Archangel Michael: Why Different Accounts of Ascension Disagree

Susan S:  Well, I’d like to ask a question about…you made a comment about looking outside of myself, which I think a lot of us are doing…

My main question is about looking for other sources to confirm what we believe is the truth, in particular about Ascension.  And this is a pragmatic question…in the lightworker community, we are starting to feel like we don’t know what the truth is, that there are varying messages that are being channeled and we’re trying to determine the truth; is Ascension going to occur in 2012 or if it is going to occur over a period of time, if it’s more of a process.

For instance, The Founders are saying that it will occur in 2012, 2017, 2030.  I know the ultimate answer is to go within, but there is this heated discussion amongst the lightworkers about when this Ascension is going to actually take place, and I think we feel a burden or a responsibility…in particular I feel a responsibility to bring my family along with me; I’m trying to convince them, but they are individual souls who need to…who have their own paths and I understand that.  Can you help me understand why there are so many versions in the lightworker community regarding Ascension?

Archangel Michael:  Yes, we would be happy to address that.

S:  Thank you.

AAM:  Now let us begin by saying that this Ascension, what everyone is calling Ascension, is a process. And it is an individual process, but it is also a collective process.  So it is not something that you are going to do alone.

So you can think of it as soul groups who choose for a whole variety of reasons to go at different times.  It is simply the same, and it does not need to be judged, it is simply people who choose to take different flights.  And it is just that simple.  Now, one of the things that this Council [of Love] …and we are going to muddy your waters…

S:  (laughing) OK.

AAM:  … but it is time to talk of this.  One of the things that is also in this mix of confusion, and that this Council of Love has always spoken of, is the Ascension process to the 7th dimension.

So you are in the 4th.  Some are half in, half out. Some are half in, half out of the 5th.  They are having inter-dimensional experiences and we want to recognize that and in some way say, yes, the frequency of that is increasing dramatically, but that has been the case forever.

Not everybody has always been completely and stalwartly anchored in the 3rd dimension, otherwise you would not even have had the idea or notion of this transcendence.

There are some who pray and pray and pray and wish for Ascension, and we are telling you and sharing with you this day some of what we are seeing, but they are afraid to: “What if it does not come right now? What if it does not come in 2012?”

So what we [the Company of Light] can do is push it out and make it a future goal because the chaos of Earth and the 3rd reality seem so dense as for it to be inconceivable.

But also what is happening is that some of that which is inconceivable is based in an understanding of what is possible in the 3rd dimension; it does not apply elsewhere.

Other later dates also refer to opportunities to ascend yet even further.  We would suggest, and strongly suggest, that the focus be kept on the current events, as it were (laughter by AAM and Susan).  But there is this fear, this “what if.”

Now let us be very clear about this as well, Truth Seeker. We do not wish in any way…because there is also this amorphous energy that has begun to emerge amongst many lightworkers, lightholders, that somehow the 3rd dimension is less than; it is not.  It is simply a form of reality, of the joy of physicality…yes, other dimensions add on, add on.

But, it was never intended that the function of the 3rd dimension be the density that is appearing today…that has been the false belief systems of human that have been built until they have assumed form and function.

But it is not a matter of escaping the 3rd dimension; that is not the plan.  It is about letting those old paradigms dissolve, letting them destroy themselves, implode, and the collective saying “no, that is not what we believe or choose any longer.”

And it is in that collective reality that the potential, the tipping point, for the jump to something different occurs.  So it isn’t the 3rd dimension is so terrible that we have to leave and go; no, it is that these experiences and lessons in the density have been released and therefore we are free to go.

And so there cannot be any kind of hierarchy; that we are higher because we are going further or we are going first.  That is absurd and that most certainly is not of Love.  So there will be those who choose to be in a different reality, to inhabit a 3rd dimensional state of being.

Also, what is overlooked in this focus…because right now all of our attention, all of our work, is truly focused on the human collective.  But be very clear, as we are, that this Ascension, this shift is about Gaia.

So part of it is “who is going along for the ride, who is helping out.”  Well, who is helping out are those who have chosen to come to the planet, aware or unaware it matters not, but you have chosen to come to this Earth during this time for this process.

Now there are those who will say at the last minute “no, I do not wish to go” and there will be many more who will say “wait a minute, I’m coming.”

And that is part of the reason for what we would call a staged process or event.  So there will be those, what we will call the gatekeepers or the “in-betweeners,” (1) who will go through an Ascension process and be anchored in the full reality, not partial reality, not a glimpse, not an out-of-body experience, but the full reality of the 5th dimension.  But they will manifest and be observed, as it were, in the 3rd dimension because they are coming back to help, they are the doormen, they are helping with this onslaught of “last minute shoppers.”

S:  And which category would I find myself in?

AAM:  Because you want to work with your family, and there is also part of you because of the truth of who you are, not only the vibration you hold but the personality that we never wish to change or eliminate, that wants to say “I’m going to wait and see, I want to see how this is working, I want to see some of the Truth of what this is about.”

And then what you do is you hold that Truth and you communicate it.  There is a very big difference between you holding the Truth and that vibration and actually trying to convince people.

There are so many who say “wait a minute” – and we are seeing this even to a great extent amongst those who have talked, worked, prayed towards Ascension – they are saying “oh good, it’s time, but can we wait awhile?” because they want to do this or that, or the most common of course is “I want to bring those I love and cherish.”  And that is completely anticipated because not only is your love anticipated, but (also) the reason that you are here.

There was a time when it was believed that as Gaia shifted most of the humans would simply leave the planet, but so many have awakened and so that has shifted.  So instead of having one flight out, we are talking about millions of flights, and that, dear heart, is good news. (2)

But the focus…we ask of you, we beg of you…do not make it about the date, you have your dates.  Do not make it about what number you are going to – is it 4 or is it 5 or is it 7?

Make it about the Love, make it about the heart; that is what the lightworkers are about. They are about changing the world.  You say to me “Michael, I don’t know that I do that. I don’t know that I control the wobble so that people can know the Truth.”

But look at the planet, look at Gaia who suddenly, for so many years, has been talking to everything upon the planet, including the human beings, and saying “get ready, I want you to come with me.”

And people do not consciously understand that the message is being given to them morning, noon and night, but it is in the vibrations underneath their feet, underneath their bed, in the foundation of their streets, in the air that they breath, in the waters that they swim in, and in the water that they drink is this message.

So the difference, very often more in terms of the when than the how, is simply based on the perception of the channel of what is possible.

And the further openings for Ascension… You see, right now it is inconceivable if I were to say to you “oh, and by the way, you stay alive and in 2030 you can take another jump.” You would think I was talking ridiculously (Susan laughing) so we stage it as well.

But, yes, there will be other openings because what you are doing is entering into this very active process; the partnership was forged eons ago, but the internship is over and we are in cooperative co-creation.  And when you are co-creating in that kind of a way, then you are working with the infinity of the Universe.

So is there room for movement?  Oh yes, there is great latitude.  Now I say to thee when you are on a planet of Love – Gaia in all her ascended beauty – it is so unlikely that you will wish to go anywhere else (AAM and Susan laughing).

Millions and millions of star brothers and sisters have traveled from far and wide to see, to participate, to witness, and to be part of this.  So it is not very likely that human beings, or hybrids as we often call you, would come and then say “oh, no thanks.”  You will stay.

S:  I (emphasis) will stay on the ascended Earth?

AAM:  Yes, you individually, Susan, will stay on the ascended Earth, and you the collective, the majority shall we say, will stay.  Those who make the transition, oh they may choose to go back to their ships or their home planets, but the majority is going to want to stay for a while.  It would be an awful lot of work to do and then just leave (AAM and Susan laughing).

S:  That’s for sure.

AAM:  Yes, it would be like preparing for a grand party and then not staying. That would be sad.  And what will carry it for what you think of as those who are reluctant or recalcitrant is the Love.

S:  It is my understanding that a series of events, such as Disclosure or First Contact, will be transformative in changing people’s hearts.

AAM:  That is absolutely correct.

S:  Are these real (emphasis) events that will take place?  Will they take place in…here’s a question where people are disagreeing…some are saying that only a 5th dimensional soul will make contact with their star brothers and sisters because that is a 5th dimensional reality, and that a 3D human will not be able to make contact.  That is not accurate, right?

AAM:  Well, that is simply not so.  There are some human beings that are what we would call 3rd dimensional or trans-dimensional – yes, those you have maybe a more open perspective, who are already having that contact and they have not shifted and anchored in a different dimension.  Now it is so that if you are in the 5th dimension, yes, you will have access to your star brothers and sisters.

But the reason for – not just for Disclosure, for that is more like a political event or maneuver, which we understand – but the availability of star beings present in the 3rd dimension, helpful, sharing technology and healing information, that is a heart opener.

S:  And it is something that….

AAM:  It is physical, tangible.

S:  That will happen?

AAM:  Yes.

S:  Prior to Gaia’s Ascension?

AAM:  Yes.

S:  Well, I want a front row seat for that (laughing).  I can’t begin to tell you, at my deepest heart level, how much I want that to happen.

AAM:  When you have said your yearn and are lonely, it is not just for we who are what you would put as the Company of Heaven. It is also for your star brothers and sisters, whom you know and have known for a long time.  They are right there.

The only (emphasis) thing that has prevented them from fully engaging has been the desire not to create a drama of fear, not to feed that human addiction to drama; so they are waiting for that to calm down a little bit.  But if you think that you are anxious, dear heart, think of them!

And we want to emphasize that there are many star brothers and sisters who have already been planted, think of it as the ground team, who are already on Earth and working.  Yes, assuming human form, shape-shifting, but you can recognize them when you see them.

So, yes, it is something that is one of the events that is intended to open the heart further.  Many have said, for example, when you have had such devastation in Japan, yes, it is Gaia shifting, but it is also a Soul Group that has volunteered to create compassion and heart opening.  So you are having these events where the human collective is becoming more unified and realizing they are One.

S:  I have one last question that I’m almost embarrassed to ask, but I’m going to ask it because I can’t seem to break myself from this…I know that we’re not supposed to put our faith in men, so to speak, but I really, really want to know if Barack Obama is going to redeem himself.  I placed so much emotional hope in him as the president of our country, and…

AAM:  You and so many…

S:  (frustrated) I really want to release this, but I can’t. (laughing)

AAM:  Do not worry, he is a star brother. He will rise from the ashes.

S:  (sighing) I don’t know why I love him so much, but I do.

AAM:  You’re not alone…Do not doubt your love, it is well placed.  So allow this chess game to be played out.  He knows what he is doing; in the long run, he will not let you down.

S:  Well, I think that America and the world would be pleased with that result.

AAM:  It is part of the plan. He is another part of that heart opening. He is getting a great deal of help from above, and I mean your star brothers as well.  So yes, do not give up on him yet.

S:  Because that is another heart-breaking source of contention in the lightworker community…there are so many who have given up on him.

AAM:  But what they have done is they do not look at his heart and they are very quick to judge.  When you see what you are creating, it is one circle, it is one sacred spiral; so you cannot say “you’re in, you’re out.”  And he is in your circle.  You have been in many circles where you send energy around the circle. Do so and send it to him. Reinforce him because he is discouraged as well.

S:  Yes, I can only imagine.  Thank you. Thank you so much.

AAM:  You’re so welcome. Go with my love.

S:  Thank you again.  I love you.

AAM:  Farewell.


(1) These are they who will ascend early and then return as Ascended Masters in an event generally known as “The Return of the Masters.”

(2) So here is mention of many early Ascensions.

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