The Ascended Masters: Ascension Never Stops

The Ascended Masters via Wes Annac

Dearest ascending souls of Planet Earth, we are the Ascended Masters. We are but a small collective of the Infinite ascended souls present in the higher dimensions. We have spoken through the term ‘Masters’ because we, having ascended have overcome the low vibrations of duality and ‘mastered’ our own inner darkness as we grew and learned more and more. All of you who are ascending will gain the abilities of a Master, as when you ascend a Master is exactly what you will become. We understand that many of you may assume this term a simple label, but it is much more than that. To be a Master is to truly ascend past the lower vibrations, to take control of your body and spirit complexes and to overcome the darkness that prevails in the lower dimensions. True Mastery involves enacting disciplines, becoming the Light you wish to be graced with and standing up for the Light while saying ‘No!’ to the distractions and manipulations of the lower vibrations. To ascend is to do all of these things. So you see, the term ‘Master’ is not some term of endearment or a term based in ego, every soul who has ascended past the third and fourth dimensions can be seen as an Ascended Master.


In fact, we have souls whom are even more advanced than us, whom we look up to and can refer to as Masters. Your ascension never stops dear souls, and we are in fact also growing and learning every moment as you are. Like many of you on Earth, we have assumed the role of a teacher for those who do not understand all that we do, and we also embrace the role of a student, learning more and more and expanding our own perspectives. Every soul who has been a part of Earth’s ascension, be it those on the ground or us here in the higher realms, has learned so very much from this experience. We can say that the end of ascension cycles is usually much more peaceful, as on the majority of planets in this universe and in Creation, the Light is the dominating factor.


Many of you carry memories of peaceful ascensions on other worlds in past Lives, ascensions that ran quite smoothly and happened with little difficulty. Once a soul becomes aware of ascension and decides they wish to grow and learn more, their ascension processes cannot be stopped. All of you and every soul on any other world are blessed with an infinite amount of spiritual guides. Even those on peaceful planets who are ascending obtain much help, and in fact the help is usually able to be given in the open as on other, more peaceful worlds there is nothing to stop extraterrestrials and ascended souls from being with the souls who are ascending. We do in fact help all of you who are ascending on Earth, but due to the difficult situation on Earth we must be slightly veiled with our help. It can be seen as a good thing, as many of you on Earth can have problems with faith, with staying faithful and sure that a wonderful ascension back to the realms you know as Home is in fact underway. Faith is a very big part of your ascension, as what you feel and think is created in your virtual reality that is 3D Earth.


There are many souls on your world who are completely sure that there is nothing past their current Lives. Through biased science and unconscious acts of denial, many souls have convinced themselves that the dense reality they find themselves in is the only reality that exists, and once they pass on from that reality they cease to exist. Much has been proven and will continue to be proven through emerging science on your world that will once and for all put humanity’s fear of death to rest. However, those souls who stay in denial refuse to see this evidence for what it is, and instead use every excuse they can to discredit any theory that doesn’t agree with a certain mindset, the mindset they have infatuated themselves with. Our main concern in that avenue is the fact that you do indeed create through what and how you think and feel, and since so many are convinced that death is the end, once they do pass on it will be difficult for them to find consciousness. Some of them may for a while exist in a sort of void less ‘black’ after death, a black that they will perceive as nothingness. It is much the same place you all go to when you close your eyes, but only when the pineal gland is so calcified that you are not able to perceive the ‘sparkly’ energy when closing them.


As many do not believe they are actually in their own personal spiritual space when they close their eyes, as they close their eyes they see nothing but black nothingness. This nothingness is actually what can be referred to as void less Creation with the potential for being, and it is in these sacred spaces that you can create to your Heart’s desire. Just as those who believe closing their eyes takes them nowhere, those who believe nothing comes after death will experience this nothingness until they are able to create something. Some of you may think it would not be hard to create your surroundings after death, but if one’s mindset is set on death being the ultimate end, they will be somewhat comfortable in their dark space for a short time. Once they regain awareness, they will be able to harness their Creation powers and astral planes of Living that you all return to after death. The Law of Attraction is very powerful, and even after death you will create through what you expect.


We would like to take a few moments to congratulate dearly those who are standing up for themselves by protesting the unjust and unfair actions of the one percent, the ‘service to self’ souls on your world. We have organized the events that lead to the worldwide revolutions and protests in the heavenly realms, as every event that happens on Earth is first created in the higher astral planes of Earth, then sent to manifest in your reality. This is why we continue to remind you of your Creation powers, as even when you are imagining or thinking of something, you are creating that something to be manifested on your physical plane of understanding. Many of you who read this message have also been involved in manifesting worldwide revolutionary events while in the sleep realms. We understand that many of you may see that as a bit of a sensational or exaggerated statement, but we do not exaggerate in the slightest. All of you Lightworkers on Earth are extremely advanced ascended beings in your own respects already, you were before your ventures on Earth and you are now even stronger as you exit the final lower ascension cycle of Earth. You are all extremely exalted souls, and so very many of us actually look to your Earthly experiences for guidance in our own experiences. Earth is a very difficult planet to incarnate on, but so many of you Dear Lightworkers have undertaken this challenge and you are coming out golden!!


We would now like to clear up some of the confusion some of you have with the many different terms we use. Above we discussed the use of the term ‘Master’ in relation to our ascended nature, and we would now like to speak of the term ‘Lightworker’. Many of you think that only a few of you who are ascending are actually ‘Lightworkers’ but it is simply not so! Every single one of you who is reading these messages and becoming infatuated with spirituality and the Light are performing Lightwork, thus making you Lightworkers. Nearly everything you can do in relation to spirituality and the Light, can be and is considered Lightwork. Meditation is Lightwork. Calling on your guides to help you grow and learn is Lightwork. Informing others about your earthly ascension by starting a blog or just telling people about ascension, is Lightwork. Dear souls, we could go on forever!! Every single one of you is a Lightworker, Ground Crew member or whatever you wish to call it. As stated above, many of you (who are) incarnate on Earth are in fact Ascended Masters, Archangels, and members of the advanced extraterrestrial races assisting Earth at this time, as well as members of the Galactic Federation of Light. We in fact did not come up with the term Lightworker, it is a term that was created by those of you on Earth but has proven to be an effective term to describe all of you who are assisting Gaia and her population in her ascension.


Many of you have found emptiness in the third dimensional things that used to make you so very happy. As a method of coping with the third dimension and the lower vibrations, many of you attached yourselves to outward, third dimensional things that brought you happiness. Many souls on your world still struggle with this distortion. You have undoubtedly heard of the souls who are addicted to drugs, food, sports, video games, etc. and those are some of the souls who have attached themselves to outward things to find happiness. The mindset on your world has been that there is nothing past the physical, and therefore happiness can only be found outwardly. Too many souls believe with all their heart that owning material things or finding physical highs are the only ways to obtain happiness, when really what is required is looking within for happiness. Happiness and Peace can only be found within, and many physical highs only serve to further cut off one’s awareness of the higher realms.


We are a small collective of an infinite amount of Ascended Masters who guide you all on Earth daily. We wish you to know that despite what you hear outwardly, ascension is in progress and you are all doing wonderfully. Without the actions of so many of you on Earth, Mother Gaia may very well have not been able to ascend. Despite the growing number of souls working for the Light on your world, there are still plenty of souls hard at work confusing people, and many souls will pose as a Lighted being with all the answers, when their true purpose is to manipulate people. Many of the souls who do this have taken somewhat influential roles, as undertaking an influential role is the only true way to manipulate a broader range of souls. Whether it is a known soul or someone on an internet forum, we urge you all to use precise and extreme discernment with everything you read and are told. Do not simply accept something just because a soul claiming to have all the answers has said it, and we certainly wouldn’t want any of you blindly following our messages without questioning anything. Be safe in your ventures dealing with other souls, as sometimes you never know who is bent on deception. We Love you all so very much, and we wish you to tap into the higher dimensional energy we are sending you at all times.


Thank you to the Ascended Masters.



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