Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: Major Upliftment is Around the Corner

Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa by Wes Annac

Our Loving Creator has blessed you all with many purity increases of the energy being sent to your world. This energy is manifesting through various different plants and stones. Some of these plants are arriving as new species that your current mainstream science is scrambling to identity as so many new species continue to pop up. This is a Divine manifestation of the energy at work on your world, and this energy is what has been brining you up dear souls. We notice many of you wondering what this energy that is so frequently talked about actually is, and we would like to clarify that now. This energy is pure Love and Light, and is in fact the energy that creates and maintains your reality and your bodies. This energy is being sent to you in an increasingly pure resonance, which is something that has been discussed before.

In the more dense planes of Living this energy is condensed and its true power dulled. Thus, in your reality many of the wonderful colors and rays of Light that are so frequent here in the higher realms, ceases to be found. We have spoken before of how different the Heavenly realms are to your reality, and it is because the realms we reside in are made up of the same all-knowing force that is the Logos, and manifested by source in much more pure levels. The focus of Earth’s ascension back into the higher realms is to increase the purity of the logos that creates your reality. Of course, for this to happen sufficiently, the actions of humanity have to reflect the pure resonance of the reality that we seek.

This is why we send this energy to you in increased purity, as not only will it add itself to and mingle with the lower energies of the Earth and of your collective consciousness that it will eventually transmute, it will also find its way to the many of you who are sensitive to this energy and will be feeling it when it arrives in increased resonance. These energies are also being felt collectively, and the evidence of this in manifestation is pretty clear if you look at nearly any largely-populated place in the world now. It is so very wonderful from our perspective to watch the higher frequency logos arrive on your world and begin to help you make everything better. These are the energies that you thrive on and always have thrived on, as mentioned above these energies make up and form the higher realms that we reside in, that you used to reside in before a small part of the infinite oversoul that is you, decided to drop itself down into the lower vibrations for a time. Indeed, when realizing that you are returning back to your collective Heaven for infinity, the amount of lifetimes you spent in the low dimensions is but a blink of an eye.

At present we are laying out the final sets of negotiations with the last broken down parts of those who still think they rule your world. Their end has been made more than clear to them, and we would have very much Loved to reveal the most apparent maneuvers we used to bring this about ahead of time, but the dark can be keen to reading our messages on the internet as a way of gaining an advantage over us. In many of our dealings with disengaging the last dark cabal on your world, we must be absolutely secretive or we risk the chance of them finding out our plans. Though they are temporarily void of Light at their surface, they are not stupid. They play this, what they think of as a game, with the most cunning and conniving methods of deceit. It is for that reason that we must be very careful in our dealings with them. Thankfully we do carry the ability to read their thoughts, and it is not considered evasion of their freewill by our Creator because we are using what we find out to prevent many attacks they have had planned. Even weather warfare events have been prevented through our ability to know their plans ahead of time. We have continually used that ability to our advantage, and with the latest developments it has been made absolutely clear to your dark ones that they can no longer play their games.

Greetings to All! I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine. You are all fast approaching some of the biggest dates planned for the end of this year, most notably for now the 10.28.11 and the 11.11.11. These dates hold much synchronistic meaning, as the uniting of numbers is what brings the logos into manifestation on your world. The spiritual representation of the uniting numbers holds vast significance and helps immensely to bring your reality into being. You can think of it as a uniting of Divine timelines on your world that opens a portal or an energetic gate, and as more of these gates open on these important dates, more and purer logos energy is able to be brought in to manifest on your world. This process is brought about through a significant alignment, and is echoed throughout your universe as the energy comes through and affects and cleanses everything it comes across. It is a very beautiful event dear souls, and when you first witness it from an outside perspective, you will be more in awe than you can imagine at present.

The opening up of portals in in fact quite significant in everything we do. We are able to merge two realities or timelines if we wish, and this is an ability some of you are finding yourselves possessing more and more. This is a part of your ongoing ascension and the more noticeable parts of it are beginning to kick in for many of you. The divine energy is refusing to wait any longer to burst through fully unto your world, and so it can no longer be denied. We recommend you all open your hearts and minds to these energies, and let your human mentality fall away as the inner feeling of full Joy and Divinity takes root in you. Ask these energies into your heart, into the very core of your being. Ask us and your Guides to be with you, to help you assimilate these energies. We will be right at your side helping you to manifest that which you desire. In fact, your manifestation abilities are proving for many of you to be picking up. For many of you, you have noticed that as you think of something, seemingly in no time it appears before you in some unique way. It is becoming increasingly obvious that your Divine powers collectively and individually can no longer be ignored or explained away by mental thinking alone.

To really feel what is happening to you all, you must take away the old act of trying to process these energies through mind alone. It is time to let mind rest for a while, and let heart and feeling take over. The heavenly realms cannot simply be seen; they have to be felt. You have to feel the Loving energy, the logos that makes up these realms or you will not be able to experience them fully. Indeed, it is not enough to simply know with the mind all you can about ascension, as at a certain point mind must surrender, only a little bit, and begin to unite with heart. Mind is in no way a bad thing, it is simply that too much influence of one thing and one thing alone can leave a soul unbalanced and thus, make it harder for said soul to process and feel the higher dimensional Love that is being sent to their bodies. We are helping to direct this Love to you by doing our part in getting the stargates open that bring you your energy, and with the advanced technology we have we are able to get much accomplished on your world that the dark thought impossible.

Imagine dear souls, what it is going to be like when you see that first initial announcement. Imagine the excitement that will well up in you. This is it. We’ve finally made it. Imagine what it will be like seeing us on your ground, imagine the emotion that is to well up when you see your space family again. Upon seeing us you will instantly be filled with a feeling of Love, a wonderful energy that will envelop your whole being. Our mere presence will do much to dispel any fears that may otherwise be had about us, and on that front we are increasingly less worried. It has been made quite clear that less and less people on your world will be prone to fearing us, and most of you will in fact accept our presence. Through the miracle that has been your internet, not only is accurate information about us getting out, the messages we share with humanity are getting out. There are now so many Lightworkers putting themselves out there so to speak and harnessing the Divine abilities that you all have deep down. As the increased purity of the logos has resulted in much emotional clearing of baggage many of you have carried for lifetimes, you are now finding your spirit complexes are more pure and thus you are able to receive our presence and your mind’s interpretation of our methods of communications quite easily. We knew this would eventually come about, and it is clear that the collective of souls who are performing this service, both to us and to humanity, are using their knowledge of how to bring our presence about and sharing it with other souls, who are in turn developing these methods themselves quite successfully and then sharing what they know with even more souls. This would be what some exalted ones would call a ‘domino effect.’

I AM SanJAsKa of the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and together with the Pleiadian High Council wish you to know that every last one of you Lightworkers are making an immense difference. You are doing oh so much more for the Light than you realize at present dear souls, and your bravery and continued transmutation of the lower energies while at the same time growing to the higher dimensions is nothing less than amazing. Your stories are awe-inspiring, as despite being incarnate on one of the most dense and difficult planets around, you have not only braved the low vibrations but anchored your Divine Love unto that plane of existence, as it is now transmuting and transforming into the New Eden. Welcome Home dear souls, you have made it.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa.

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