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How to Develop Unconditional Self-Confidence

HJ: Developing self-confidence is not so much about force as it as about clearing away all of that which stands in the way of you experiencing your true self.  Because your true self…


How to Stop Judging Yourself and Develop Unconditional Self-Confidence

HJ: We can be so hard on ourselves.  But remember, you are doing the best you can with the tools you have. If what you are doing is not getting you the results…


How to Develop Unconditional Love and Acceptance for the People in Your Life

HJ: Each of us is on our own path in life.  Everyone moves at their own pace and is learning lessons unique to them.  When we understand this and accept this, we can…


How to Use Energy Medicine Techniques to Build Your Self Esteem

HJ: Building your self esteem is critical for so many different facets of life it is hard to comprehend.  It is one of the fundamental attributes of what creates a happy, fulfilled life,…

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