Tse-Bo-Rah: The Incoming Light and the Changes

Tse-Bo-Rah via Ute


Beloved people of the earth,

The time has come where the light on your earth is increasing in a way that will create unforeseen changes. It is the light which dissolves form that is too rigid to allow to flow with the new incoming and increasing Divine Consciousness.

Therefore you will see many “things” break loose from their familiar appearance, as the consciousness changes that carries these forms.

Beloved hearts, we advise not to be concerned! In these times it is of most importance to connect directly with the Divine Essence of things. What we mean is: connect your innermost heart with the force of change itself, which carries the impulse of your liberation and freedom from old and limiting ideas and paradigms you have been identified with for so long.

Rather, as we said in our first communication to you, open yourself to receive our light which we are seeding on earth and directly into your bodies, the cooling light of healing and elevation of your conscious level of Divinity.

We want to tell you that this is the time to transcend your point of view of perceiving your world from “outside” and begin to perceive the reality you live in from inside, from the core of life and consciousness itself.

Connect your hearts with the inner mover and light of all things, unify with this force of life and Divine Light which is also your own sacred very  mover.

It is time to allow this change in your consciousness to occur to break free from the illusions of a separate world in duality, to recognize the unity of all things and beings, which is the radiant bright light at the core of all that arises.

This is the time to allow to be transformed by the Divine Force, so that inside becomes outside and outside becomes inside. It is a radical change which will adjust forever your distorted understanding of your reality, distorted since millenniums by the powers that be.

Now is the time to take back your own Divinity, your own Divine and True Subjectivity, as what has been object now with this great change becomes subject again.

Do you understand? We want to tell you that you have not seen the true nature of the world for so long, which created the hologram of your illusions — and you even have not been aware of it! Now this will be reversed, and you will start to see again your true reality as the blindfolds are removed from your eyes.

Watch and take on a disposition of total openness, let go any narrow mindedness or prejudice about what is to occur. And the miracles of the Divine Creation will unfold before your eyes.

It is the light that creates these changes, ride on it’s waves and let yourself not to be trapped in appearance of familiar forms. Your new world will be never built on the fundaments of the old world. It will be completely new, and you will have been changed from upside down, back to upside! Watch it!

We bless you immensely!

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