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7 Surprising Things That Will Significantly Boost Your Health and Happiness

HJ: When we think of health, we typically think of what we eat, however our lifestyle habits are equally important in their own right.  We are now realizing collectively that health is about…


The Top 5 Vitamin Myths (and How to Choose a Multivitamin that is Safe and Effective)

HJ: Choosing a multivitamin can be overwhelming due to the misleading marketing and false logic that many supplement companies perpetuate. In this article, we cut through the BS and give you the facts…


The 3 Building Blocks of Lasting Happiness in Life

HJ: Lasting happiness in life comes from understanding and embracing the three building blocks that give rise to it.   Happiness comes from a change in how you interpret and  perceive events and circumstances…

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15 Ways to Remove Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals From Your Kitchen

HJ: Endocrine disrupting chemicals — meaning substances that disrupt your bodys hormonal system — are hidden in many kitchen utensils and foods, which you may be unknowingly using and consuming.  While the amounts in one serving of certain…


5 Unexpected Brain Foods For Greater Health and Happiness

HJ: While this list of brain foods is certainly clever, it’s also much more than that.  In the West, we have largely confined health to mean health of the physical body and while…


Healing of the Self: Yoga and the Art of Happiness

HJ: While most see yoga as a purely physical practice in the West, it is actually a complete philosophy for and system of living that encompasses not just the body, but the mind…


Creating Peace and Harmony: How to Forgive Anyone For Anything (Including Yourself)

HJ: The irony of forgiveness is that it is often times easier to forgive someone else than it is to forgive yourself. However, as the Huna see it, everyone is simply an extension…


Emotional Harmony: How to Discover Your Emotional Signature and Bring it Into Balance

HJ: We all have a set of conditioned emotional responses that events, people, and circumstances in life trigger within us.  These are dictated by our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us….


How to Create a Better World: Healing the Whole by Healing Yourself

HJ:  We all dream of a better world — for ourselves, our friends, our family, children, and the rest of humanity as well.  Yet most people attempt to go about creating that by…


What Do All Happy People Have in Common? These 10 Essential Habits

HJ: Happiness need not be elusive. There are proven, timeless techniques that anyone can use to cultivate happiness in their life whenever they so choose to do so. Happiness is not reliant on…

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