Wanderer of the Skies: The Truth is Gaining a Wider Audience

October 25, 2011


Greetings from the Federation:

We return with more news for you in these waning days to Disclosure. Already there is a great movement about your earth in all aspects of the Ascension process. More and more individuals are waking up.

Some are still a little “drowsy” and only see the beginnings of the truth. Others, who are now shaking off the last remnants of sleep, see more clearly exactly what has gone on in their lives through the forces that are quickly surrendering to the Light. Ascension will take you to incredible heights and you will finally become the great and powerful spiritual beings you were meant to be.

Notice how your thoughts have now moved from doubt about our very existence to concentration on the many aspects of this movement already underway and about which we have informed you these long years. It is a sign that there is no longer any time to doubt. There is barely enough time to appreciate the enormity of what is transpiring around your globe right now. You have undertaken a great task and we are proud of your efforts to see it through to conclusion.

Shortly, your work, and these messages, will reach a much larger audience than even you thought possible at this stage of the game due to several factors that are presently being executed within your media and government channels. That will allow greater “traffic” to sites which promote an understanding of these messages and the way to Ascension. This includes mandatory “training” of insiders using materials on the internet from these sites.  Be prepared accordingly.

While we do not endorse any date, either for Disclosure or Ascension, any date you choose is only as good as your thought intentions in creating its reality. We stand prepared to move towards Disclosure according to the plans we have developed for a long time now.

You will again be amazed in the next coming weeks at the sheer number of our craft revealed to you in your skies. The complexity of the craft, their size and performance, will only get better as time progresses.

This is also a clear sign that what we are telling you is coming to pass. We are “ramping up” the Disclosure process because we must. It is an imperative now and we have no alternative to it.  However, we are quite pleased with your progress in your protests and demonstrations, which have given rise to a thought pattern of true change among you. Now that we have seen this develop on its own, we are given permission to proceed with our own plans in this respect.

Expect much in the next several weeks and you will not be disappointed. Disclosure is on your doorstep. When it knocks, welcome it with open arms for it ushers in a truly new paradigm for your existence.

There will shortly be further revelations from individuals of your Inner Earth who will come to you with much in the way of evidence necessary to prove the existence of your lost relations.  It will come in a myriad of formats, so watch carefully for these developments. Keep open to the possibilities that exist before you and you will find these coming days truly exciting and worthwhile.

Be at peace.

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