Arcturians: Unleash Your Freedom

Arcturians via Ute

Beloved earth humans, we are the Arcturians!

Today we come in great joy, because your future is to enfold in a most auspicious way. What you have not been told by your leaders yet, is the fact that Gaia has never been meant to be a planet restricted in the abundance of all her treasures. They rather indoctrinated you with the myth of scarcity, so that you, in truth infinite beings, started to think of yourself being a finite personality, engaging in a mindset that has been revolving around ideas such as “saving”, “pinching and scraping”, “not enough”, and putting your attention altogether on images of shortage, blockage, lack and all these darkening experiences, holding your breath. Whereas light radiates without boundaries. They created this for you – but as you know, not for themselves – to make sure that your own energy system started to stop flowing freely. Because your thoughts are creating your experiences, as energy follows every thought.

You cannot create an environment which is in its energy signature different from your own energy field. So when you experience blockage of your environment’s energy field, your own energy field is blocked too. This is the natural working of the law, that inside reflects outside, and outside reflects inside.

Your leaders knew this very well and they were very good in the science of manipulation, to which you have surrendered yourself for millenniums. You see the proof of it quite obvious in your world.

We have taken this example to remind you, that now the time has come, where you must change your inside to change your outside. You must change and accept that you are spiritual beings, through and  through, so that you can grow into your new world which will appear before you in short time. We say this because it serves you to prepare yourself for your new world, so that you can shift smoothly into it, without being overwhelmed or feeling confused.

How do you experience yourself as a spiritual being? As always, the  heart is the answer! It always starts from there! And not from your lower mind which is only able to describe objects of the lower dimensions. Yes, there is also a  higher mind, which is necessary to navigate through the realms of your existence, to understand them, to be able to use discrimination, to access and understand the subtle and higher worlds, and consciously differentiate levels and qualities of frequencies, to begin with. But the heart is the abode of feeling, and true spirituality is a matter of feeling. The Divine cannot be “thought” or “experienced” by thinking it out, the Divine can only be felt. And it is Love. And it is Bliss.

To engage your heart, you must be able to control your mind. But not by suppressing your thoughts, but by observing them. At the same time we advise to use and strengthen your heart-feeling by intentionally serving others, as an expression of love, by exercising compassion, by acceptancy, but in the first place by loving yourself. These actions will greatly help you to find peace and when you are at peace you will find that it is a feeling in your heart.

This is the moment when you will feel that there are no boundaries, no limitations, that there is only abundance. Spirit Is Abundance. Your whole universe is an expression of such abundance. Why should your planet as a spiritual being,  express Herself other than that? Therefore, your Beloved Gaia will soon, freed from the fetter of your selfish leaders, return to her original free flow of abundance and wealth on all her levels and in all her kingdoms and realms. This is so because your hearts, but truly One Heart with Her, is allowing no longer to be in chains.

Dear earth humans, to experience this, unleash the inherent freedom of your heart, your spirit, already now to enjoy the truth of this world in it’s original free radiance. It is already there as there is no time. Live in the new world already now and help yourself to be free.

We bless you!
We are the Arcturians

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