SaLuSa: The Dark Ones Are Clearly in Retreat

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey


The speed at which matters are moving ahead, means that almost on a daily basis there is progress being made towards changes that will be for the betterment of all people. It will take time to manifest but the foundation has now been firmly laid in place. All issues apart form First Contact draw nearer and that gives our allies every opportunity to push for an early outcome. With the expected big increase in levels of consciousness following 11.11.11, the stage will be set for the outworking of the final needs to achieve success. It can no longer be delayed and you shall be aware of its commencement.

The dark Ones are clearly in retreat, but do not go gracefully and would rather have their last attempts to create chaos. However, they will not have that pleasure as we are already aware of their plans. They are no longer entitled to the level of freewill that they have previously enjoyed. It is with joy that we intercede in their actions, and they know that their freedom is soon to be taken from them. Our allies with our help are gradually putting the dark Ones where they can no longer carry out the heinous acts. They are effectively being taken out of your society so that you may proceed unhindered with the work of the Light.

We note that more people than ever are becoming aware of Ascension, and are seriously investigating what it will mean to them. Fortunately there are so many of you that are sufficiently enlightened, that they do not have to go far to find their answers. The fact that there is more than one time line allows them to consider a number of possibilities, and that will enlarge their outlook and understanding. Given time the whole picture will become clear, as we are also involved in making sure you all have a good idea of what is ahead of you. Changes there must be, but in the nature of advancement and progress to place you on the path to Ascension, and beyond. It is all part of your planned evolution, and deep down you know this to be true.

The period you are in now is for some unreal, as they are new to the idea of such far reaching changes. It matters not of which beliefs you hold, as the outcome will be the same, and you will learn more about the Supreme Creator and the Gods. They have also been creators of all you see in your physical existence, and we talk of the beginning of your journey into the lower dimensions. As you are beginning to understand, there have been other Beings in more recent times who have also presented themselves as Gods. In your history they are known as the Annunaki of the planet Nibiru, and responsible for much of the information that is held and used by religious bodies. This is another area that we will clarify, and in so doing it will enable people to come together with common beliefs that reflect the truth.

You do not yet fully realize how much you have been kept in the dark over thousands of years. Your reality has been fabricated by the Illuminati, who have led you to believe that you are so much less than what you really are. Yet to your credit, you have awoken to the Light that has steadily increased to bring you back to the true reality. As you can imagine you have a busy year ahead when the benefits will far out weigh any inconvenience you may experience. At least you have been warned as to what to expect, if by chance you find that you are in areas that will be subject to physical changes.

With all that will be happening please remember that the higher reason is for your spiritual evolution, and learn from your experiences as you go along. After all, you are still following your life plan and may yet have lessons to learn. However, after so many lives in the cycle of Duality, it would not be surprising if you had all but completed them. Ask yourself if you are able to live and work in the Light at all times, and can you look at another soul and only see the best in them. Treating others as your equal and acknowledging the Oneness of All Life. If you can, have no fears as to whether have lifted up your level of consciousness, as it would be quite apparent that you have.

Finding your true self is most satisfying and enables you to live in the midst of the lower vibrations with ease and without being affected by them. Indeed, your very presence has the effect of transmuting such energies. You and thousands upon thousands like you, are giving of yourselves in service in this way. A kind word or just a smile can lift up another person for quite a long time. That is the power you carry often without realizing the potential you have for doing good.

The financial woes continue to look serious in Europe, and those charged with finding a solution are not optimistic that they can find one. At best they can only put off the inevitable collapse that will quickly pass from one country to another, and the to other parts of the world, The answer does of course involve total change to a new system that puts a stop to the misuse of your money, and also safeguards its value. That is all waiting to come out as and when the right opportunity presents itself, and not before. So all we can ask is that you keep the solution in your mind, so as not to be distracted by any other happenings leading up to it.

Dear Ones, we are pleased that after all of this time we can talk of how near events are to happening, that eventually will totally change your lives. Those who have followed the developments for many years, will of course be better prepared for what is about to happen. With Disclosure should come the freedom we seek to start working openly with you, and access to your media to broadcast the facts as to why we are here. May know already, but equally many have little idea as to what is about to change their lives so completely. We must initially be aware as to how well we are received, and be sure we have the majority of you accepting our help for you. Clearly we would much prefer to work openly than at a distance. In any event a lot that we will do will be directly from our craft, as we have no necessity to actually be upon the Earth.

I am SaLuSa form Sirius, and ready to do my part as a member of the Galactic Federation teams that are poised to commence their work. We shall do everything as an act of Love, for you our Brothers and Sisters.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. This website and its articles have given me a much more confident and hopeful view of the future. I spent a couple of years living in fear while sorting through the alternative media. I felt like I was getting caught up in the fear, hopelessness, and powerlessness that some alternative media sites can unwittingly (or maybe purposely) generate. The information on this site has helped shift my perspective away from fear and hopelessness, to one that validates what I felt intuitively to be true.

    I had been thinking that if there was a dark cabal intent on turning this world into a prison planet police state, then surely there had to be ‘good guys’ – bodhisattvas, enlightened beings, courageous humans – out there working behind the scenes to prevent this from happening. And after reading these wonderful articles, the pieces began to come together and make sense.

    That being said, it’s easy to feel frustration and doubt when things don’t materialize or change as quickly as I think they should, and I know there are countless others who feel the same way. Sometimes it seems as if the articles are just stating the same thing over and over – ‘everything is fine, all is going according to plan, the dark cabal is on the run’, etc. So I’ve again had to accept that there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we can’t be made aware of officially but we can feel going on intuitively. And when things finally come out in the open, it will be like a beautiful cascade of joy and relief. In the meantime I’ve had to practice joyful but patient anticipation and look for ways to express gratitude. The fact that the chem trails over my city have ceased; the fact that even though there is ongoing dark cabal rhetoric about starting a war with Iran, but no escalation in actions; that people are waking up and speaking up; that we are truly not alone! We all know that our current economic system is going to collapse and end, so no suprises at worsening economic data no matter how the fear propaganda mainstream media tries to spin it. And no worries, because when it does finally collapse, there will be something even better ready to go to take the place of the old. There will be a small bump in the road as we make the transition, but no living in a “Mad Max” post-zombie-apocalypse type world of ruin.

    In the meantime, I am doing all I can to be prepared in a ‘prepare for the worst, hope for the best’ practical way… from having a small supply of alterantives to paper fiat money, to having extra food and supplies. And not in a scary end-of-the-world prepper way.

    I also have my daily practices of meditation, prayer, and working on my old fear-based memes or vasanas – as Steve Beckow describes. Clearing out old baggage – emotionally and spiritually, and generating waves of loving kindness to all beings. Making room for new energy and light as the waves of ascension energy wash over our world.

    I sincerely wish for all reading this that they begin to recognize signs and indications of change, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. And to generate feelings of gratitude, compassion, fearlessness, and equinamity. Focus on those good things and propagate the wave outward to others.

    Please consider sharing your experiences on here by posting a comment to let others know what’s going on in your part of the world. Hopefully we can help each other let go of the fears, impatience, and doubts. OM MANI PEME HUM.

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