Hilarion: Expect Changes to Your Physical and Spiritual Selves

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff


October 30 – November 6, 2011

Beloved Ones,

Many changes are taking place within you during these times. Your cells are being changed to facilitate the transformation of your body into a less dense physical body. This will be a lengthy process well into the year of 2012 and even beyond. All depends upon the progression and readiness of each individual as they continue on their spiritual journey of experience on Earth. Some of you will be transformed fairly quickly and will be the Templates of example for those who come to this process at a later time.

Each of you have taken on the task of the transformation of your physical being on all levels, even though most of you do not really know what it will entail. Still, you have chosen Ascension in your physical body and so the changes within you continue to occur. During these times, the downloads of new energies continue to spiral through you, creating a greater frequency within you which in turn activates dormant RNA/DNA strands that sets into motion, profound change.

Know that you are always supported and assisted by your Family of Light. We monitor each one of you and make any adjustments that are necessary in order that your transformation can be made with greatest comfort, grace, ease and protection. Most of you have been making adjustments in your daily diets and have voluntarily given up many foods and substances that are not conducive to wholeness, vitality and health in your body elemental. Know that these choices are brought before you on the higher dimensions and all is explained to you so that the correct choices for the most graceful changes within take place in complete safety.

We work together in partnership and equality, for we are here to serve you during these times. We have been with you by our own choices to stay with the evolution on Earth and be of assistance in bringing the Earth and everyone and everything upon and within Her through the monumental transformation of the process of Ascension into higher dimensions of Being. It is our humble and greatest joy to be with you during these times and to watch with wonder and awe at the incredible progressive strides that Humanity has been making, most especially in the past six months.

Much that once was on the Earth is changing rapidly and all across the Planet the good people are making choices to take their stand for a better way of living, acting, doing and Being. Through peaceful means, there is an unspoken realization on the part of many that all they have to do is make their choice and persevere in their determination to create positive change for the benefit of all upon their Planet. This trend will continue into the year of 2012 and will create many benevolent changes in the quality of life of the citizens of your World.

Seen from our perspective, there is a definite movement forward towards the Light and all that is needed is being provided, meaning that always you are guided by your Higher Self to move in directions that are for your highest and best good. Your Higher Selves are very active at this time, preparing for greater assimilation with you as the change from one dimension to another takes place in the coming days. Trust that you are in the right place and that you are on your right Path, that all is well and everything is perfect, for it is so!

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

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