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Spain Financial Crisis 4

Spaniards Wage Nationwide Strike Against Austerity

By CIARAN GILES, Associated Press – 5 hours ago   http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5imCDoMJOu4d30tGQZ2X10ZsjV4_A?docId=ac065125c10e4e09abfcda156f7ce228 MADRID (AP) — Spanish workers livid over labor reforms they see as flagrantly pro-business staged a nationwide strike Thursday and tried to bring…

Why Spain’s New Government Is Drinking Austerity Kool-Aid and How This Threatens the Global Economy

Marshall Auerbach, Alternet, 01-03-2012 http://bit.ly/y7gdsP European elites push economic myths that benefit the rich and screw the rest. Spain’s program means even higher public deficits, fewer jobs, and slowed growth. Spain’s new government…

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