Hilarion: Spend as Much Time In Nature As You Can

Beloved Ones,

Many of you have learned very well how to align yourselves to meet the energies expressed from those around you, with equilibrium, insight and clarity. This is a good skill to carry with you as you traverse the Cosmic energies that are now flooding the atmosphere around you and which are helping to create great changes in all aspects of life upon the Earth plane.

Align yourselves with who you really are, feel this in your heart and continue to let your heart/mind guide you through each day. You are learning to make all your decisions come from the heart rather than getting caught up in the mind’s constant chatter as to how to live your life. Knowing your own heart and the truth and beauty that reside’s there will help to keep you centered on what is truly important each day.

Our Scribe has obtained a good sized chunk of yellow sulphur rock and is finding it an incredibly quick tool for the cleansing of her energy field by quickly running the rock over each chakra, holding the rock for a minute or two at each chakra center. This rock is one that falls apart as a powder as one holds it so it is important to handle it as delicately as possible and keep it wrapped in bubble wrap when not in use. As most of you are very sensitive to energy movement, you will in all likelihood feel the power of this stone as it cleanses your field of all negativity, both your own and others, and this in turn, will help you maintain your equilibrium and balance as is necessary.

Again, we counsel that you spend as much time out in Nature as you can, for it is in this natural setting that the encodements coming through to you can be assimilated and integrated as you anchor your personal energy field into the Earth. It is important to remember that your task is to make room for your greater Self to begin to manifest within your physical Being. This is an ongoing process, it is not something that will happen instantly. As you release and let go of all habit patterns, thought patterns, unconscious patterns that have come up for your attention and acknowledgment, intend that the higher aspects of your Self, your Christ Self, will align more strongly to your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies.

Go wherever you feel at peace and in harmony within yourselves, and tell yourselves often that all is well and everything is perfect in your World. This establishes and aligns you to your highest and greatest good and by repetition, will bring what you focus upon into your daily lives. Many of you will be remembering your purpose and reason for being manifest upon this Planet during these times and beginning to express this in a more solid fashion as you go about your daily living.

It is important to nurture and love yourselves, for you cannot truly love another if you cannot love yourselves first. This is not a selfish quality to nurture, it is actually a very basic one, for by loving Self, One also loves the Creator and in turn, seeks to serve Creator in whatever way One is guided to. Learning to trust in the Infinite One and affirming this Presence within yourselves is very important at this juncture of great Cosmic events and happenings. Have faith, keep the faith and bless all around you in faith that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this time. Everything is perfect and all is well.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff



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