Andromedans: We Are Working Amongst You

Andromedans via Ute

Dearest Ones, We Are from the Domain of Fire and Light, of Unity of all souls and Sacred Divine Core Essence in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Beloved Earth Humans,

We are here again  to shower your world with our Blessings with powerful waves of Light from our Galaxy.
Many of us took birth on your planet to anchor Light and Information from the Andromeda Galaxy on Earth to assist with the awakening of her humanity and the cleansing and shifting of her into higher dimensions.

We are giving you this information, dear earth humans, to assure you that you and your planet have never been – in reality – cut off from the rest of the universe. It was only  a gesture of you in the past history, which laid around and upon Earth, through your own lowering of your frequency, a dense and heavy veil which did not allow much communications of higher light and information to reach you and your planet from outer space.

This self-induced isolation is now coming to an end, also because many other souls from other enlightened star systems and galaxies are at this time incarnated among you, to draw down  the light and love of the stars into your reality to help you to evolve.

These beings from other star systems have taken birth in difficult situations in order to purify your dark earth history with their own awakening process, which required them to confront all the pain — that you earth people are suffering — in their own bodies, emotions and mental experiences.

For many, if not for most of them, this ordeal of purification of your dark history in their own system, this process has now come to an end and they are here now between you, anchoring our light and information and that of many other star systems on your earth.

They are now illuminated  antennas receiving and channeling  light from space through their consciousness and bodies into the core of Gaia  and radiating  this light and this love all over the earth. They are the ones who have done all the work directly on your planet, to support your own awakening, like one candle ignites the next one, so that also you can become like them a radiant luminary to illuminate further the path to ascension in your world.

What is required of you, Beloved Earth Humans, in your awakening process  in this short remaining moment, is to open up to unconditional love, a Divine Frequency now showered upon your earth! It is the Force which drives humanity forward to her unity and elevation. It is the Force which does not know separation, and it is the Force which has been always your rightful inheritance and True Sign since eternity.

“Humanity Is Love”, – this will be your sign and “trade mark”  in your coming Galactic Participation, where earth will be embraced again in the midst of other star nations and illuminated planets and galaxies.

You are on your way to fully participate again in the unimpeded communication and union of the galactic network of light, which flows like liquid water through all the veins of the Divine Universe.

Once ascended you will be participating again in the currents of universal joy and love where we all rejoice In mutual friendship, love and respect.

There is only One Divinity and we are all Its Divine Expression.

Welcome, dearest earth humans, to this glorious moment in the very near future, but which is in truth already always Now.

Our Light and Our Love is in the midst of you all.
With eternal Blessings!

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