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9 Sacred Shamanic Herbs For Radiant Health and Powerful Healing

HJ: Shamanic wisdom regarding herbs goes far beyond mainstream knowledge and delves deep into the spiritual realms which remain virtually unexplored by modern science.  Below, you will find a list of 9 powerful…


4 Powerful Shamanic Exercises For Awakening Your Consciousness

HJ: Before modern medicine, modern psychology, there was the shaman.  The shaman was the healer and for thousands of years they have developed powerful practices for raising consciousness.  In fact, many would say…


A Guide to The Core Principles of Shamanic Healing

HJ: Shamanic healing is based on incredibly powerful ancient knowledge of how the mind body spirit triad operates.  Unlike modern Western medicine which assumes that illness begins and ends in the body, shamanic…


The Secrets of Shamanic Medicine: How to Cultivate Healing Through Spiritual Awareness

HJ: Shamanic medicine is a powerful form of healing that works at the spiritual level primarily, realizing that it is here where all true healing occurs.  In fact, one can cure all chromic disease…


The Mystical Healing Mushroom of Siberian Shamanism: Chaga is Ancient Medicine for Modern Times

HJ: There are so many incredible herbs, mushrooms and plants that have incredible healing properties and are not widely known outside of the herbalist/shamanic communities.  Although many of these herbs/mushrooms are making a…


How to Use Shamanic Techniques to Connect To Your Intuition and Make Wiser Decisions

HJ: Shamanism in the West is typically thought of as a system of using sacred plants (read: psychedelics) as a way to gain spiritual wisdom, understanding and facilitate healing.  While there certainly is an…

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