Hilarion: You Are on Track with Your Divine Destiny

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff


Beloved Ones,

As you go forth in your daily lives you are finding that your ability to discern truth has grown by leaps and bounds. No longer are you held back in self doubt, thinking that you might be in illusion. Now you are on track with your Divine destiny and everything around you will be reflecting this back to you. Accept and allow the Universe to support you as you continue upon your Path. Have faith and trust that all that you need will be provided to you when and as needed. Everything that you need for your next step will just beautifully appear before you in perfect, divine timing.

You have all earned this right. You have labored many, many lifetimes to arrive at this point. Take heart and embrace this new condition. Relax into it and give yourselves the nurturance that you so richly deserve. Stay centered within your heart and continue to make this part of your physical Being the most important focal point of concentration. BE love in all your thoughts, words, deeds and actions. Feel yourselves loving unconditionally, everyone and everything that you come into contact with and continuously bless all that manifests before you, for what you put out into the World you live in shall now be returned to you in greater magnitude of blessing.

Make discourse with the Higher realms a daily part of your day and we mean this in a literal sense. Talk to us, tell us your hopes, dreams and Earthly concerns. Ask for our assistance with your current challenges, then look for our answers in reply. Our answers come in many ways, through thought transference, through images, words, thoughts, impulses, through the words that are spoken to you by others. Learn to observe all of life around you and you will begin to discern the daily miracles that manifest all about you. Life around you teems with endless possibilities; all that is required is that you believe that it is possible and open to them.

Many cycles of Earth and soul evolution are coming to an end and a World of wonder and newness is now on the horizon. We know that you are weary, that sometimes, as the old thoughts and emotions you thought you had mastered and long ago transmuted come back for cycling once again, and that you feel so ready for something fresh and new. This period will soon be behind you and the old patterns and programs of the old paradigms of Earth shall gently recede from your memory and in its place, you are even now creating new templates of conduct and discourse.

It is the time to go deep within yourselves and begin to understand and know yourselves completely, to accept yourselves just as you are completely, to love yourselves unconditionally, to affirm your wholeness and perfection. You have done the work and there is more work ahead of you. Know that now the support from the Higher realms that has been available to you is so much easier to connect to and discern. Look for us as you daily labor, for we are with you always. We come as flashes of light in the periphery of your vision. You have all seen this many times.

Continue to walk your Path with the highest honor, honesty and integrity, for it is in your example that those around you will begin to look for answers, for a better way for themselves. They will seek to emulate that which they perceive and admire within you. They will want to possess the pearl beyond price which you possess. Your Light and the Light of all Lightworkers worldwide will be eagerly sought, for they will be magnetically attracted to you as moths to a flame. You have everything you need within you, Beloveds. Shine forth and shine brilliantly!

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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