‘Occupy Wall Street’ Grows to a Global Wall Street Resistance

Excerpt from original article on digitaljournal.com
Watch a live broadcast of the protests here:  Live Broadcast of Occupy Wall Street Protests

New York – UPDATE:

At least 100 Chemical and Biological Response Units funded by the Department Of Homeland Security have been confirmed to be on the scene in NYC possibly converging on the Occupy Wall Street Protesters.
According to Intel Hub, Occupy Wall Street is in the beginning stages of becoming an American Revolution, something long desired by the GOP and Tea Party in order to demonstrate that the current administration is at fault, using the American people to do so.
Fighting U.S. corporate greed is fast becoming a sign of the times. So is the inability to tax the ultra-rich instead of the poor and low-income—two groups that are becoming poorer by the second while the GOPs remain obsessed with the removal of President Obama from his position, not in the survival of the American people.
The only thing worse is if the Tea Party occupies Wall Street. Or would it?
When Occupy Wall Street took action on September 17, 2011, Lower Manhattan was being taken over by thousands of activists. Since then, its only recognition has been through the social media by its protestors, not corporate media. Digital Journal writer, KJ Mullins, wrote in the article, “Op-Ed: Wall Street is Occupied protest not getting media coverage,”

Several of the peaceful protesters have been arrested during the Occupy Wall Street protest by those who say they are the 99 percent of Americans who are facing economic crisis. The protesters are maintaining a peaceful encampment protesting the financial institutions that have been in the protesters words being in control of our land.

The Obama administration is and has been fighting corporate America as much as struggling Americans, continuously being blackmailed by the elite GOP attempting to gain control of the White House and the people of America. Fighting to tax the elite wealthy to help the United States’ job situation will not pass the GOP, as the majority of them are these elite…including Big Oil.

Cities supporting the Occupy Wall Street resistance are national and worldwide: Madrid, Spain; San Francisco, California; Los Angeles, California; Toronto, Canada; London, England; Athens, Greece; Sydney, Australia; Stuttgart, Germany; Tokyo, Japan; Milan, Italy; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Algiers, Algeria; Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel; Portland, Oregon; and Chicago, Illinois.
Cities in the process of joining Occupy Wall Street are Phoenix, Arizona; Montreal, Canada; Cleveland, Ohio; Atlanta, Georgia; Kansas City, MO; Seattle, Washington; and Orlando, Florida.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/311944#ixzz1Z4pGjXDM

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