SaLuSa: What to Expect During Disclosure and First Contact

SaLuSa via Laura Tyco

Laura: Good evening SaLuSa, my friend would like to ask you the following questions: “I have something for SaLuSa: Will we meet him after Disclosure? Is he a part of the Disclosure announcements? What will he do after Disclosure – continue his message? Write through the press? Go on TV?

SaLuSa: I will not get the opportunity to meet you straight after Disclosure. I am not directly involved with of the Disclosure process, this part is for the Earth Allies to do, and for them alone. I will continue with the channelled messages after Disclosure. We would have to wait till First Contact has been successfully and peacefully made between our worlds, for me to be in a position where local newspapers would be interested in meeting me and giving me an opportunity for speaking to the general population. After this point, I am confident that I will also be able to give regular updates on TV, as long as your media is no longer controlled or influenced by the cabal.
There are subtle differences between Disclosure and First Contact. It is has not yet been decided how long a gap will there be between these two events. It will entirely depend on the speed at which Earth’s collective consciousness would be able to absorb the fact that you are not alone in the universe, but also that you have been lied to by your own elected representatives, by your own government. This realization will give way to a renewed questioning concerning government transparency, and the chain of command. Along with these events there will take place a restructuration of your power structure. Once these events take place, and that a trust atmosphere settles in, we will consider discussing with the Earth’s Allies when and where to proceed concerning First Contact.

This First Contact procedure will be entirely in the hands and under control of the Earth Allies. We will comply with the needs and demands of your Authorities, once the corruption has been purged from your political system. You will find it surprising to know how fast and swiftly the changes can be done in that area. Our main concern is for a democratically fair elective system to be rapidly implemented. However, you, Earth citizens, will set the pace for this also. While this takes place, we will make agreements with your various governments around the world for repeated and low fly by, over heavily populated areas, so that everybody can realize that our craft do not represent any threat.
It is our deepest desire for you all to understand that you will be in control at all times of how far and how fast you can deal with our presence with calm and peace. Although, again, there is ultimately some time restraints, given the fact that cosmic events are about to occur, in relation to planetary and cosmic alignment. Think of this perhaps as a first date, in the sense that there is much anticipation and there are many expectations. There is a division among the Earth human collective consciousness concerning extraterrestrial presence on your soil. We wish that our presence in the skies will reassure those who fear us. Because of the free will law, we will have to ensure that every single person’s wish will be respected. Because of this, those who do not desire our help, which they perceive as interference in your private business, will have to be relocated in a different timeline, or an alternate reality, where we are not welcome and they will have to make it through the Ascension process alone.
Their departure will be possible at the end of October, and on 11-11-11. There will be ulterior dates for those who are hesitant in deciding weather we are welcome or not. There will be others who will leave Earth for other reasons on those dates. Yes some of you will ascend earlier than others, but the divine plan is that Earth ascends with her inhabitants. Mother Earth will need as many of you to pull her up in the dimensions. There is a lot of work left to do, and we would need all the help available to that intend. After June 2012, all obstacles will be removed from your path.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, as you can see there is little time left. Although the final run is sometimes the most challenging and time seems to drag forever during that intense period, as far as we are concerned, Earth’s Ascension is a done deal. So, you see, dear friends, there is nothing to fear on that subject and all is going as planned.

Thank you
Laura Tyco

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  1. I’m getting impatient….

    If something doesnt happen I feel lik I might go on a rampage

  2. well now time has passed and nothing has happend, can you explain why?
    I look forward to your explination.

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