SaLuSa: NESARA, Disclosure and Mother Earth

Healers Journal Note: While Laura Tyco is usually an excellent channel, I believe this message to be contradictory to the current wisdom and foresight being espoused by Archangels, Ascended Masters, and various other extraterrestrial sources.  It does not have the usual ‘SaLuSa tone’, nor is it very uplifting.  Frankly, this channel [SaLuSa] has been constantly espousing the nearness of changes and then today decides to pull an almost complete about face.  It is this kind of inconsistency and ‘hopium’ (as others have referred to it) that keeps people skeptical of the coming changes and ultimately detracts from the ability of those who follow the said messages to maintain a positive, hopeful vibration.  Although I am a firm believer in the aforementioned events and processes, these types of messages test my patience to no end and I am beginning to get quite frustrated with certain channels.  Unless their predictions (which have been going on for upwards of nearly a half decade or more in some cases) begin to show significant signs of happening, I for one will be covering them less and less as I simply cannot in good conscious continue to be a conduit to stringing people along.  As always, I will use my personal intuition in such matters, but do know that I understand your sentiment and share it in many respects.  I read and acknowledge all your comments.
Be Well,


SaLuSa via Laura Tyco

Laura: Good afternoon SaLuSa. One of our readers was asking about NESARA, she is wondering when is it planned to go ahead?

SaLuSa: Of course, regarding the reforms in your financial system, we have with many other Ascended Masters planned how the changes could be done. However the implementation, the final details and arrangements will have to be performed by the Earth Allies. We can only suggest solutions, but ultimately, it is down to Earth Humans to make way for the NESARA reforms. They are met, as you can imagine with great opposition and attacks on them and their loved ones. We need to work with them at all times to ensure for their safety.
Our words are often misinterpreted as word set in stone, however our only wish is to give you an update on possible outcomes evaluation. As you know, plans change, so please do not wait or depend on NESARA and put your life in expectation of a date for these matters. Therefore, continue to provide for your family, and do not depend on our projections. We anticipate from the current position that NESARA will come into action throughout 2012. There is nothing that indicates any outcome concerning NESARA for 2011.
Laura: Thank you SaLuSa and thank you for explaining the date issues. Another reader is asking concerning your last message. She says: “ ‘disclosure,’ which is what he’s actually talking about in his first paragraph, I related to the 11.11.11. date, and ascension/leaving duality for 21.12.12…”
SaLuSa: Thank you for this question. We have stated previously a deadline for Disclosure. This deadline comes from the Higher Spiritual Hierarchy, and relates to 11.11.11. However passed this date, it is up to us to increase the pressure on governments to disclose the existence of extraterrestrial life. This can only be done from our perspective by increasing the decloaking of our ships. We can not disclose ourselves to you, this has to come from your governments.
Ultimately, if no action is taken by your Earth governments, we will have to force the issue one way or another. However this is not the preferred route. Our massive decloaking for sustained or permanent time in our skies, without the introduction and the reassurance of your elected leaders, would cause extreme panic and fear among the general population. Our desire is to avoid such a thing. Also the dark ones have plans preventing us from doing that, and have sombre plans for us and for you should we attempt a massive decloaking.
This is the reason why we have been negotiating their departure from positions of power and from Earth for some of them as well. We now have authorisation from the spiritual hierarchy to remove dark cabal agents when necessary. This is also something we are not eager to do, as every soul is loved by Creator equally. The 21st December 2012 is somewhat relevant to Disclosure and very important for your Ascension. This is all we can divulge for now on this matter. We do hope and pray for your leaders to open up towards public acknowledgement of our existence. So we do encourage you to request of them to do this. They have much to worry about for now and fear losing their position, so Disclosure is not their top priority at this moment, unless you keep pressure on them to do so. Much is in your hands dear ones.
Laura: Thank you SaLuSa. You also have a message from Mother Earth for us today.
SaLuSa: Indeed I do. Mother Earth wishes to tell you that the energies incoming are very strong, and are affecting your emotional balance during this time. There is much instability and volatility on her surface for now, and much fear, anger, and violence. These energies are also having an effect on her. Your emotional unrest is reflected through her densities. The cosmic vibrational energies are very destabilizing for on a large scale. They affect the weather extremes, irregularities and tremors.
She wishes that things would return to more normal state quickly, but the scale of things is enormous, ramifications are intertwined. The cabal are also aware of her consciousness and are seeking to harm her in all possible way. They are covering up much of their activities on the surface of the planet and the press has no knowled of what is being caused by the cabal relentlessly. She is very sorry for these difficult times. She sends her love to you and asks that you inform yourself of the harm constantly done to beings on her planets, to yourselves, to wild life and to the environment.
Laura: Thank you for your message to both of you.
SaLuSa: We send our love to you dear ones. Remain focused and centred throughout the day, in all you do. Try to avoid all confrontation, as this is very harmful at this time. Simply walk away if you feel somebody is being unkind and unloving to you. We do not ask you to bottle up your own feelings, but by walking away from head on situations, you are making the best choice. Sit with yourself, and observe what feelings and memories emerge from within when you are in emotional difficulty. Listen to yourself, as when listening to a hurt child. Give your emotions the attentions they need, nurture them, acknowledge them, see them, love them and heal them.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and admire your courage in all your endeavours and challenges. You are brave souls, at a pivotal point in time. Changes are never easy to experience. We encourage that you give each other the love and care you all deserve, and first of all, give yourself the love you need.

Thank you
Laura Tyco

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