Saul: You Will Begin to Get Glimpses and Premonitions of the Wonders that Await You

Saul via John Smallman

October 5, 2011

The density of physicality is diminishing as your frequencies rise in preparation for your move into full consciousness. This is demonstrated by the sense of impermanence that many are feeling as they move through relationships, jobs, places that they call home, and as contact with old friends and family is lost or much reduced. Everyone and everything seems to be on the move, and in a way that is the case, as you move into position to take on and fulfill the new roles awaiting you when you awaken.

You are not going to be sitting around in awe and wonder! You have planned very creative and satisfying roles for yourselves that will keep you very busy – and most enjoyably so. You all have huge creative potential of which you are basically unaware as you plod on through the illusory environment in what may well seem to be a rather meaningless and, perhaps, boring fashion. And this is because, as you have lost your memories of Reality, your search for meaning – the significance of life on Earth – often seems quite misguided or pointless.

This will change when the veils fall from your eyes and the stunning vistas they have hidden from you come into view. It is a little like being on an extremely long ocean voyage with nothing in sight but the sea – sometimes calm and leaden, sometimes in a raging storm – and it has been going on so long that you can hardly remember what it is like to be on land. Then, you start to get new and enticing smells, maybe there is pollen in the air, an occasional butterfly. Your excitement mounts: you must be nearing the end of your voyage! Then on the horizon, growing larger every moment, you can see land bathed in sunshine, green hills, brilliant sandy beaches. Your spirits rise as you imagine the joy of touching the earth and the trees, of smelling the flowers and tasting the marvelous fruit that will be available, and joyful anticipation fills your hearts.

So as your journey Home approaches its end, allow your hearts to fill with joy in the absolute knowledge that what awaits you will most certainly not disappoint you. Truly your imminent arrival is to be a magnificent occasion, overwhelming you with honors for your steadfast determination and courage in competently and successfully completing your long and arduous journey.

To awaken, as you will, is your divine destiny, guaranteed since the moment of apparent separation from Reality. At that point you fell into the illusion and began to experience the misery of that separation from God as suffering, pain, conflict, and the terror of other horrors, unknown but vividly imagined, along with seemingly endless periods of time in which to ponder on it all. Many are still holding firmly to their belief in that illusory state, so make a point of carrying your Light on high, and sharing your love with all, to help them on their path to awakening.

It is to be a mass event bringing intense happiness, which, in your present state, is quite inconceivable to you while the illusion still seems so real. So holding your Light high and sharing your love unconditionally and indiscriminately also helps you in the final stages of this arduous journey. As you continue to move ahead toward your heavenly destination, the divine energy field enveloping you is intensifying, and you will begin to get glimpses, intuitive sensations, and premonitions of the wonders that await you. You know that you are almost Home. Focus on that knowing and allow time to speed up and whisk you Home to a tumultuous welcome.

With so very much love, Saul.

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