Pleiadians: Your Freedom From the Cabal is Imminent

Pleiadians via Greg Giles

A look forward to events sees humanity finally free from the shackles of tyrannical rule that has kept you locked into lives of slavery and servitude for thousands of years. Slavery has never been abolished. Mankind itself has been slaves to the ruling elite in one form or another for millennia. You are now to be truly freed from your lives that have been filled with toil and struggle. Greener pastures we wish for you, our family, and it is just this that will now be yours. Do you not sense this incredible change sweeping over the horizon dear ones? Do you not feel the changing breeze that promises to set your world free for once and forever? You have so much to look forward to now as the dark rulers of your planet are being removed from power. We, the Galactic Federation, in cooperation with our Earth allies, are in the final stages of the removal of these dark forces and their many scattered minions. Arrests will be made, as there is no other way in some cases to silence the endless planning and scheming of certain individuals who stubbornly have refused to bow out gracefully. We are fully prepared and quite capable of such a task, and look forward to carrying out this operation that will see the last of the cabal’s holdouts incarcerated and relocated to secure areas where they can no longer be any threat to your safety and well being.
Through the many years of your incarnations, much has been thrown in your path to distract you and hamper your journey towards your natural right of ascension into a better and brighter reality. You let nothing stop you. You persevered through long years of hardship and loss, sadness and pain, but you never quit. If you had, you would surely not be where you are today, standing at the threshold of every dream and every wish you have ever had. Do you now see just how far you have come? More and more souls are awakening to this fact every day, and it will not be long now until a preponderance of your planet’s population is awakened to your new and once undreamed of possibilities. We are here to help you visualize these possibilities, for visualization is a very powerful tool in regards to manifestation of your chosen reality. Let no one distract you or stand in your way now as you are so very close to the unveiling of all that you have truly earned. Grace is at hand, and all past karmic debts are being satisfied as you are being prepared for your grandest adventure. Know in your hearts that are creating these glorious changes that your safety and well being is our top priority and we do everything we can to see that no harm comes to you. Certain aspects of personal and planetary karma must be permitted to play out, but always keep in mind that we use our advanced technologies and many years of experience to see to it that all threats either natural or otherwise are restrained considerably for your safety and well being. We wish you to know that the end is clearly in sight, and a new beginning that promises beauty, splendor, and surprise beyond your current imaginations awaits you, fully prepared for your greatly anticipated arrival. What a joy it will be for all of us to dance together in the light of blissful reunion. We are your family, and have always been a part of all your lives. There was a time when we walked together and shared meals together as one, united by something deeper than you may currently understand. You will soon remember this connection, and you will soon know what we mean when we say we are one, as indeed we are. So we have always been and always will be.
There are so many worlds who have come together in the name of peace and progress throughout this and even other galaxies, and your beautiful blue planet and all of you dear souls are a testament to this wonderful universal cooperation. You are indeed our children. You possess the bloodlines of many and great beings from many advanced civilizations throughout the cosmos. You, your children, and your children’s children to come will be known throughout space and throughout time for who they are, where they have come from, what they have been through and how incredibly far they have come. Your efforts to persevere, to preserve your families, your villages, your cities, countries, and even your entire civilizations has been looked upon by so many other planetary civilizations with awe, and whatever it is that ticks inside the hearts of the human race has been the subject of great examination and careful study by great minds for many millennia. This immutable spark of divine fortitude is unique to the human race, and will be forever preserved within you as you are soon christened the Galactic Human.
We are truly honored to call you our family, and we are so proud of each and every one of you. You will know this when we have cleared all paths that will enable us to safely walk amongst you again, our brothers and sisters. This moment is edging so close, and we are already making last minute preparations for this grand reunion. We will be with you again so very soon. Until then, you may help us facilitate these changes as we assist you. Keep spreading your messages of light most far and most wide, as the energies this creates fuels your new unimaginable reality. We will be with you soon.
We are your Star Family.

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