SaLuSa: An Explanation of Aspects of Duality

SaLuSa via Laura Tyco

Laura: Good afternoon SaLuSa.  I was reading a comment on my blog commenting on wars in Africa and concerned about labour exploitation in China. I would appreciate it if you could tell us something about these events.
SaLuSa: yes of course. Your world is in constant transformation, your collective consciousness is constantly in movement, transforming all for the better. While in sleep, your higher self is in contact with other dimensions in a more active way than when you are awake. When you are asleep, you contribute to writing the script of the Earth theatre play. Your collective consciousness sets in motion events on your planet. You are truly in control of your and Earth’s destiny, although your conscious mind is not fully aware of it, and is not fully aware of the process required in order to manifest your will directly.
However, the negative events you are referring to, such as wars, exploitation of the worse kind, and other similar manifestations of the human form in duality are also part of the package. This is the part that remains hidden from you; this is the part that humans prefer to ignore in their daily life. This is also part of your duality experience. The fact that lightworkers are becoming aware of this other aspect of duality is encouraging. It is important for you to understand now that the events on Earth are a manifestation of your inner state as a collective consciousness.
Indeed you can create your own reality individually, but this is also limited and dependant on the collective mind, on energy, and on will power on your planet. All the negative events that you see manifest on Mother Earth are a result of lack of love, lack of oneness, lack of consciousness, lack of light, lack of compassion, lack of forgiveness, and lack of hope in the conscious mind of your common presences on planet Earth. It is a manifestation of the dark shadowy side you dare not look into as a civilisation, but also very often on a personal level as well. As your consciousness levels are raising, you will all individually allow yourself to look in places you have not looked into before. This can only be truly done when you are ready to accept and understand what you will see about your self in duality. This part of yourself will only open up when you are ready to feel compassion and love for yourself, as for all those who share your world.

Dear friends, you all have an inner child inside of you. At the moment, this child is struggling for survival; he lives in a dark cave, his food reserves have been used up, he does not know where his parents are, or if they are still alive, he lives in fear of not knowing how will he survive tomorrow. He lives in a war zone and fears for his own life. What makes things worse, is that the child does not understand who the enemy is? He does not understand why there is a war in the first place. From the moment the child was born, he was made live in fear of the enemy. He has never lived in a period of peace. He has never known peace and joy in his entire life. This is the state the normal human lives in.
You are like that child, dear reader. You are afraid for your life, you do not understand what is going on around you, and why there is a visible or invisible war. You do not know who your enemy is, what he wants, and you don’t even wonder if you can make peace with him, dear one. How can you make inner peace with yourself, dear child? How can you find love, when you have never known true love? The enemy, my dear child is within you, it has taken control of you, the enemy to your inner peace and to Global Peace is within. And you don’t even know of this. You don’t even know that your worse enemy passes itself for you. The enemy is so gifted for art of camouflage, that it even fools you.
The way to find an invisible, unknown enemy, dear friends, is to study this being. You must watch and hunt him down like a lion hunts its prey. We strongly encourage you in the coming weeks to undertake this journey of self discovery, of turning inwards in all and everything you do. Only then will you be able to make friends with this unknown enemy. Only then will you turn hate and fear, into love and generosity. Mother Earth has provided for you all with her love, her care, and patience. At times, she could not control outside events which have caused loss of life. Ground yourself to her heart and she will show you to way to love eternal. She lives love eternal for many years. Connect with her, and share her love for man kind.
Mother Earth has unconditional love for you and is willing to share her knowledge with you all if you can listen. She wishes to spread her love to all wars zone, to every single soul living in his inner dark cave, in fear. She wishes that you all find peace, joy and love. Listen to her as she is the wisest, closest being you are directly connected to in your physical realm. When you feel fear, doubt, anger feel your weight on her, feel her support you and provide for you. She feed you as well as she can. She wishes for peace and for a fair world of light.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I am pleased to communicate to you Mother Earth’s message for you in view of World Peace. We look forward to your new creation of world peace as you are taking back your power. You alone can create peace and joy on your planet again. You have divine power for creation, just as we do. You must remember the way to divine creation and to divine love. We are very confident that you will succeed on this next big project for world peace. We send our love to you and know that you are finding the unity required for the Shift.

Thank you
Laura Tyco

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