SaLuSa: More of You are Beginning to Question the System

SaLuSa via Laura Tyco

Laura: Good evening SaLuSa. You have seen questions for this week and comments. Would you like to give us on update, perhaps taking into account relevant questions and touching on them also.

SaLuSa: As time continues to speed up, you find yourselves on the fast track to Ascension dear souls. More and more of you are beginning to question the system and their government around your planet. Young people are leading this change in approach, so we would advise you to listen to them with great love and respect. They are new to this world and to the way you live your life on Earth up to now. Many of them are wise beings who volunteered for these times, just as you did. You will now soon enjoy working together and respect your various approaches.

The 9/11 anniversary has shaken many souls and every family has at least one person who feels deeply drawn to analyse what happened on that day and who are not satisfied with the official answers. Soon the cover up coming from the media, politicians and various parties involved will be exposed. This will cause a serious wake up call for the entire globe, and the collective consciousness will make a further leap forward. Once people will realize how the official story was pure fabrication, they will no longer want to put blind faith into others hands without questioning what will be done with the power given to those in charge.

There is much talk of the comet Elenin, we have said through Mike Quinsey previously that there is nothing to fear on your side concerning Elenin. Perhaps look at the comet as a bringer of a new dawn and hope. Elenin is announcing the coming of the Golden Age dear friends. We would like to remind you that we are here to ensure your Ascension along with Mother Earth’s Ascension. While the dark ones are still trying to alter the end scenario, it should be clear to you by now that there is nothing more they can do to prevent Ascension. We are here to help, so please do not be hesitant in asking us and your guides for assistance and protection at any time.

We still encourage you not to pay much attention to fear based news, reports or even messages. While we do encourage you to be in the know, consider who you are giving credit to when it comes to news reports. Many people have limited understanding of what is happening now, so do not react negatively to their ignorance and fear. We continue to encourage you to use discernment in anything you watch or read. What you pay attention to these days will manifest directly into your reality. So we would like to see you question all you are reading. Ask yourself who is saying what and what the motivation behind their words is. Also what consequence does it have for you on a personal level and how can it be received by the general public.

Many of you are living in stressful conditions. It seems many of you are overworked, tense, and tired, while others are suffering from lack of money and struggle financially. We are looking forward to the new monetary system which will soon be in operation. As you see politicians going deeper and deeper into debt, there will come a time when it will be self evident that those in charge do not have your best interests at heart. We are almost at the pivotal point as far as your financial system is concerned. What has now started in terms of accountability, will continue exponentially in the coming months. We will see a real purging of the finance and political system dear friends.

In terms of spiritual evolution, we will be able to work with you all directly if so is your wish once Disclosure takes place. Shortly after that, we will land our crafts on you wonderful planet and we begin interacting with you openly. At this time, we will be delighted to meet you and assist you with all that you will need in material terms, as well as in spiritual understanding and growth with Ascension in mind. We are planning to put each and every one of you in direct contact with those closer to you and who you will recognise from previous lives. Some of these beings have been working with you for some time already behind the scenes, so you will feel a great joy to finally be able to talk openly and directly. They will seem like old friends to you, while others will meet their star relatives.

In the meantime, we would like you to be cantered in your heart, to be at peace and present in your daily lives. The best way to achieving this is by remaining anchored in your body. Your bodies connect you to Mother Earth; they also transmit the higher energies from above into her. When you are aware and conscious of your role at this time, this also contributes to your awakening dear ones. The more conscious you are, the clearer and purer the energy transmitted to Mother Earth.

When you remain connected to your body, you are present in the here and now. Everyday your head and your emotions are racing. You are rushing in order to get things done and to look after your family. In the midst of all these actions, we would encourage you not to forget who you are and why you are here at this time still. Sense your body; be aware of your breath of life, of your vibrations, and of the rhythm of your heart.

We all have our own inner song, dear ones, but we usually only hear our commentator. These comments or thoughts are like the clouds in the sky. They keep moving, are being swept by the wind. However, you forget too often that behind the clouds, there is blue sky, space and the Sun. This is the illusion we often speak of. You must learn to allow the clouds to pass, but not to go with them. Remain with the sky and the Sun. Remain anchored within your body, feel your body tensions and something will come to you progressively.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and am happy for our communication today. I am looking forward to our next conversation. Until then I will say goodbye and send you my love dear friends.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Laura Tyco

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