Recent East Coast Earthquake Created by HAARP Technology

Chinese Warn United States Elite to Get Their Act Together and Pay Their Debts

Questioner: This is a question from Lloyd.  He writes, “A 5.8 earthquake occurred in Virginia on August 23, 2011.  Question: was this quake strictly Mother Earth releasing tension or were there other factors at work here?”  Your comments please?

Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness immediately says this was not a natural event, a natural release by Mother Earth.  It was rather the use of HAARP technology to attack the United States of America.  It is seen that this was HAARP technology in the hands of the Chinese and it was a response to American politicians to warn them and to indicate to them that China is not pleased with the antics of the American political leaders, especially concerning the paying of their debts.  This warning shot across the bow, if you will, and was delivered by the Chinese HAARP technology in conjunction with working the energies on the New Madrid fault line.

While the New Madrid fault lines were not triggered, what is seen by this Awareness is that they were first targeted.  This created a tension along and throughout the template of the landmass extending eastward from the New Madrid fault line.  It was made taut as a drum skin is tightened and then a shot to the center of this template was delivered, and just like a drum skin hit with the drumstick, it then created a vibration that traveled all along the template to Washington DC where the politicians and the powerbrokers are hard at work to achieve their nefarious plans.

Of course other areas along that whole taut template also experienced the vibrational shaking of the tectonic template that was hit by the HAARP blast.  It is also seen that the HAARP blast at the New Madrid fault line was lower in its intensity than what hit in the middle near Richmond, Virginia in the state of Virginia, and thus is the reason why this vibration occurred in an area that would not traditionally be prone to earthquake activity.  In other words, in that stable bedrock of the plateau of the landmass beyond the fault line itself is a degree of relative stability that does not often see such results, such earthquake results.  It could have been greater but it was not the intent of the Chinese to cause great damage.

It was, as this Awareness says, a warning shot across the bow to tell the politicians and the powerbrokers in Washington DC to get their act together, to remember that the Chinese now have this technology as well, and that they have researched and figured out ways to reach their enemy even in their alleged places of safety, such as Washington DC, and that they are not as safe as they think they are.  Largely speaking, the threat was noted in Washington but it is not seen that they will take this threat seriously, for it is still believed by those powerbrokers, those politicians in the pocket of the Elite cabal of power, that they can do what they wish.

They are not concerned with the death of thousands of others should the Chinese escalate their efforts and create an even stronger event, for they simply think that they can move away from the danger, that they will receive sufficient warning when it is time, and that they can avoid the repercussion of their actions on behalf of the Elite cabal.  This is seen as what is behind the Chinese action of reciprocity… the word that this awareness… this Awareness is not clear here but It is trying to say that the actions of the politicians and the powerbrokers initiated a response by the Chinese, a warning and this is what this event was about.

Questioner: I see.  Was the new Madrid fault line compromised?  Bottom line, was that compromised in any way by this action?

Cosmic Awareness: Any time that a fault line is interfered with or acted upon it creates a new level of tension in that fault line.  Therefore, it is right to say that to a degree it was compromised, and it was made more susceptible to deeper actions of Mother Earth as she moves around, as she shakes, rattles and rolls.  Fortunately, this Awareness can say that while there is a compromising effect through those actions of the Chinese as they shot the HAARP beam into the New Madrid fault line, it was not strong enough that it will cause an imminent release of the fault line.  But if more actions of this nature are directed towards the New Madrid fault line, it could indeed trigger a much deeper much more powerful earthquake event.

Questioner: I see.  Going back to the politicians in Washington, are they aware that they have been given a warning to smarten up?

Cosmic Awareness: Indeed, at least those in the inner sanctum are aware. Those who are junior members of Congress or the Senate are often kept in the dark of such matters.  They are there because they are being benefited by their presence in Washington, benefited in the sense that many of the politicians are not there to serve the people and they benefit from serving these powerbrokers, these political masters, the Elite Cabal.  Many may not exactly know who these individuals are but they have a good idea, and therefore even if they are not 100% aware what this was about they do know this was a message of some sort and even the most junior and the most naïve will be clued in soon as to what happened and why.

Hurricane Irene Also Part of the Secret HAARP Weather War

Questioner: I see.  Just one more question: Hurricane Irene is quite active right now on the East Coast. Is this involved with all of this, this previous earthquake?

Cosmic Awareness: It is seen that this is being manipulated as well through HAARP technology, through the heating up of the Gulf of Mexico and the Eastern seaboard, and the actual energies of HAARP being used to create stronger events that can be directed at specific regions and even specific targets.  It is seen that there will be a targeting of certain cities along the eastern seaboard, especially along the Florida-Louisiana coastline, even towards Texas again, for the purpose of showing the might of those who control this HAARP technology.  It is also seen that there are to be major storm events all along the eastern seaboard.  This has already begun, and there have already been mass storms along the eastern seaboard, even into the states beyond the seaboard: Pennsylvania and Ohio as well as other states, such as Virginia and Carolina.

Expect more of this, and expect a strong hurricane season this year as it is gearing up, as the Powers That Be are becoming more open in their opposition to their enemies.  It must be remembered this too is part of the unfolding events, and rather than energizing this too much, to be aware of these events.  Even if one is in the regions where such events are unfolding, stay strong and positive, and do not go into the angst or fear of the matter. See yourself, your family, your home, and even your local region safe under a dome of light, a bubble of spiritual energy, and see it as a safe and centered place where all will be well. This will do much to prevent these unleashings of nature against the populace from causing personal harm or having personal ramifications.

Questioner: I see.  Sort of like visualizing a white light bubble surrounding everything? Is that what you’re referring to?

Cosmic Awareness: Indeed this is so.  To start the visualization with oneself first, to see the bubble forming around them, then to see beloved family members, pets, and others who are close to the entity being included in this bubble, expanding the bubble then to one’s house and lands, and one’s specific region.  It is to be remembered that this is more effective in some ways than to simply be afraid of what is happening, and to be fearful that you are going to be hit by such events.  Also, this Awareness must say that such a bubble of protection is the strongest in a small concentrated bubble than trying to protect the whole city, the whole state, or the whole country.

For these events will be unleashed at this time, it is part of the unfolding that is occurring. Stay centralized to oneself and one’s immediate family and location. This would be the strongest level of protection that one can achieve.  But if one feels they need to extend, then to send out energies through the High Self to the Divine Spirit and ask for the Divine Spirit’s cooperation and assistance at this time, allowing of course the Divine destiny of each and every individual who is in the regions being affected to occur.  It is all part of a bigger plan.  Is this clear?

Questioner: Yes it is and I thank you, I appreciate the information. (The Law of Gratitude is given)

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