flow down into the atmosphere of Earth are also energies of empowerment. These energies come from Source who loves unconditionally all of Its creation which Source sees as an extension of Itself, and so the cycle continues. Through the empowerment of others around you, a change takes place in the hearts of those so empowered and they in turn want to perpetuate that wonderful quality within themselves and spread it outwards in all directions to the World around them by gracing others with this same quality of Love called empowerment.

I leave you now to ponder on these words as you seek enlightenment and empowerment in these exciting times. You are loved beyond measure.

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