Archangel Metatron: Portal Dates and Their Meanings

Archangel Metatron via Natalie Sian Glasson

An abundance of love extends from the angelic kingdom through my being and heart, we wish for you to know that we love you
unconditionally; we are here for you always and will assist you in absorbing all the necessary energies to advance your spiritual
growth. There are energetic changes occurring on the Earth but the main focus is upon the spiritual advancement of humanity. Now is
the time for you to progress beyond what you think is possible for yourself, allowing yourself to move into the truth of your being,
energy and reason for existence. The greatest gift that we wish to see humanity accept as this time is an accelerated spiritual growth,
awareness, understanding and sensitivity; we wish to encourage you to take the next step forward allowing new spiritual lessons to
unfold. Some of you have been feeling the expansion in your energy for some time now while others have felt stuck and motionless,
as the energies of 11-11-11 enter into the Earth, each person will receive a wealth of energy which will project them forward along
their spiritual path.

As with other energy waves that have anchored into the Earth previously, the 11-11-11 energy wave will hold qualities of light and
teachings for you to accept and integrate with to aid a more complete embodiment of the Creator’s light. Each energy wave holds the
purpose of assisting you in connecting on a deeper level with the Creator, understanding more about the energy of the Creator while
embodying new aspects of the Creator’s light. The Creator draws the attention of humanity and souls upon the inner planes to certain
qualities which are most appropriate to anchor and will allow all to experience a greater oneness with the Creator. By accepting the
teachings and qualities of each energy wave as they anchor into the Earth we are able to experience ourselves evolving into an
example or aspect of the Creator on the Earth.
The 08-08-08 energy waves spoke of the anchoring of love into the Earth and into the souls’ of humanity; this was a significant
turning point in humanity’s growth. While love had always been a focus for many, we saw that a greater amount of people opened
their hearts to the love of the Creator and the love that they held within their being. 08-08-08 was a great activation of love as it truly
dawned on so many more people that love was needed in order to heal their beings and the Earth, while realising that love was the
only truth. With a greater amount of people awakening to focus upon love and with the support of those who had always remembered
this truth, we saw that the 08-08-08 energy wave brought forward the energy of abundance. The teachings were of accepting the
energy of abundance that is held within love, embodying and anchoring abundance into your reality. The energy of abundance
anchored at a time when much financial chaos occurred on the Earth but this was a tremendous lesson for many to realise that they
could create their own abundance in their realities with the power of embodying the energy and quality of abundance. Even today
many are still striving to accept the energy of abundance because belief patterns must also be altered in order for the power of
abundance to manifest. It is important to make you aware that the energy of abundance has assisted so many on the Earth, because
it has enhanced and magnified their feelings of love and their spiritual advancement. While the quality of abundance was focused on
developing and empowering your manifestation skills it was also anchored as a boosting energy which would set a foundation for
other energy waves to anchor. Lessons of feeling worthy and deserving of love and abundance were anchored at this time to assist
humanity in dissolving fears and limitations connected to these qualities, opening humanities energies so that further qualities and
teachings could be experienced.

The energy waves anchored from 08-08-08 are of most importance as they are all linked to the new cycle of 2012 and beyond,
each energy wave has actually been an aspect of 2012’s energy anchoring into the Earth. It was achieved over a period of time so
that humanity could truly learn to integrate and understand the transition of 2012.

The energy wave of 09-09-09 saw a higher vibration of love anchoring into the Earth which enhanced the love vibration held by
humanity and encouraged more people to begin to embody love within every action, reaction, thought or energy that they created.
Negative energies and unneeded habits were encouraged to be dissolved at this time as qualities such as unconditional love,
acceptance and balance were introduced. Humanity was encouraged to develop the presence of their love, realising that love cannot
be given to one and withdrawn from another, rather love must be given to all abundantly. A focus upon self love was also important at
this time to aid a deeper cleansing process and allow for many judgements and habits to be erased. Many were encouraged to
accept their own energies, their truth and the Creator as well as accepting the focus and determination that is needed to achieve
ascension. The energy of balance was also integral and taught that balance and peace must be gained within so that an inner
strength develops, this way whatever chaos or turbulence occurred around and even within your being you would remain connected
to the light of the Creator experiencing love.

With the entrance of the 10-10-10 energy wave came the qualities of connection, communication, simplicity, love and loving
mindfulness as well as a focus upon the nature kingdom. Humanity was being asked to develop these qualities from within their being
and enact them within their realities. There was and still is a need to understand accept and build your ability of connecting with and
communicating with your soul, your guides, the Creator and numerous appropriate aspects of the Creator. Focus upon cleansing
ones reality and thoughts was encouraged by the quality of simplicity. The Creator was asking you to simplify your life, to focus upon
only what is needed and to discard experiences or energies that drew you away from your truth and path. With the presence of
simplicity a deep cleansing occurred and this allowed people to take more time to focus upon their spiritual development realising that
not everything needs focus or attention. The quality of love anchoring once more as the foundation of the energy wave offered a
higher vibration of love to anchor, activate from within and be embodied. Whereas in the 09-09-09 energy wave humanities’ love was
asked to be unconditional, in the 10-10-10 energy wave the focus was on the mind encouraging an adoption of loving mindfulness.
This is to be alert, aware and watchful of your mind to ensure that only thoughts of love and from love are created. Loving
mindfulness is to be giving of love and forgiveness to your mind, understanding that the negative thoughts that it produces are only
habits but the true purpose of the mind is to be a projection tool of your loving soul. We see that even now upon the Earth as the
energy wave of 11-11-11 draws close to the Earth, people are still being asked to cleanse their minds to create a loving mindfulness,
to connect and communicate with the many aspect of the Creator including their soul. Even the planetary teachings brought forward
from Lord Buddha which offer keys to assist humanity at this time of growth speak of a conscious connection, a complete connection
at all times. A concentration upon listening to the Earth, nature and Mother Nature was also brought forward with this energy wave, as
in order to anchor greater love into the Earth, to experience a deeper oneness with the spirit world and dimensions of the Creator’s
universe, humanity must work alongside the Earth listening to the ancient wisdom it has to share. Even now there is a need to work
with the nature kingdoms, to share your love and respect. We have seen the tree kingdom come forward to remind us that they are
working alongside us and wish to be of service but that we must acknowledge their presence. Lord Buddha also spoke about the deep
connection between the planetary level and the animal kingdom, how each animal held wisdom for humanity to absorb. The nature
kingdom and Earth are speaking ancient words of wisdom to you now and will continue to do so to guide you forward. It is important
that you open yourself up to the energetic shifts, activations and anchoring that is occurring on the Earth, by simply holding the
intention of being open, sensitive and aware.

Over the last few years leading up to 2012 we have anchored and discovered many energies from the source of the Creator; the
qualities of love, unconditional love, loving mindfulness, abundance, acceptance, balance, connection, communication, simplicity,
respect and wisdom of the nature kingdom. These are only a few of the qualities, lessons and inspiration that has been anchored as
each individual has understood and accepted what they needed from each energy wave. We can see that the Creator has led us
through a journey of growth which allows us to be prepared for the shifts in energy and consciousness that will occur within our
beings. The qualities and teachings were anchored on these dates because the patterns of numbers hold and symbolise a greater
magnification of energy, they also attract humanities attention so that they can be more open and aware of what is occurring
energetically. Many people ask why we use these dates as activations for humanity, some believe that it is simply humanities wish for
these dates to be special, to have meaning, but this is not the case. The date patterns such as 09-09-09, 10-10-10 and 11-11-11
have been placed in your energy and within your soul long ago as keys of activation. Even repeating the numbers to yourself over
again like a mantra will allow for the necessary activations to take place within your being, like a key that unlocks a new aspect of your
energy and consciousness that is appropriate for the current stage of your growth. It is very powerful, even when you mention the
date to a friend you are allowing a natural activation from within both of you to occur. It is akin to an unconscious activation, but now
that you are aware of this it will become a conscious activation, so the activation can occur before the date because of your focus but
will be enhanced around the date because of the intense energies flowing into the Earth. There is always a need for the activation to
occur within you first, then it is energised and magnified by the energy wave that anchors, this is the way it has always been.

My purpose of coming forward to you today was to remind you of the previous energy waves which have been anchored, at this
time there is a need for you to realign with these energies in a process of completing the lessons and teachings that they have shared
so that you may then move forward with ease. It will assist in creating a more complete embodiment in preparation for the 11-11-11
activation. This activation will be the most powerful yet and so there is a need for your energies to be strong and to make sure that
you have received all the necessary wisdom from the past energy waves. I feel that each energy wave still has wisdom to share with
each of you. You have grown so much over the years and so the teachings that they will share with you may be different or of a
greater more expansive understanding. It is true that some of the qualities still need to be integrated deeper into your reality to
achieve a more complete embodiment.

I wish to share with you an invocation which can be used to achieve this integration effectively.
‘Beloved Archangel Metatron, I understand that you are leader of ascension at this time so I draw your energies, consciousness and
soul closer to me now to assist, support and aid my ascension process on the Earth. Please surround me in your loving high
vibrational energies.
(Breathe in Archangel Metatron’s light)

I ask that you send your light throughout my entire being so that I may be cleansed of negative energies, fears, stagnant energy,
unneeded habits and belief systems to prepare my being for accepting light.

(Sit and allow this to occur)

Archangel Metatron, I wish to connect with only the needed and essential energies from each energy wave that will benefit and
enhance my current spiritual growth process. Please draw forward the 08-08-08 energy wave and anchor the most appropriate
energies of the highest vibration into my being. Let me experience the love and abundant energies of this energy wave, with the
teachings and consciousness that is appropriate for me to accept.

(Sit and imagine the energy wave connecting with your crown chakra at the top of your head and flowing through your chakra
column and into the Earth, focus on collecting the energy within your heart chakra)

I ask Archangel Metatron and the 08-08-08 energy wave to demonstrate to me the wisdom or insights I need to understand now. I
know that the energies are integrating with my being and if this is all that is needed at this time then this is perfect also.

(Sit in acceptance)

Archangel Metatron I call upon you to anchor the most appropriate energies, qualities and wisdom of the highest vibration from the
09-09-09 energy wave into my being now. Let it flow down my chakra column and into the Earth as I focus on collecting the energy
within my heart chakra.

(Sit and experience)

I ask Archangel Metatron and the 09-09-09 energy wave to share with me now the necessary wisdom and insights that I need to
enhance my spiritual advancement on the Earth.

(Sit in acceptance)

Archangel Metatron I call upon you to anchor the most appropriate energies, qualities and wisdom of the highest vibration from the
10-10-10 energy wave into my being now. Let it flow down my chakra column and into the Earth as I focus on collecting the energy
within my heart chakra.

(Sit and experience)

I ask Archangel Metatron and the 10-10-10 energy wave to share with me now the necessary wisdom and insights that I need to
enhance my spiritual advancement on the Earth.

(Sit in acceptance)

Archangel Metatron please let these energy waves merge as one energy within my being awakening and activating new wisdom
and consciousness from my soul.

(Allow yourself to simply focus upon your heart chakra and soul allowing the integration and activation to occur)

There is much wisdom and insights to be gained from this process; you may feel the energies and inspiration unfolding over the few
days after the meditation. This meditation can be practiced as often as you feel necessary before 11-11-11 and beyond if it feels

With much love at this special time,

Archangel Metatron

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